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What Is Confirmation Of Enrollment  (CoE) For Australia?

coe for australia

Imagine you are strolling through Australia’s iconic cities, but before you can make this dream a reality, there’s one crucial step: obtaining a COE for Australia.

Think of your COE for Australia as the golden key that opens the doors to Australia’s education paradise. It proves you’ve secured a spot in an awesome Aussie university. 

Fear not, this isn’t some complex process, We’re here to break it down into simple, easy-to-understand steps, transforming this administrative task into an exciting beginning to your Aussie adventure.

What is COE For Australia?

The Certificate of Enrolment (COE) is an essential document required for international students to obtain an Australia student visa Issued by an educational institution that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), the COE serves as proof that the student has been accepted to undertake a course registered under the CRICOS. Essentially, it signifies that the student has met the necessary prerequisites to commence their academic pursuits in Australia.

A COE typically includes the following information:

  • Student’s personal details: Full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality
  • Course details: Course name, course code, CRICOS code, estimated tuition fees, duration of study
  • Institution details: Institution name, contact information, provider number
  • Additional information: Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) details, any applicable conditions

Timeline for receiving a COE:

The time it takes to receive a COE varies depending on the institution. However, it typically takes around 10-15 working days from the date of submitting your completed application.

 What Is A Conditional COE?

In the context of international education, a Conditional Confirmation of Enrolment in Australia is a document issued by an educational institution to a prospective student who has been offered admission to a programme of study, but the offer is contingent upon the student meeting certain specified conditions. These conditions may relate to academic performance, English language proficiency, or other factors deemed relevant by the institution.

A Conditional COE serves two primary purposes:

1. To support the student visa application process

2. To outline the specific conditions that the student must meet

Sample Letter For COE For Australia

Here is a basic sample letter for COE for Australia 

Sample Letter 1

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your City, State, Zip Code]
[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number]


[Immigration Officer Name]
[Immigration Department]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Immigration Officer Name],

I am writing to request a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for my application for a student visa to study [Programme Name] at [Institution Name] in Australia.

I have been accepted to the [Programme Name] programme at [Institution Name] and I am very excited to begin my studies. I have attached a copy of my offer of admission to this letter.

I am a strong academic student with a GPA of [GPA]. I have also completed the [English Language Test Name] test and achieved a score of [Score]. I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in my chosen programme.

I am financially supported by my parents, who have agreed to provide me with the necessary funds to cover my tuition, living expenses, and travel costs. I have attached a copy of their financial support letter to this letter.

I am committed to completing my studies at [Institution Name] and I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to the Australian student community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Signature]

[Your Printed Name]

Eligibility For COE Australia

Eligibility for a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for Australia is determined by the educational institution issuing the offer of admission. However, some common factors that are typically considered include

Academic performance: Students are typically required to have a strong academic record and meet the minimum GPA or subject-specific requirements for the programme they are applying to.

English language proficiency: International students whose native language is not English are often required to demonstrate their English language proficiency through standardised tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Other requirements: Some institutions may have additional requirements for COE eligibility, such as providing proof of financial support, meeting specific visa requirements, or completing an online assessment.

Application Process For Obtaining COE For Australia

The process for obtaining a Conditional COE may differ based on the institution. However, it generally involves the following steps:

1. Receive an offer of admission: The student must first receive an offer of admission to a programme of study at the institution.

2. Apply for a Conditional COE: If the offer is conditional, the student may be eligible to apply for a Conditional COE. The institution may provide an application form or specific instructions for requesting a Conditional COE.

3. Submit required documents: The student will need to submit supporting documents to demonstrate that they meet the conditions of the offer. These documents may include academic transcripts, English language test scores, and any other relevant certifications.

4. Pay application fees: Typical fee range is between AUD$100 and AUD$200 (INR 5,346 and INR 10,692)

5. Receive Conditional COE: Once the institution has reviewed the application and supporting documents, they will issue a Conditional COE if the student meets the eligibility criteria.

Validity And Renewal For COE For Australia

A COE is typically valid for the duration of the course for which it was issued. However, in the event of programme extensions or changes, the COE may need to be updated and renewed accordingly. 

Validity of a COE for Australia

If you defer your enrollment or take a leave of absence, your COE may no longer be valid. You will need to apply for a new COE if your COE expires or becomes invalid.

Renewal of a COE for Australia

 You should apply for a renewal of your COE at least 6 weeks before the end of your current COE validity period.

How to renew your COE?

You will need to submit the following documents to your educational institution:

  • A completed CE renewal application form
  • A copy of your current COE
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your student visa
  • Proof of financial support
  • Any other documents that may be required by your institution

What Happens If COE Is Revoked?

If your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) is revoked, it means that your Australian student visa may also be cancelled. This can have serious consequences, such as:

  • You will be required to leave Australia immediately.
  • You may be unable to re-apply for a student visa for a period of time.
  • You may face difficulties applying for visas to other countries in the future.

There are a number of reasons why your COE may be revoked. These include:

  • Failing to enrol in your programme of study.
  • Failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Breaching your student visa conditions.
  • Engaging in criminal behaviour.

If you receive a notice that your COE has been revoked, it is important to seek legal advice immediately. You may be able to appeal the decision or apply for a new COE.

Key Takeaways

  • The COE (Certificate of Enrolment) is necessary for obtaining an Australian student visa, confirming your acceptance to a CRICOS-registered course at an Australian educational institution.
  • A Conditional COE is issued when a student must meet certain conditions, and it serves as support for the visa application process, outlining specific requirements to be fulfilled.
  • The application process for a COE involves receiving an offer of admission, applying for the COE, submitting necessary documents, paying application fees, and obtaining the Conditional COE from the institution.
  • A COE is typically valid for the duration of the course and must be renewed if there are any programme changes or extensions. Renewal requires specific documentation and should be initiated at least six weeks before the current COE expires.
  • If your COE is revoked, your Australian student visa may be cancelled, leading to immediate departure from Australia and potential obstacles in reapplying for a student visa or other visas in the future.


1. How do I get a COE in Australia?

To obtain a COE in Australia, you must first be accepted into a registered course at an Australian education provider. Upon acceptance, you will need to apply for a COE from the institution.

2. What is the difference between visa and COE?

A COE is a document issued by an Australian education provider to confirm your enrolment in a course of study. A visa is a document issued by the Australian government to allow you to stay in Australia for a specific purpose, such as studying.

3. What is the next step after COE in Australia?

After receiving your COE, you can apply for a student visa to study in Australia. Your COE is a crucial document required for the student visa application process.

4. Does COE guarantee visa in Australia?

Receiving a COE does not guarantee the approval of your student visa application. The Department of Home Affairs assesses each visa application based on various factors, including your eligibility, financial means, and genuine intention to study.

5. Who provides COE in Australia?

Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) is issued by Australian education providers registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). These institutions are authorised to offer courses to international students.

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What Is Confirmation Of Enrollment  (CoE) For Australia?

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