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  1. 2022-06-27T22:02:37

    Ireland is a wonderful study destination for international students because of its rich culture, magnificent scenery and kind people. It is also one of the safest places to study and live in. International students from non-EU countries who wish to study in Ireland will need to apply for an Irish student visa. A student can […]

  2. 2021-09-13T18:20:24

    The United States is the world’s leading student destination. It offers unparalleled scope for students from all streams to study and excel in their chosen fields. Coupled with an economy that requires new talent every year, it is the ideal destination for students looking to study and make a life after graduation. Before getting into […]

  3. 2021-09-03T00:38:45

    Life as an international student in a new country is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You are away from friends and family often for the very first time and finding comfort in a new culture, and the academic system can be more challenging than you had imagined. Sometimes, without clear guidance or access […]

  4. 2021-09-03T00:26:58

    Canadian Permanent Residents Guide Canada PR applicants eligibility Canada offers many immigration programmes within its broad categories (economic, family class, refugee & humanitarian). Some programmes are points-based, while some are not. Some programmes operate on a first-come, first-served basis, while some do not. Some programmes require a sponsor, while some do not. And some programmes […]

  5. 2021-07-22T21:27:26

    Introduction |Documents required for i20 Visa What is an I-20 form? An I-20 form is a part of the student visa process for the USA. It is called the Certificate of Eligibility that is issued by an accredited college or university in the USA for international students studying in the country on either an F-1 […]

  6. 2021-06-11T19:40:09

    There’s some good news for Indian students who have plans to pursue higher education in the United States of America. The U.S. Embassy in India announced that it will open limited July and August student visa appointments across India from June 14, 2021 onwards. The Embassy stated that student visas remain a top priority for […]

  7. 2021-06-01T22:38:30

    The US is home to some of the best educational universities in the world. Hence, studying in the US has been a dream of countless students worldwide since time immemorial. However, when your studies are about to finish, it is wise to think about the future. Once your OPT (Optional Practical Training) is expected to […]

  8. 2021-03-26T22:51:15

    The Netherlands is sometimes referred to as “the gateway to Europe” because it is socially inclusive, tightly packed, and lined with scenic canals. I sometimes wonder how can a place be so serene as the Netherlands? Over the last decade, the Netherlands has emerged as a famous destination for international students, it definitely is a […]

  9. 2021-03-10T00:00:34

    Understanding Your I-20 and Visa The I-20 is a multi-purpose document released by a government-approved U.S. educational agency that certifies that you have been accepted to a full-time research programme and have shown adequate financial resources to remain in the United States. The I-20 Form is formally known as the “Certificate of Eligibility” and it […]

  10. 2021-03-03T20:36:17

    From 2020 to 2023, Canada will accept more than a million new refugees! There are several options to immigrate to Canada and obtain Canadian permanent residency but Canada is dedicated to making it straightforward. It is a place of opportunities and thousands of people are seeking to become permanent immigrants and receive their PR card […]

  11. 2021-03-01T23:34:59

    New Zealand is a young nation where individuality, effort and resourcefulness are more generally viewed than status or law. As a student here, you would be motivated to be questionable, agile, and to discover your own answers by thinking for yourself. If one intends to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months, a […]

  12. 2021-02-16T11:18:08

    The Global Talent visa permits you to work in the UK on a flexible basis without employer sponsorship and other conditions that apply to the UK’s Skilled Worker visa category. Benefits involve being willing to shift positions and employ organizations without the Home Office’s approval, entering self-employment, starting up a spin-out business, and receiving extra […]

  13. 2021-02-16T11:10:17

    Canada is a nation positioned well above the United States on the North American continent. It is recognized as a highly industrialized economy. In the last few years, the desire for individuals to fly to Canada has been gradually growing. But most citizens question is “How to apply for a Canadian Visa?“ What Is A […]

  14. 2021-02-16T10:51:06

    The 13 countries that have signed a French working holiday visa with France deal are as follows: Working holiday visa between France -Australia France  -Argentina Working holiday visa France -Canada France -Chile France -Colombia France – Korea France – Japan France -New Zealand France -Hong Kong France -Mexico France -Russia Working holiday visa between France […]

  15. 2021-02-11T20:52:08

    What is e-effro? Online e-ffro login is a medium to provide all the services which are provided by an e-ffro office remotely. No appointment or visit to the FRRO/FRO office is needed unless expressly demanded by the FRRO/FRO officers. It is a web-based service aimed at creating a single online portal for visa-related services for […]

  16. 2021-02-11T11:38:29

    Tucked away in one corner of the world, New Zealand is truly a hidden gem for travellers. This country is blessed with snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, ancient glaciers, and copious amounts of wine! While getting into New Zealand requires a fair bit of planning and a healthy bank balance, we promise you it’s all worth […]

