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Top 4 Best Browser Coupon Extensions for Students

Browser Coupon Extensions

More than ever before, everyone is purchasing online. According to the US Census Bureau, internet merchants in the US made $513.6 billion in 2018, up more than 14% from 2017. This equates to more than $1,500 for each man, woman, and kid in the United States. This is where Best Coupon Extension help you save money!

As we all spend more time online, we’re all looking for the Best Browser Coupon Extensions to save money. We utilize services like Amazon and Google Shopping to compare costs across numerous websites for the same goods. Then, once we’ve determined where to buy anything, we look for coupon codes for that site that provide discounts or free delivery. These kinds of tricks can help you save money, but they require time – often more effort than it’s worth to save a dollar or two.

Thankfully, UniCreds is here to share the Best Browser Coupon Extensions to economize your purchases! All you have to do is install a browser extension, which is a plug-in that enhances the functionality of a Web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

There are various free discount shopping browser extensions that can save you Money and help you uncover online bargains, compare prices, locate and use discount codes, and take advantage of cash-back offers. Here’s everything you need to know about some of the most popular online shopping browser extensions. 

Best Browser Coupon Extensions


Best Browser Coupon Extensions

GrabOn, a chrome coupon extension is one of the Best Browser Coupon Extensions. There is a GrabOn Chrome Extension, in addition to a website and an app, that may help you find offers if you are looking for clothes, shoes, or whatever retail therapy you require.

The procedure is straightforward: go to the Chrome web store and search for the GrabOn plugin. Once you’ve done this, every time you go shopping online and add items to your cart, a GrabOn notice will appear, listing all of the current offers. You may select the one that best fits your needs by clicking on it.

It’s worth noting that the Chrome Coupon Browser Extension is one of the Best Chrome plug-ins for finding deals yet, will access your browser history, site data, and give you notifications. It’s a fantastic alternative to consider if this doesn’t worry you. It is, however, still among the best free discount shopping coupon browser extension.

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Access: Free to use

Advantages: Simple to use

Disadvantages: It steals some of your data

2.Capital One Shopping

Best Browser Coupon Extensions

The Capital One Shopping add-on is also one of the best browser extensions for shopping. It is an online shopping assistant that finds you better offers by analyzing real-time data from its millions of customers. Capital One Shopping grows better at identifying inexpensive pricing and using promo codes as more people use it.

Capital One Shopping combines various features from the various browser add-ons listed below. For example, it is one of the  Chrome Extensions to get discounts. On a single page, it displays all of the prices it discovers from Amazon vendors as well as the rest of the Internet. It also displays product reviews from Amazon, YouTube, and professional magazines. It is considered by many to be one of the top free discount shopping browser extensions.

Access: Free to use

Advantages: mobile app for iOS and Android.

Disadvantages: It steals some of your information.


Best Browser Coupon Extensions

FlipShope is another of the Chrome Extensions to get discounts on stuff. It’s pretty easy to get to and makes it in this list of Best Browser Coupon Extensions. You just need to look for it and add it to your list of extensions. However, the added step over here is that you will be required to sign up to start using it.

After that, you’ll see options like Coupons, Autobuy, Auto Coupon Apply, Watch Price, and Price Graph. To use them, choose any of the options.

After you’ve installed the extension, you’ll notice a purple-hued tag on your left, which you can click to see what deals are available. When you’re checking out, this tag appears. It is among the best browser extensions for shopping.

Access: Free to use

Advantages: Multiple options available

Disadvantages: Needs sign-up


Best Browser Coupon Extensions

Ibotta, another extension in the Best Browser Coupon Extensions list, now has a Chrome add-on. If you don’t already have an Ibotta account, you’ll need to create one to use the extension. A $20 bonus will be deposited into your account after you sign up. This is becoming one of the most increasingly popular discount shopping browser extensions.

Over 50 online retailers, such as Home Depot, Old Navy, and Bed Bath & Beyond, are supported by the Ibotta extension. The app will display a button that says “Get cashback” whenever you make a purchase through one of these sites making it one of the Best Chrome plug-ins for finding coupons. When you click this button, a popup window appears, allowing you to input the total amount of your online purchase. This is perhaps the best cash back browser extension.

Access: Free to use

Advantages: many Cash-Back  offers

Disadvantages: Needs sign-up

Last Thoughts

On its own, any of these Best Browser Coupon Extensions can help you save money. You don’t have to pick just one. Even if two distinct add-ons provide comparable benefits – such as discovering discount codes and cash-back offers — using more than one boosts your chances of getting a bargain no matter where you purchase. For the same transaction, you can’t get cashback from multiple extensions, but you may use a discount code from one and get cashback from another. If you are looking for more ways to save money, you could check out the The Complete List of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs.

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Browser Coupon Extensions

Top 4 Best Browser Coupon Extensions for Students

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