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How And Where To Study In Europe For Free

How And Where To Study In Europe For Free

Wondering where to study in Europe for free? Well, Europe offers free education and plenty of options for affordable learning for international students. In some European countries, education is free whereas some offer free education to only EU students. Your study abroad dream in Europe will become a reality regardless of your financial situation. There are world-class institutes that offer free tuition for students (international as well). You might have to give administration fees which are hardly a few hundred euros but that’s all. 

If you are planning to study abroad, then these European countries will be your most affordable option to get inexpensive degrees from top universities. 

Study In Europe For Free

Note: Living costs/Health insurance are not included. (You can still apply for scholarships to cover that cost if needed)

Norway | Study In Europe For Free

Our numero uno choice for international students to get high-quality education with zero cost is Norway! The Norwegian Government uses the taxpayers’ money and funds education for native and international students. This way you can enjoy a free ride to any state university. But here’s the catch, the living cost in Norway can take you as high as NOK 8,990 which is approximately 1,200 per month. This will cover everything, from room cost, board, healthcare, clothing, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. Hence, you can manage your college budget accordingly.

In Norway, there are a total of 8 universities which has 20 state university colleges. This Scandinavian country boasts top universities like the University of Oslo, University of Stavanger, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Nordland and the University of Agder (UiA) that offers free tuition for everyone. 


A powerhouse for engineering skills worldwide, Germany is one of the top nations in Europe where you can pursue higher education at zero cost. Almost every public university does not charge any tuition fee. This means all you have to pay is the administrative fee which is as minimum as €150-250 which is comparatively less to Indian universities. 

Just recently only four out of sixteen federal states have started charging tuition fees for undergraduate programs – Bavaria, Hamburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, and Lower Saxony – costing as low as 500 Euros per semester. All other federal states only request a small contribution from the students of 50 euros with no tuition fees every semester. Also, Germany offers a great lifestyle to its students. 

Sweden | Study In Europe For Free

Almost a decade ago till 2010, Sweden was offering no tuition fee for anyone who wished to study in this country. But well, all good things come to an end, and a law was passed by the Swedish Parliament where they must charge tuition and application fees for non-EU and EEA students. But there are also several scholarship programmes offered. 

Even with tuition fees universities are offering full scholarships for international students. Below I will mention some top tuition-free Swedish universities.

  • Halmstad University
  • Uppsala University
  • Lund University
  • Stickholm Unviersity 
  • Jonkoping University
  • Stockholm School of Ecnomics 

The University of Uppsala was founded in 1477. It is a leading university that ranks amongst the best universities in Northern Europe. 


Finland did not charge any tuition fees for any kind of education level irrespective of the students nationally. But only till 2017, post that it started charging tuition fees from non-EU and EEA students. This was only for English taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. You can find some of the best and well-known courses in this country, like architecture, design, and communication at considerable prices for international students. The country also offers a distinctive polytechnic college offering where practice-based education can be experienced. 

The University of Turku and the University of Helsinki are the top ranking universities preferred by foreign students in Finland. Students must cover their living expenses. 

France | Study In Europe For Free

The reason France has made it to the list is because of the top-notch education but at quite low prices. France does not offer free tuition fees but for EU students and French nationals, the cost is pretty low. Whereas for international students the cost is low as compared to nations like the US, the UK, Australia, or Canada. The fees for international students in public universities can be around 2,800-4000 Euros per year. 

France is offering more and more English courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. This attracts a flock of international students every year. France also has a number of scholarship programmes for students that can further help your cost of living.


The universities in Austria offer courses at quite low prices as it is not tuition-free entirely. For EU and EAA students, it is almost insignificant. The cost for non-EU students can be more than a thousand euros per semester. 

The top-ranking universities in Austria are the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Medical University of Vienna, and the University of Innsbruck. Students prefer to study in these universities mainly when they come to study in Austria. It is also said that if you are a citizen of a less developed nation with an unfortunate financial situation then you may not have to pay a dime at all. 

I hope that these beautiful European countries inspire you to study abroad and pursue your dreams. With rich education, these countries are also filled with stunning natural beauty,  exposure to global outlook and opportunities. 


1.Which European country has free education?

Countries like Norway, Germany, Sweden and Finland have great zero-cost education options. Many universities here are able to provide a zero-tuition fee policy because they use taxpayers’ money to help fund the students’ education. At some universities, you can avail of the zero-cost tuition fee by just paying a small administrative amount.

2.How can I study in Europe for free?

You can look up several universities in countries around Europe that provide a zero-cost tuition policy. The most popular countries that have universities providing this policy are Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

3.What is the cheapest country in Europe to study for free?

Norway tops the list of zero-tuition universities in the whole of Europe. Countless universities in Norway use taxpayers’ money to fund the education of their students. Another strong contender for free education in Europe is Germany with many universities now providing zero-tuition policies for students.

If there is anything that you would like to add, feel free to comment your thoughts down below!

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How And Where To Study In Europe For Free

How And Where To Study In Europe For Free

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