  17. 2021-02-10T21:58:26

    Russia, once the biggest and strongest member of the former USSR, remains a fascinating country to visit. From broad subtropical beaches to bitterly cold winter regions in the north, it is a land of contrasts. There may be fewer inhabitants in the East, but its lovely towns are among Russia’s most popular places to visit. […]

  18. 2021-02-10T00:56:05

    For more than three months, students moving to New Zealand to study should apply for a New Zealand Student Visa. For a defined amount of time, a student visa enables students to study full-time in New Zealand. A student visa can have requirements that you must fulfill, like, for example but not limited to: The […]

  19. 2021-02-09T11:35:02

    Do you ever wish to just pack your bags and leave for someplace far away from home? For all the adventure junkies out there, here is something that might interest you! Imagine having a single document that allows you to work and travel in the UK for a period of 2 years. Yes, you read […]

  20. 2021-02-08T20:47:29

    Germany is a land of opportunity, not just for Germans, but also for third-world nationals. The land of creativity and progress is the world’s fourth-largest economy, home to world-renowned firms and enterprises. It gives many non-Germans the opportunity to find a job and to settle in the region. The German Jobs Visa is an incentive […]

  21. 2021-02-05T19:25:20

    The working holiday Canada is a special visa offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This Canada working holiday visa grants young people the opportunity to work and stay in Canada for up to two years. The working holiday visa in Canada is perfect for adventurous people who wish to live in Canadian cities like […]

  22. 2021-02-05T19:17:23

    Australia has long been a favourite of backpackers, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re hunting for amazing weather, insane parties or foodie hotspots, Australia has it all. It’s a huge country with plenty of famous locations to visit, from Uluru’s starlit sky to the quiet charm of the Whitsundays and Sydney. Most backpackers […]

  23. 2021-01-05T17:08:43

    The new post-study work visa in the UK for graduates would help foreign students who will be starting their studies in the United Kingdom in 2020 or afterward. This typically means a 24-month work and residency permit (2 years) following graduation. Post Study Work Visa In The UK The UK post-study work visa enables foreign […]

  24. 2020-12-16T15:08:46

    There are various forms of student visas issued by the U.S. government. But what is an M1 student visa? M1 visas are one of them, with J and F student visas being the others. The “M” visa is only for nonacademic or vocational studies. Over the course of their studies, M-1 visa holders for technical […]

  25. 2020-12-16T14:27:28

    Spending weeks examining the requirements of different types of US Visas, working out all to solve everything, scouring the internet to clear your doubts regarding the complete procedure and it all boils down to you getting your visa approved! A J1 visa must be requested by persons intending to partake in a job and research-based […]

  26. 2020-12-16T14:16:09

    Foreign nationals are heartily welcomed to study in the U.S., but a visa is normally required to do so. Two forms of student visas exist: the US F1 visa, which will be reviewed in-depth in this article, and the M-1 visa. For people who are approved to engage in exchange visitor services in the USA, […]

  27. 2020-12-04T07:20:50

    Canada: a country popular for its maple syrup & vast forests is also among the most favored overseas study destinations for Indians, and not without a reason. Canada frequently features in the top 10 nations when it comes to the quality of living. It is also home to some of the top colleges and universities […]

  28. 2020-11-26T05:11:46

    Obtaining your student visa is the last and final step of your dream of pursuing higher education from abroad. Once your visa is approved, nothing can stop you from getting into your dream college. Here is a comprehensive guide to the US student visa system before you spend weeks examining the requirements of different types […]

  29. 2020-11-25T19:10:59

    Australia is a dream destination for skilled professionals and students. It is a land of opportunities for everyone who wants to kick start their career. Depending upon the person and the need, there are various types of Australia Work permit and Visas that are needed to enter the country. In Australia, a work permit can […]

  30. 2020-11-17T19:31:25

    So you’ve received an admit from your dream university and you are all set to start your journey abroad. Before that, the US student visa interview is the final phase of your higher education process which is as crucial as the other steps you’ve gone through. It verifies your entry into the US to study […]

  31. 2020-11-12T06:58:07

    Are you one of those students looking forward to pursuing your higher education in the US? Well, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into accomplishing that goal apart from achieving an admit to a renowned US university. One of the most important factors is of course whether or not you are able to crack […]

  32. 2020-11-07T13:41:43

    Did you know that you need an ATAS certificate to undertake some postgraduate, undergraduate, or research courses at a UK university? If the course you are enrolled in requires one, the ATAS credential must have the General Student Visa (Tier 4). Confused about what the credential is and what is involved in the ATAS process? […]

  33. 2020-11-05T21:31:07

    Weeks spent examining the requirements of different types of US Visas, working out to solve everything, scouring the internet to clear your doubts regarding admission procedure, scholarships and everything else and it all boils down to you getting the answer as – Your visa has been approved! The importance of a visa is huge in […]

