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October 25, 2021

If you want to buy books online, Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. But it is far from perfect. Other online bookstores are often cheaper and have more expertise in niche genres. So, to give you more options when you’re looking to buy books, below is a list of the best places to buy books online for cheap.

Cheapest Online Bookstore

Powell’s Books

Based in Portland, Oregon, this bookseller has both a physical presence in various locations around the city and it is the cheapest place to buy used books, and a website that caters to those of us who don’t live in Portland.

The website is easy to use and well-organized. You can find both new and used books there, as well as various pieces of software, CDs, and DVDs. To help you choose wisely, under “Staff Picks” you can find various recommendations to help you decide which books to read next, including some picks of the month, and bucket list books. Powell’s also provides a way for you to sell used books online and in-store.

Powell’s is especially notable for regularly offering unique editions of books signed by authors. However, be sure to keep an eye on shipping costs. They are more expensive than some of their competitors. The company’s return policy is also surprisingly strict, you cannot get a refund on orders for books in quantities of 10 or more (of the same title), nor on opened games, DVDs, or books that come with electronic media.


This place to buy cheap books named ‘Books-A-Million (BAM)’ started life way back in 1917 in Alabama. It is now the second-largest book retailer in the United States. It has physical stores, and in recent years, has also become an online bookseller.

BAM offers a diverse inventory that includes new, used, and bargain books, often with attractive price tags. You’ll also find toys, games, and magazines listed on the website, as well as ebooks. The biggest downside of BAM is the lack of support for selling your own books. If you’re the type of person who likes to trade titles with other readers, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


This is one of the cheap bookstores that operates only through third-party booksellers. That means that when you buy books online for cheap on Alibris, you’re buying it from an independent bookstore. This makes the platform perfect for those who are looking for used, rare, or collectible titles such as first editions, antiquarian titles, and signed copies. The website frequently offers various discounts on books in the form of coupons, student discounts, and even a whole section of $0.99 titles. Alibris also offers free shipping on all items. In addition to fiction and non-fiction, you will also find textbooks rentals, cookbooks, books about hobbies, and kids’ books. 


Peachpit is a Pearson brand that specializes in selling books, ebooks, and other educational materials to those in creative professions. You’ll find a wide range of photography-related titles, everything you need to get started with Adobe Photoshop, academic resources for web design and development, and video-making guides.

You will find the cheapest used books here that doesn’t just focus on printed books but offers online courses and digital materials for on-the-go learners. The website even hosts a blog where you can find the community members’ insights about using software, gadgets, and embracing a digital lifestyle.

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest online book retailers, with more than five million titles to choose from and hundreds of physical bookstores. It’s also one of the best online bookstores that isn’t Amazon. You could also find many personal finance books here.

You should check out Barnes and Noble if you’re looking to buy books online for cheap at once without overpaying for shipping, it’s free once you meet the minimum order threshold of $35. And if you’re not satisfied you have 14 days to return your books.

Valore Books

Valore Books is an online bookstore that specializes in textbooks. It presents a great opportunity to save money on textbooks by purchasing used copies and/or older editions.

The website also offers book rentals at an even lower cost, as well as buybacks. The two features simultaneously allow you to save money and for the company to grow its inventory of rentable books for other users.


BetterWorldBooks isn’t just a bookstore, but also a charity with a mission to change the world by improving literacy worldwide. Apart from the decision to buy books online for cheap or sell books online, the company also is a book donations centre, so it can either reuse them in global literacy initiatives or recycle them.

There’s plenty of choice in both new and used book categories, searchable by genre. You’ll find many of the best new books to read as well as the classics. The company also offers free shipping and a flexible return policy.


ThiftBooks is one of the best online bookstores for cheap and used books, it offers some of the most competitive prices anywhere on the web. Indeed, the company is the world’s largest independent bookseller. Every used book on the site’s inventory is hand-graded so you’ll have a precise understanding of the quality of the book before you hit the buy button.

The selection of books on ThirftBooks is impressive. In part, that’s down to the large number of users who donate books. However, it is mostly due to the company’s relationship with libraries. They send lots of ex-library books to ThirftBooks which it then passes onto the consumer at rock bottom prices.


Q1) Where can I get books for cheap online?

There are numerous options for finding low-cost books. One can look for used and discounted books online, visit secondhand bookstores, thrift stores, and yard sales. Amazon is one of the best places to get cheap books online.

Q2) Which site is best for online book shopping?

If you seek out the best websites to buy your favourite books, whether, for work, entertainment, or education, you will be flooded with numerous bookselling sites., the “world’s largest bookstore,” began selling books from its website in 1995 and has become the world’s largest and best online bookseller.

Q3) Where can I get any book online for free?

There are numerous websites where you can legally download books for free. Project Gutenberg, The Powell’s books, Books-A-Million, Alibris, Peachpit and many more are the best places to get books online for free.

Q4) Which app is best to buy books online?

Buying books online is an amazing way to broaden your horizons and discover new authors you might not have discovered yet. Thrift books,, Books-A-Million,, Barnes&Noble, and Riffle books are the best applications to buy books online.

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