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Masters Scholarships For Indian Students Abroad In 2024!

Indian girl with a uni hat happy about getting a masters scholarship for Indian students abroad

Securing a scholarship for a masters programme abroad is crucial as it reduces the financial burdens of international education, making advanced degrees more accessible. This support covers tuition fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous costs, allowing students to focus on their studies without financial stress. Fully funded masters scholarships for Indian students abroad give an opportunity to globally connect with like-minded people and generate employment avenues. 

Masters Scholarships Abroad Overview
USA Universities Master’s scholarships-RCC at Harvard University Graduate
-Degree Students Scholarships
-Graduate fellowships
-Graduate Summer Research Scholarship
-Centennial Scholarship

UK Universities Master’s scholarships
-Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships
-Leadership Programme
-UCL Global Masters Scholarship
-Basil Furneaux Memorial Fund
-Warwick Taught Masters Scholarship Scheme
-IoPPN Postgraduate Taught Scholarships
Ireland Universities Masters’ scholarships-University of Limerick Scholarships faculty of arts, science, humanities, engineering.
-Taught Masters Scholarship Programme
-International Postgraduate scholarships
-Academic Merit Scholarships
Australian Universities Master’s scholarships-Graduate Research Scholarships
-Monash Graduate Scholarship
-ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship
-The University of Adelaide College International Scholarship
German Universities Master’s scholarships-Scholarships for International Students
-Merit scholarships for international students
Canada Universities Master’s scholarships-University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship
-Mackenzie King Open & Travelling Scholarship
-Partial exemption scholarship
External Master’s Scholarships Ms Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship at St. Antony’sOxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarships
-Saltire Scholarships
-University of Lincoln India Scholarship
-University of Oxford Felix Scholarships for Indian Students
-University of Southampton Scholarships for Indian students
-UWE International Scholarships
-Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowships
-Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships & more
National Scholarships For Master’s-Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship
-National Overseas Scholarship
-JN Tata Endowment Higher Education of Indians
-Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree
-Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Scholarship
-Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship
-Dr Ambedkar Scheme of Interest
-Subsidy on Educational Loan
-Great Scholarships-Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships
-Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship
-Cornell University Tata Scholarship
-Indian Global Leaders Scholarship

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students Funded By Top Abroad Universities

Numerous  postgraduate scholarships for Indian students to study abroad  offered by international universities are a direct avenue to financial support for aspiring scholars. These scholarships, categorised as either need-based or merit-based, often streamline the application process, eliminating the need for a separate submission. Typically, eligibility and financial requirements automatically qualify candidates. This section explores some of the finest scholarships to study masters abroad for Indian students provided by various international universities worldwide.

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students In The USA Universities 

The United States stands out as a premier destination for international students, boasting more than 3,200 universities. Data from Statista reveals that in the academic year 2020-21, a substantial 914,095 international students chose the US for their studies. Cost of doing masters in the USA  can range from USD 25,000 to USD 63,000 (~20.52 lakhs to 51.74 lakhs INR) based on the choice of university. This academic prominence in the USA is further enhanced by numerous scholarships for Indian students to study abroad postgraduate courses available in the top universities, particularly for master’s programmes. Given below are some of the top universities for scholarships for masters in the USA with their benefits

UniversityScholarship Name EligibilityBenefits
Harvard University Scholarships for Indian students masters.RCC at Harvard University Graduate Degree Students Scholarships.
Applicants must be full-time faculty members at one of Harvard’s partner universities and should be admitted to Harvard for a research project.Provides training opportunities in Harvard’s graduate programmes, enabling individuals to pursue a doctorate or master’s degree.
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGraduate fellowshipsAll international students undertake master’s degree programmes at MIT.Ranges up to 4,000 USD (3.28 lakhs INR)
California University scholarships Graduate Summer Research ScholarshipProspective applicants will be required to articulate the influence of their life experiences on their educational path and elucidate how their involvement in GSRI (Graduate Studies in Research Integration) will aid in realising their academic aspirations. Academic support, and professional development
New York University Centennial ScholarshipOn-campus part-time master’s and advanced certificate students with outstanding academic performance are eligible to apply for financial support competitively.Varies

Considering the high cost of studying in the USA, an education loan for MS in the USA is also a great option to fund your studies rather than relying solely on scholarships. 

