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The Highest Paying Degrees In The World

Highest Paying Degrees In The World

Going to a university to do a bachelor’s degree can be an exhilarating experience. During the course of your bachelor’s studies, you make new friends, learn exciting things, and become a new person eventually. What many colleges fail to include on their brochures is that students are likely to graduate with thousands of dollars worth of student loan debt. If you’ve been wondering about which are the highest paying degrees in the world, we have them listed below. That way, you can make an informed decision about the career path that you wish to choose.

When you’re racking up on a lot of debt, you want to pursue a college degree that can get you a high-paying job as soon as you graduate, right? After all, what’s the point of toiling every semester if your degree won’t be able to pay the bills? Here are some of the highest paying degrees that you can look at. 

10. Biology | Highest Paying Degrees

The Highest Paying Degrees In The World

Many students who pursue a biology degree, often continue their education to become a doctor. However, possessing just a bachelor’s degree in biology can set you up for a pretty lucrative career. Whether you’re interested in math or science, biology is one of the highest paying degrees you can pursue. 

The average salary in Biology –  $80,000 

9. Economics | Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

A person with an economics degree possesses in-depth knowledge of the way things are produced and how they are sold around the world. They also learn intensively about distribution, demand, supply, and the way companies and countries produce and sell their products. Economics involves elements of math and science. However, the application of these subjects is much different compared to engineering. This really boosts the earning potential of an economics major. 

The average salary in Economics –  $100,000 

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8. Human Resources | Highest Paying Degrees

A degree with a specialisation in HR can pay off extremely well. Companies will pay human resource agents a lot of money to help them bring in the best candidate for open positions. There are so many roles & responsibilities of an HR –

Identifying new potential employees
Reading resumes
Interviewing potential candidates
Training new employees
Maintaining a happy, healthy, and productive office environment.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources can ensure you graduate with a well-paying job.

Average salary in Human Resources –  $80,000 – $100,000 

7. Computer Science

Computer Science involves a fair amount of mathematics and science. Students with a computer science degree can go on to work in information technology departments. They can become a computer systems analyst, or work as a security engineer. This is why someone majoring in Computer Science earns well, even as a fresher as the salary begins somewhere around $66,000.

The average salary in Computer Science – $112,000

6. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Many tech CEOs are electrical engineering or computer engineering graduates. There’s a lot of options for Electrical and Computer Engineering majors that include creating robots that can perform surgery, developing electric-powered cars, teaching applied mathematics, or even making robots more human-like. The focus of many electrical and computer engineers is on designing safer or more productive ways of doing things that can genuinely help mankind. 

The average salary in Electrical and Computer Engineering – $120,000 

5. Electronics & Communications Engineering

An Electronics & Communications Engineering learns about electrical networks, semiconductor devices, digital communications, and more, all relating to the way we store and retrieve energy and electricity. These kinds of graduate students find work in the broadcast industry, assisting with radio or television, or may even work with the military. With an average pay of around $120,000, this is one of the highest-paying degrees in the world.

Average salary in Electronics & Communications Engineering – $120,000 

4. Chemical Engineering

The Highest Paying Degrees In The World

Engineering degrees continue to dominate this list since the graduates can choose a number of paths after finishing their university studies. Chemical engineers often find rewarding jobs working in gas and oil. For instance, chemical engineers can find jobs in laboratories and on exploration rigs. People in this industry often have the opportunity to travel for work and live all around the world such as Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. The entry-level salary of a chemical engineer is around $69,000, which makes this degree one of the highest paying degrees in the world.

The average salary in Chemical Engineering – $125,000 

3. Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering is one of the highest paying degrees in the world with an entry-level salary of $67,000 with only their bachelor’s degree. Students who graduate with a nuclear engineering degree can expect to find new ways to use radiation in the medical world, create nuclear reactors, and find ways to dispose of nuclear waste while maintaining the safety of the environment. Nuclear Engineering can work in big MNCs or even the military. 

The average salary in Nuclear Engineering – $125,000 

2. Actuarial Mathematics

The Highest Paying Degrees In The World

A bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics can set a student up for life which is perfect for students who enjoy math. Some of those jobs include actuary, logistician, and market research analyst. While the highest-paid job of these options is as an actuary, graduates of an actuarial mathematics program can expect to make at least $69,000 post-graduation without the need to go to graduate school. 

The average salary in Actuarial Mathematics – $128,000

1. Petroleum Engineering 

While studying any stream of engineering can set you up for a high-paying job, petroleum engineers are in high demand. Petroleum engineering majors, the highest paying degrees, hold jobs in gas and oil production and similar areas. To ace this degree, students must be proficient in math and science. The hard work will pay off as Petroleum Engineering graduates can expect a starting salary of $100,000 right after graduation.

The average salary for Petroleum Engineering – $135,000 


1. What is the highest-paying job in the world?

With an astonishing surge of 256% since 2013, Big Data Scientists currently hold the top position in the job market. These professionals can earn salaries as high as $150,000, solidifying their status as one of the highest-paying occupations worldwide.

2. Which job is considered the best in the world as of 2022?

According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, AI specialists have witnessed a remarkable 74% increase in demand over the past four years. This surge has solidified their position as one of the highest-paying professions globally.

3. Which is the highest salary in the world?

Information Security Analysts enjoy a lucrative salary of $103,590, while Physician Assistants earn an average salary ranging from $115,390 to $130,000. Moreover, the field of Physician Assistants is projected to experience a remarkable growth rate of 31% in the coming years.

4. Which domain offers the highest paying job in the world?

Certain professions in specific industries offer the highest salaries globally. Among them are Chartered Accountants, Data Scientists, CEOs of Multinational Companies, and Surgeons. These roles are known for their exceptionally high earning potential.

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Highest Paying Degrees In The World

The Highest Paying Degrees In The World

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