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Ultimate Best Practices To Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier

Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier

To pay off your education loan earlier, you must follow a certain set of practices that will decrease your loan payment period and help you achieve your financial goals faster. Getting a job after graduation is your first step to start the repayment of the loan in the form of Equated Monthly Installments also called EMIs. An education loan can take more than 10 years to get completed, including the interest liability that comes with it. It may look difficult at first but when you plan your loan repayment, the process can be a lot faster and easier. 

Before understanding how you can pay off your education loan earlier, let us first understand why it is important to pay it earlier and how it must benefit you.

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Why Should You Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier?

When you start your loan repayment, it takes a significant amount out of your monthly salary. This amount can be exercised and used correctly to attain your other important financial goals. Imagine if you end up changing your job, it will hinder and become very hard for you to manage the entire payment. Delay in payments can be a serious problem that will further burden you and jeopardize your credit history. The fewer years you take to repay a loan, the more deduction you see in the rate of interest. This saves you a significant amount of money. 

How To Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier

Let’s take a look at various methods and ways in which you can plan and implement to pursue an early repayment.

Begin Early

One of the main reasons why many take added years to repay the loan is that they start late. When you take your education loan make sure you consider repayment calculation correctly. Start repaying in the moratorium period. A moratorium period is a time where you enjoy a holiday from your loan EMI’s before you start paying it. Starting then will save you a concession of 0.50% in ROI. Yes, it’s true depending on your lender the relaxation can be given on the payment of education loan if you start early in the moratorium period. 

Create Different Ways Of Income

Before you start with your actual job that will contribute marginally to paying the loan, you can start earning part-time early and save a lot of money before your repayment period starts. The saved money will help you prepay the borrowed amount. One way to plan your repayment and schedule everything as per your convenience is by using an EMI calculator. When you choose to opt for part prepayment, the lender will offer you paying the same EMI. Should you do so? Well, if you want to decrease the loan tenure and save more on the interest then this option is great for you! By keeping the EMI number intact you can repay the loan by cutting more than 6 months in your payment. 

Choose A Shorter Loan Tenure

An easy and smart way to pay off the loans early is to pay more regularly. You can do so by going for a shorter payment tenure. EMI tends to go higher when the tenure is shortened so don’t go to an extent where you will be unable to make that many monthly payments. Choose a shorter tenure that will support paying early by keeping in check with your interest payments. 

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Save More | Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier

From the money that you earn before you start the repayment, save as much as you can. You can open a savings account or a fixed deposit to save money from your salary every month. It is strongly recommended that the borrower save as much as possible to limit their expenses for a period up to the beginning of their loan tenure. This will make it easier for you to repay the loan before the anticipated close. 


Choosing the right lender for your education is very important. Try to borrow from loans that have the lowest interest rate because it is the ROI that digs a hole in your pocket compared to the actual loan amount. 

Followed by using the combination of the above-mentioned tips, it will help you get debt-free sooner without going broke at the end of each month. Moreover, having a good repayment history comes with a reward of a boost in your credit score. That will help you a lot in the future. Good luck! 

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Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier

Ultimate Best Practices To Pay Off Your Education Loan Earlier