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Secured LoanUpto ₹1Cr

Processing Fee ₹12K

Prepayment Charges Nil

Living Cost No

Unsecured Loan Nil

Margin 10%

Loan Tenure Upto 15 Years

Early Repayment Yes

Secured LoanNil

Processing Fee 5.0%

Prepayment Charges Nil

Living Cost No

Unsecured Loan Nil

Margin Nil

Loan Tenure Upto 20 Years

Early Repayment No

Overview Of An Education Loan In France

Many students nowadays choose to pursue their higher education in France. In recent years, France, along with many other English-speaking nations, has emerged as an ideal study abroad option. Students looking for English-taught universities in France have a variety of possibilities. You will have top-notch education facilities with universities backed by strong research.

Cost To Study Abroad In France

The cost to study abroad in France might be very low if you enrol directly. While the cost of living in large cities will be greater, fascinating locales around the country will provide thrilling and authentic experiences at a lesser cost. Although, students do not have to sweat the cost as securing a student loan in France will help you manage and run all your expenses. The table below shows you various tuition fees for each semester in direct enrollment as well as a third-party mainstay. 

Tuition for direct enrollment for a semester:
American University of Paris
Syracuse University Strasbourg Center
University of Bordeaux

Tuition for a semester with a third-party provider
IES Abroad Paris - French Studies
Study Abroad in Grenoble with API
$11,980 - 18,480
AIFS Study Abroad in Paris, Sorbonne 
CEA Study Abroad on the French Riviera 

Note that this particular amount aforementioned includes housing and can defer if you choose to live off-campus. They are established by understanding several aspects such as maintenance cost, type of housing you may choose, different amenities, inventory, and more. For international students, the annual cost of living for an undergraduate programme can range from €10,000 to €18,000. This is when a student loan in France comes to your rescue as it marginally helps you manage your living expenses.

Student Loan In France

We can see from the chart above that the expense of living and studying in France can be quite high, and that not everyone can afford it. Obtaining the requisite funds is always the most difficult component of studying in France. That should not, however, be a deterrent to pursuing your study abroad goals. One of the most crucial components of the process is your ability to organise your finances. Different banks, NBFCs, and foreign lenders have recognised this scenario and responded by giving student loan for international students in France to individuals who wish to study in the country.

Procedure To Apply For A Student Loan In France

International student loan in France is possible to acquire for which you should begin the application procedure at least 7-8 months before the term starts. Many banks provide student loans in France that are simple to secure. The following are the actions to take while applying for a student loan:

- Investigate the banks that offer overseas education loans, their eligibility conditions, and the documentation needs.

-Calculate the amount of loan you'll need and how much you'll have to pay on your own.

- Obtain a letter of acceptance from the relevant university in France.

- Compare the various loan alternatives offered by different banks for continuing your education in France and choose the one that best suits your needs.

- After you've decided on a bank and a loan amount, you'll need to fill out a loan application form.

- Submit all documents requested by the bank, such as identity, proof of address, birth certificate, and so on.

- When the bank authorises your loan, it will provide a loan document that details the loan's many aspects. After reading it, you must sign it.

Documents Required For Student Loan In France

UniCreds offers students a list of various documents that are entirely based on their profile and the profile of their co-applicant, and any property or asset they may give as collateral. However, here are some of the documents that are important for a student loan in France. 

KYC Documents - Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport

Academic Documents - Certificates, Marksheet of S.S.C & H.S.C, Degree courses, Copy of admission letter of the Institute along with Fees schedule, Documents of qualifying exams (GRE, IELTS, etc)

Financial Documents: Statements of borrowers bank accounts, One year statement of the bank, Guarantor’s Income Proof.

Things That An Education Loan In France Covers

In most cases, a student's education loan to study in France covers the entire cost of their education in France. This varies depending on the university and degree programme chosen. Here are some of the things that a student loan in France covers:

- Fees Payable
- Accommodation (On-campus or Off-campus)
- Exam, library, and laboratory fees
- Books, Stationery, Travel expenses, Uniforms (if any)
- Other expenses such as study tours, thesis, and project work

Types Of Loan Available For Study Abroad France

Education loan to study in France is bisected into two kinds based on the kind of security the applicant is ready to promise. 

Secured Education Loans: Candidates for these loans must pledge specified types of assets as collateral security for their college loans. Government or public banks are some of India's largest lenders of secured international education loans. For individuals wishing to borrow a student loan to study in France, secured loans are one of the most advantageous school loan schemes.

Unsecured Education Loans: Candidates for unsecured education loans are not required to put up any security. The majority of unsecured education loans are provided by private, non-banking organisations known as NBFCs (Non-Banking Finance Companies). These loans are typically taken out by students who do not have any assets that may be used as collateral.

Tips For Choosing The Best Education Loan

Being an international student, it must seem difficult before applying for an education loan, so here are some tips to help you:

- Make sure you double-check your loan's processing fees.
- Compare loans depending on the amount of income tax exemptions available.
- Before you apply for a loan, double-check the loan margin.
- Keep in mind the length of time it takes to process a loan.
- Examine the repayment terms.
- Choose a longer term so you can plan your repayments ahead of time.
- Make your loan application at least three months before your visa interview.

Why Choose UniCreds

UniCreds makes securing college loans easier than any other platform. Here are a few reasons why UniCreds is the greatest solution for receiving a student loan in France:

- Up to 100% assistance that covers tuition and living expenses
- No Margin Money
- In the event of an emergency or unique demand, swift sanctions are warranted.
- Financing solutions tailored to your needs
- A comparison of student loans
- Tracking of loan applications
- Loans with no collateral
- Services delivered right to your door
- Approvals of loans without the use of paper

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