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5 Best Well-Paying Jobs For People Who Love The Outdoors Exploring

Well-Paying Jobs

Do you choose to be in the woods rather than being in an office? If yes, then this blog on jobs for people who love the outdoors is just for you. Getting the freedom to discover some form of landscape and to spread your legs is an appreciated bonus. The positive thing to bear in mind is that there are several various forms of occupations held by people who value nature. Want to get your hands dirty and dive into mining as a career path? Or you may want to concentrate on something that isn’t on the ground. There are plenty of choices open. Here are five great jobs for people who love the outdoors that will let all hippies, outdoor enthusiasts and free spirits work in the great outdoors:

Atmospheric Researchers

This is one of the most lucrative careers for outdoor careers that pay well. To become a climate scientist, you need to get a bachelor’s degree in meteorology or a similarly related earth science area. These scientists research and analyze weather and climate mechanisms that influence humans and the ecosystem. They can build weather or climate forecasts using computer models, calculate temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, dew point, and other properties of the atmosphere, build new instruments to aid with their analysis, issue alerts about extreme weather, or advise clients on risks or opportunities caused by weather events and climate change. However, science professions include a master’s degree and prefer a doctorate. If you’re looking for a research position, then it is recommended that you get yourself a PhD, in addition to your master’s degree. The median annual pay of an atmospheric researcher is about $94,110.

Environmental Engineers

5 Well-paying Careers For People Who Love The Outdoors

People with a passion for the outdoors also seek professions such as environmental engineers. These engineers use concepts from physics, genetics, chemistry and other fields to solve environmental concerns. They solve environmental issues like waste management, water contamination, and air pollution. Some emphasis on environmental concerns including ecology, climate change, and sustainability. Environmental Engineers are also called upon to audit manufacturing and public buildings and ensure they meet with environmental standards and to warn businesses and municipalities on strategies for decontaminating polluted areas. To receive a doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a similar discipline such as civil, chemical, or general engineering. Expect a package of around $87,620 if you wish to pursue a career as an Environmental Engineer. This is one of the outdoor careers that pay well.

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Astronomers | Jobs For People Who Love The Outdoors

Amongst the many jobs outdoors that pay well, astronomy is a great option. They use telescopes to research planets, stars, and other astronomical objects. Using large optical telescopes on Earth, astrophysicists aim to develop knowledge of distant star structures, planets, and events such as neutron stars and black holes. They also watch out for space debris so they can prevent problems with satellites. Astronomers are in several cases studying what gravity is, or how the cosmos was created, whilst others are improving the usage of computing, networking, navigation, and medical technologies. Astronomical science and instructor vacancies typically enable applicants to have a Ph.D. There is tremendous potential in this field of work and the pay is lucrative too. The median annual pay of an Astronomer is close to $105,680. 

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Researchers and scientists research animals and other wildlife to understand how they communicate with their environments by hypothesis, experimentation and findings. They study and examine the physical and behavioral features of animals, and the effect a person has on their natural environments. To effectively solve this problem, they would need to perform study and obtain biological specimens for review. They work on studying animal husbandry, tracking animal habitats, and coping with invasive species. The profession needs at least a bachelor’s degree, although if you wish to do independent study you would need a doctorate. Many outdoorsy people have said that this is one of the best careers for free spirits. Zoologists and wildlife biologists can enjoy this lucrative career as the annual median pay works out to around $62,290.

Park ranger | Jobs For People Who Love The Outdoors

There are too many park sites all around the country, which needs staff to track them and ensure their maintenance. That’s where park rangers help. Individuals are working at national parks and historic places to play several various tasks, including law enforcement, disaster management, and contact with the public. They help track the parks and sites, report abnormal behavior both from visitors and animals, and show shifts in weather conditions and natural disasters. The best part about being a park ranger is that you get to spend a large portion of your day outdoors. This also means you need to be ready to endure all sorts of weather and temperatures. Typically, park rangers need to have a bachelor’s degree in forestry, wildlife management or environmental science. They’re also required to have training in medical services, which greatly helps in securing a job and increasing level of pay. Undoubtedly a great job for the people who love the outdoors.

Some Honourable Mentions –


5 Well-paying Careers For People Who Love The Outdoors

Surveyors are tasked with the job of identifying and determining property boundaries. They do this by using various precision tools which allows them to provide data on the shape and contour of the planet’s surface. This data is then used for engineering, mapmaking, and construction projects. The findings of a surveyor can be used to testify in court regarding survey work that establishes the official land and water boundaries for deeds, leases and other legal documents. In order to enter this field, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree, along with a license to certify legal documents and provide surveying services to the public. The median annual pay of surveyors is in the region of $62,500. It is expected that the growth in this sector will increase by 10% next year.

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You’ll be forgiven for not knowing what a hydrologist does, because there aren’t too many hydrologists out there. Hydrology is the study of water and this is exactly what hydrologists do. This is definitely a job for people who love the outdoors. They study the movement of water across and through the Earth’s surface and how forms of precipitation impact the flow of rivers and groundwater levels. In a world where water is one of the most scarce natural resources, we need more hydrologists to solve the ongoing water crisis. Hydrologists know how water influences the environment and how it changes to our environment. They come up with innovative solutions to problems related to pollution or drought. For an entry-level position as a hydrologist, you will need a bachelor’s degree, though many workers obtain a master’s degree, as well. Being one of the most lucrative careers for outdoorsy people, this profession will earn you around $79,370 per year. 

Chemical Or Geological Oceanographer

Being a chemical or geological oceanographer is perfect for people who like being around water. The day in a typical chemical or geological oceanographer involves taking a dip in the ocean or putting your toes in the sand. It is one of the best careers for outdoorsy people. This job requires you to be outside for several weeks or even months in the open sea. As a chemical or geological oceanographer, you will be required to study the changing chemical makeup of the ocean and seafloor or the movement of tectonic plates that could lead to earthquakes. You could also choose to have your specialization in currents, tides or volcanic activity; the options are endless! Moreover, you can also be recruited by the government, which will give you the opportunity to qualify for student loan forgiveness. The average salary for a chemical or geological oceanographer is $70,426 per year. In order to become an oceanographer, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as marine geology, marine biology, hydrology, geosciences, biological oceanography, etc. Internships are a great way to learn about the nitty-gritty of oceanography. This experience will help you in research, completing math calculations and inputting data. 

Metallurgist | Jobs For People Who Love The Outdoors

A metallurgist is an expert in minerals and metals. As they often work in mines or metal production sites, metallurgy is one of the best careers for people loving the outdoors. They develop, oversee and test processes used in metal extraction. Organisations in the mining, finance, research and development and chemical engineering industries are the ones who hire metallurgists. A metallurgist earns typically around $65,000 per year.

Working outside gives a positive contribution to a person’s health. Spending time outdoors will improve concentration and imagination, as well as outdoor activities, will help reduce tension. Opening the door to the surrounding world offers the ability to interact with the environment and recharge yourself. This is also what makes you do particularly well at your career. Nature lovers will find numerous career openings in the technology and science sectors. Due to the number of open employment opportunities, there’s no lack of jobs for people who love the outdoors

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Well-Paying Jobs

5 Best Well-Paying Jobs For People Who Love The Outdoors Exploring

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