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Secured LoanUpto ₹100 L

Processing Fee ₹11800

Prepayment Charges Nil

Living Cost No

Margin 10%

Loan Tenure Upto 15 Years

Early Repayment Yes

Processing Fee 5.0%

Prepayment Charges Nil

Living Cost No

Margin Nil

Loan Tenure Nil

Early Repayment No

Easy way to find Education Loan to study in France

The primary reason so many international students choose France as their study destination is because of high-quality education and low tuition fees of French universities. In 2018, more than 325,000 international students chose to study in France, and experts reckon this number will increase yearly, with France hoping to attract 5,00,000 international students in the coming years. This is why they have expanded English-taught programs and created a €10 million (US$11.4 million) support fund to better facilitate overseas students.

Why choose UniCreds for your Education Loan to Study in France?

UniCreds offers simplicity in acquiring education loans, unlike any other platform. Here are just a few benefits offered by UniCreds -

  • Total Funding For Your Overseas Education - With UniCreds, students can expect up to 100% funding that covers tuition costs and living expenses.
  • No Margin Money - Get education loans that cover 100% of your expenses.
  • Quick Sanctions - For urgent cases, students can reach out to us with their specific requirements, and we will get your loan sanctioned immediately.
  • Customised Financing Options - Get flexible repayment options related to tenure, prepayment, moratorium period and much more.
  • Education Loan Comparison - Compare education loans of all the leading banks and NBFCs in the country.
  • Loan Application Tracker - Get step-by-step notifications regarding the status of their loan application.
  • Free Of Cost Service - All services of UniCreds are completely free of charge.
  • Transparent Information and Hassle-Free Service - Get all the details regarding education loans on the UniCreds website.
  • Smarter and Safer Option - UniCreds has a host of different tools that will help you make smarter decisions about your overseas education.
  • Door Step Service - Avail the Door Step Service to have someone collect documents and submit them to the banks on your behalf.
  • Collateral Free Loans - Now get collateral-free education loans for your overseas studies.
  • Paperless Loan Approvals - Digitize your entire loan application process with UniCreds and save yourself countless trips to the bank.

What are the benefits of having a student loan in France?

In recent years, the cost of college has been rising rapidly and students often struggle to fund their overseas education all on their own. On average, students are graduating with $132,860 (£101,505) worth of debt. This is a sizable amount to pay off for someone who's just about to start their career. Here’s where an education loan comes in. An education loan is the most trusted source of finance for university students. With UniCreds, students can expect up to 100% financing that covers their tuition and living expenses. Moreover, interest paid on education loans from UniCreds is fully eligible for deduction under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This will help ease the financial burden of studying abroad.

What does an education loan in France cover?

An education loan can cover all your educational expenses that include your tuition fees, on-site or off-site accommodation, transportation costs, books, library fees, courseware, and other miscellaneous expenses.

What are some tips on choosing the best education loan for France?

There are hundreds of lenders offering a variety of education loans to study abroad. Finding the perfect education from hundreds of options can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why you should start your research much in advance so that you have the time to check out all the options in the market. Apart from this, here are some other parameters that you should consider while choosing your education loan:

  • Determine your loan amount - It is crucial to determine the loan amount before you start your education loan application process. You need to figure out if you want a loan that covers your entire cost of education or a loan that covers just some of the amount, while you pay the rest from your own pocket.
  • Research on interest rates - Lenders often charge different rates of interest based on your profile, loan tenure, collateral and other factors. Finding an education loan with the least rate of interest may not always be the best option for you. So research well on interest rates and the other terms and conditions applicable to the education loan.
  • Opt for a longer tenure - By opting for a long repayment tenure, you are essentially spreading out the EMIs over a longer duration. This will significantly help you in repaying the loan in a stress-free manner. However, if you have sufficient funds, going for a loan with a shorter tenure is also a wise move as it helps you in saving a lot of money.
  • Approach certified banks - Education loans come with income tax benefits if availed from a government recognised bank. Applicants can claim a deduction on the interest paid on an education loan from a bank under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act.
  • Keep a track of miscellaneous expense - The cost of tuition will form a major chunk of your educational expenses. But apart from this, miscellaneous expenses like on-site or off-site accommodation, transportation costs, books, library fees and courseware can collectively be very expensive. Consider the cost of these miscellaneous expenses while determining your education loan amount.

How to get an education loan without and with collateral?

Getting an education loan without collateral depends on several factors like loan amount, student’s profile, university, etc. However, if students wish to take an education loan to France with collateral, they enjoy lower interest rates. This is because the borrower offers security to the bank (if they fail to repay the loan), the risk that the bank takes is moderate.

Here are some education loans with collateral for France -

Bank TypeLenderLoan AmountProcessing FeePayment During Study Period
Public BanksState Bank of India, BOBUp to 1 CrINR 11800No payment
Private BanksAxis BankUp to INR 60 LakhsUp to Rs 17500+GSTSimple Interest
NBFCsAvanse, IncredUp to INR 50 Lakhs1-2% of the loan amount.Simple interest

Here are some education loans without collateral for France -

Bank TypeLenderLoan AmountProcessing FeePayment During Study Period
Public BanksSBI, BOBOnly up to 7.5 LakhsNILNo
Private BanksAxis BankFor select unis - 40 Lakhs. Rest, Up to 7.5 LakhsUpto 20 lakhs : Rs. 15000/- (refundable). More than 20 lakhs : Rs. 750/- on every lakh above 20 lakhsYes
NBFCsAvanse, InCredUp to INR 40 Lakhs1-2% of Loan AmountYes, full EMI Repayment

What is the usual interest rate on an education loan to France?

The general rate of interest on an educational loan to France ranges between 8.85% to 15%. The exact rate of interest depends on the student’s profile.

Frequently asked questions for student loan in France

How do I get a student loan in France?
Students can directly apply with the lender for an education loan in France. However, the process is distraught with numerous hurdles and is tedious too. Students who need to ignore the pitfalls associated with applying directly can always take the help from UniCreds and get their student France loan sanctioned.