  34. 2020-11-04T14:44:28

    A student visa, as well as a US student visa appointment, US F1 visa appointment (US visa F1 appointment), is mandatory for any student who is accepted to a US university for further studies and is planning to fly abroad. There are three categories of student visas in the US F1, J1, and M1. To […]

  35. 2020-10-30T12:16:52

    In recent years, Ireland has boomed into a buzzing study abroad destination for Indian students. Some of the reasons why Indian students prefer going to Ireland for higher studies are the excellent quality of educational institutes, huge scope for research programs, the opportunity to work while learning and so much more. The quality of life […]

  36. 2020-10-29T16:07:07

    In Germany, visas include both short-term and long-term visits. A visa is still required for certain nationalities to enter Germany, irrespective of whether you plan a short or long term stay. The type of German visa appointment you are applying for depends on your visit’s intention. Do You Need a Visa to Enter Germany? Whether […]

  37. 2020-10-27T12:12:25

    For people who wish to move to another country, Australia has always been a common choice. The nation has optimistic variables, such as a thriving economy, which ensures more opportunities for jobs. Australia offers a greater quality of life, and there are stability and prosperity in a multicultural society. But how to get permanent residency […]

  38. 2020-10-27T12:02:14

    The Australian government offers all students an opportunity to study in the country, but first, you will have to obtain a student visa as a prerequisite. It will rely on your age, the type of study you want to pursue, and how long you want to stay in Australia for the visa you need. You […]

  39. 2020-10-26T20:52:57

    Located in the heart of the ancient continent, Germany is composed of 16 states and is recognized for being the largest national economy in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide. With a fascinating and rich history portrayed by the old-fashion and vibrant architecture, palaces, castles, and cathedrals themselves, its landscapes, lush mountains and forests, […]

  40. 2020-10-23T11:01:29

    Type I-20 is an essential document used in the United States for studying. It directs your educational journey in essence. Yet, most students have no proper understanding of what it is and how they can get one for themselves.  Here is all you need to know about the I-20 process for an F-1 visa requirement […]

  41. 2020-10-22T15:13:36

    The United Kingdom is one of the best options for pursuing your higher education as it has a great blend of people from around the world in top-class universities. It is quite student-friendly and is amongst the leaders in almost all sectors. The United Kingdom has a total of 12 universities in the list of […]

  42. 2020-10-22T08:26:37

    International students necessitate getting a General Student Visa (Tier 4) to study in the UK. However, you will not be given a student visa if you do not have a CAS letter. What is a letter of confirmation of acceptance for studies, and how to get a CAS letter for UK studies? The CAS number […]

  43. 2020-10-21T18:46:53

    Several people visit the United Kingdom every year for distinct purposes such as sightseeing, studying, or even working. Even though nationals of many Western countries and European countries, can enter the UK visa-free, the rest of world citizens are very likely to need a visa to gain entry. The UK visa allows you to enter […]

  44. 2020-10-08T14:42:23

    New Zealand is known for its high-class education and desirable lifestyle. Every year, New Zealand currently attracts as many as 90,000 international students. The government of New Zealand plans to double this intake to 180,000 by 2025. Suppose you’re planning to study in the land of incredible scenery, underground cave systems, gigantic glaciers, boiling springs, […]

  45. 2020-10-08T12:21:02

    After being issued a resident visa, a permanent residency visa in NZ is typically the next move for anyone wanting to settle in any country. Although resident visas have travel restrictions, a free re-entry to New Zealand is permitted by a permanent resident visa. You might be wondering how to get permanent residency in New […]

  46. 2020-10-07T14:40:49

    Are you among those who dream of living in the United States? Today, there are various explanations about why millions of people strive to settle in the United States. Among the benefits that draw them are the degree of stability, democracy, accountability, infrastructure, and medical care present in the US. If you are willing to […]

  47. 2020-10-07T10:11:52

    Every year, millions of individuals join and exit the United States. It is a popular destination for tourism and immigration. However, you would most likely need a visa to enter the country if you are not a United States citizen. How does the US visa system work? More precisely, your passport, a U.S. visa, is […]

  48. 2020-10-06T14:45:01

    You may be curious about the logistics of getting there if you plan to go to a university in America. A US embassy student visa interview is a very significant move that might scare specific individuals. But don’t be afraid! US F1 visa interview questions and answers, student visa interview tips on how to pass […]

  49. 2020-10-05T10:51:15

    If you are planning on studying abroad, you may be thinking about the logistics of getting there. The visa interview is a very crucial step that could be intimidating for some of you. But you need not worry, the visa is issued if you are honest in the interview and if you sound and look […]

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