Avanse Education Loan is the loan for you if you wish to study in India or abroad. You can count on this super reliable education loan to come through when you need it the most. With an Avanse Education Loan, bid goodbye to tedious paperwork and long turnaround time. Cover all your holistic education expenses with an Avanse Education Loan today.
Loan Margin: 100%
Interest Rate: 10.75% onwards
Processing Fees: 1.1% to 1.2% of Loan Amount

Non-banking financial powerhouse, Avanse Financial, provides students with holistic education loans for domestic and abroad education. They believe that young and talented students deserve financial backing to achieve their overseas education dreams. This is why the Avanse Education Loan is designed in such a way that students have the most hassle-free experience in securing an education loan.

Avanse Education Loan has a tremendous range, in the sense that it covers 1,626 universities, 1,262 colleges, and more than 6,000 courses across 44 countries. They provide a multitude of services that include pre-visa disbursement loan, pre-admission loan, score-based benefits, fast-track loan, bridge loan and ensure that the applicant faces no financial issues while studying abroad in order to elevate their career to the next level.

Features Of Avanse Education Loan

Sr No.FeaturesAxis Bank Education Loan Details
1Loan Amount
  • Minimum: Rs.1 lakh
  • Maximum: Rs.40 lakh
  • Loan Amount can be increased depending on the fees.
  • 2Margin Money
  • 100%
  • 3Nationality and Age
  • Indian citizen of 18 years and above.
  • 4Avanse Education Loan Interest Rate
  • 10.75% to 15%
  • 5Avanse Education Loan Without Collateral or With Collateral
  • Based on the student’s profile, both are available.
  • 6Prepayment
  • Not allowed for the first 6 months after disbursement, but allowed any time after that, with no penalties.
  • 7Avanse Education Loan Repayment
  • Minimum Tenure: 12 months.
  • Maximum tenure: 10 years (course duration included).
  • 8Processing Fee
  • Usually 1% of Loan amount + GST, varies.
  • 9Loan Tenure
  • 10
  • 10Repayment Holiday
  • For principal payment, 6 months after course completion or 3 months after getting a job, whichever is earlier.
  • 11Processing Time
  • 15 DAYS.
  • 12Payment during Study Period
  • Simple Interest or Partial Simple Interest, depending on the student’s profile and the target course.
  • Benefits Of Avanse Education Loan Education Loan For Studying Abroad

      Up to 100% finance.
      Flexible options for repayment.
      No margin money.
      Express 1-day loan approval (urgent cases).
      Completely digital process via UniCreds.
      Customised education loan solutions.
      Education loan that covers tuition cost, accommodation, Caution Deposit/Building Fund/ Refundable Deposit, travel expenses and other living costs associated with studying abroad.
      No defined limit on the loan amount.
      Online education loan tracker post disbursement.

    Benefits Of Getting Your Avanse Education Loan Through UniCreds

    Higher Chance Of Approval
    By applying for your education loan through UniCreds, you are increasing your chances of approval. Generally, banks dismiss applications if they find any missing documents, property issues, or any other problem. With UniCreds, we will immediately reach out to Avanse Financial officials and find the best solution.
    Online Submission Of Documents
    With UniCreds, you can submit all the required documents from home! There won’t be any need to visit the branch. Simply head over to our website and submit all the documents there. There won’t be a possibility of not submitting an essential document, as our system is designed to ensure all essential documents are submitted. You also get stepwise updates via notifications.
    No Cost To You
    All our education loan services are completely free of cost.
    Quicker Sanctions
    Our strategic partnerships ensure low turnaround time. Expect to have your education loan processed and sanctioned within 5 days.

    Eligibility For An Avanse Education Loan

    Sr. NoConditions
    1The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
    2One has to be 18 years of age to get an education loan.
    3There ought to be a co-applicant with students seeking to get a loan.

    What Documents Are Required To Apply For An Avanse Education Loan?

    UniCreds provides students with a customised list of documents by analysing the student’s profile, the co-applicant’s profile and any property/asset, which you may offer as collateral. At a high level, these are the documents needed:

    Sr. NoTypeDocuments Required
    1Applicant’s Documents:
  • Identity Proof
  • Address
  • Past Academic Record
  • 2Co-Applicant’s Documents:
  • Identity Proof
  • Address
  • Financial
  • Once you submit the documents on the UniCreds website, we will initiate the loan process with Avanse Financial Services. If by any chance, some documents are missing, then we will suggest alternatives to get your loan sanctioned on time.

    How To Apply?

      Apply online and upload all your documents.
      Wait for your application to be processed. Once your application and documents are verified, your Avanse Education Loan will get approved.
      Get your loan sanctioned and wait for disbursal of funds!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the maximum loan amount that one could get for overseas studies?
    Avanse Financial provides education loans up to INR 40 Lakhs (Without Collateral) and INR 80 Lakhs (With Collateral), which can be increased as per course fee, country, and co-applicant income, etc.