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Handy Tips For Travelling Around Australia

Tips For Travelling Around Australia

So, you are planning a trip to Australia? Australia is huge, beautiful and enormously diverse. It is true that merely glancing at it on a map won’t give you the slightest idea of how gigantic this country is. But you will still need to do extensive research to make sure you have all the required information before embarking on the journey. Well, this blog can help you to a good extent. Here we have listed all the essentials tips for travelling around Australia. 

Stick To Your Budget | Tips for Travelling Around Australia

The first and foremost tip has to be pertaining to expenditures, isn’t it?  Australia can be a very expensive country. Be careful or else you’ll blow through your entire budget in no time. 

Make sure you scour the internet to get the best deals in all domains. Travelling, food, accommodation and activities are the prime factors you should focus on.

Getting a shared car as and when possible, booking your tours as a package are a few hacks that can save you good money. 

Keep Your Focus

Australia is massive — nearly the size of the continental U.S. Would you dare to try and see the entire U.S. in two weeks? No, right? So don’t attempt that with Australia either. If you have limited time then plan your route and fix the sights you want to visit. Explore these sights thoroughly and spend some quality time here. You’ll have a more relaxing experience and save both time and money on transportation.

Do Your Homework  | Tips for Travelling Around Australia 

Plan your route well in advance. Fix all the spots you will explore on your trip beforehand. Like we said already, don’t try and cram too many Aussie destinations if you are on a short trip. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your time in transit and not creating memories. 

The most popular Australian travel route is up/down the east coast. Many people travel from Sydney to Cairns, or Sydney to Melbourne. There are lots of cool towns and stunning points of interest on the way of both of these routes.

Check the visa requirements for your country before starting with the trip. The most common Australian visa is the eVisitor visa. This is perfect for you if you are looking to stay in the country only for a few months.  

driving tips for travelling around Australia

Refrain From Driving At Dusk 

If you are on a road trip then this is by far the most important of all tips for travelling around Australia. It is advisable not to drive at dusk when bulls, horses and ’roos are often roadside. Keep your eyes affixed on the road and drive safe. 

Get A Local Phone Plan 

International sim cards and roaming charges may rain down heavy on you in this country. So, if you plan on staying a little longer in the country then do choose to get a local phone plan. The telecom companies here offer great deals. Optus is one such company that will come cheap for you but won’t compromise on the coverage. Vodafone has some good deals too. 

Try WWOOF | Tips for Travelling Around Australia

WWOOF programme in Australia

Accommodation in Australia is pricey. Whether you are on a road trip or a typical tourist trip, make sure you plan ahead for accommodation. Well-planning will save a hole in your pocket. There’s one option here to work for your room. That’s right. If you can spare some time out then you can try the WWOOF program. It is a program that allows you to work on organic farms in exchange for free room and board. Not only is this a great way to reduce your expenses but also enables you to get a deeper look into local life. Couchsurf is another good option that you could explore. 

Look For Freebies And Discounts 

Australia is home to a wealth of museums and attractions that do not charge admission fees. For example, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Try including more of such places in your route. 

You can also purchase an iVenture Card. This card includes free entry to many popular tourist destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Additionally, it offers special offers and discounts for a fixed price. You may save money if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing in a short period of time. 

Haggling is always in fashion at the open-air markets. You can negotiate great deals at places like the Rocks Market, Paddington Markets and the Bondi Markets in Sydney.

Did you know that you are eligible for a refund of the GST if you purchase 300 AUD or more in goods from a single retailer? You should get an original invoice from the store where you made the purchase and simply present it when you depart Australia. Do keep this in mind while shopping in Australia.

Do Try The Coffee | Tips for Travelling Around Australia

coffee in australia

If there’s one thing you need to know about the Australians it’s that they love their coffee, So, since you are planning to tour the country, do grab a cup of coffee. Walk into any local coffee shop and order a ‘flat white’. 

That’s it for this blog. Hope it was helpful for you. Have a great trip ahead!

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Tips For Travelling Around Australia

Handy Tips For Travelling Around Australia

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