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students In The UK Universities 

The United Kingdom boasts a rich history of academic distinction and is home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities. It stands out as a favoured destination for international students seeking higher education. Masters programmes at leading universities in the UK typically have annual tuition fees ranging from 11,400 GBP (INR 11.80 lakhs) to 30,000 GBP (INR 31.07 lakhs). The UK Government, along with numerous universities, actively supports international students pursuing postgraduate degrees (one-year programmes). These initiatives include additional allowances for housing, transportation, and other expenses.

University NameScholarship NameEligibility CriteriaBenefits
Oxford University Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme
-Applicants must be residents of countries listed on the university’s scholarship portal, including India, China, Bangladesh, and Nepal. -Applicants should not be receiving any other scholarships concurrently.Covers full course feesGrants a living cost of at least £18,622 (INR 16-17 lakhs)  per annum
University College LondonUCL Global Masters ScholarshipAll postgraduate taught programmes. £15,000 (for one year)
Imperial College LondonBasil Furneaux Memorial FundThe scholarship is available for those in their final year of undergraduate study at Imperial College or those who have already completed their undergraduate degrees at Imperial. To qualify, applicants must have attained a minimum of a 2:1 in their undergraduate degree.Up to £17,000 contribution towards tuition fees
Warwick UniversityWarwick Taught Masters Scholarship SchemeShould be taking admission into a full-time master’s school.Set at a maximum of £10,000 per student
King’s College LondonIoPPN Postgraduate Taught ScholarshipsApplicants must have applied to a full-time Postgraduate Taught programme at the IoPPN and be set to begin in September 2024 (deferrals to 2025 or later are not allowed). They must meet academic and English proficiency requirements set by King’s College London.£5,000 each

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students In Ireland Universities 

Masters in Ireland is a popular 1 to 2-year degree programme, offering course-based, research-oriented, or a combination of both formats. With over 20,000 international students enrolled in various specialisations, the cost for master’s in Ireland ranges from 4 to 24 lakhs per annum for Indian students. Masters Scholarships for Indian Students in Ireland Universities, provide both merit-based and need-based funding options. This table will give you an idea about all the Irish university scholarships for postgraduate students. 

University NameScholarship NameEligibility CriteriaBenefits
University of Limerick University of Limerick Scholarships faculty of arts, science, humanities, engineering.
Indian citizens eligible for the University of Limericks specified full-time postgraduate programmes must hold a bachelor’s degree, meet English language proficiency criteria, and be full-fee-paying students with confirmed admission in the mentioned faculties.
€1500 per year
Maynooth University Taught Masters Scholarship ProgrammeOpen to both EU and non-EU applicants, these scholarships are granted based on academic excellence.€2,000 scholarships to full-time Taught Masters students at the institution
University of Galway International Postgraduate scholarshipsAcademically excellent students from around the world across arts, science, humanities, medical, and engineering fields. Varies
Griffith UniversityAcademic Merit ScholarshipsOffered to international applicants who demonstrate strong academic excellence. There are 3 levels to this award- – AMS Level 1: EU500 – AMS Level 2: EU1000- AMS Level 3: EU1500

Note: If you are just relying on a scholarship for doing masters in Ireland, you try out different ways of funding like an education loan for MS in Ireland. 

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students In Australian Universities

The average tuition fee for a Master of Education degree in Australia typically ranges between 65,000 AUD–90,000 AUD (34.6 Lakhs–47.9 Lakhs INR). Renowned universities such as the University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne, and Victoria University provide Master of Education programmes along with scholarships to alleviate the high cost of education in Australia. If you are planning to apply for masters in Australia, explore the table below for details on scholarships offered by top Australian universities.

University NameScholarship NameEligibility CriteriaBenefits
Melbourne Graduate ScholarshipGraduate Research ScholarshipsTo qualify for the scholarship, applicants must either have applied for and meet the requirements for a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne or be currently enrolled in a graduate research degree at the university.Full fee offsetLiving Allowance of $37000 Relocation grant of $2000 
Monash UniversityMonash Graduate ScholarshipFor students undertaking research masters or research doctorate programmes. $35,013 per anum
Australian National UniversityANU Chancellor’s International ScholarshipApplicants will undergo assessment for the highest-value award they qualify for as a priority.25% or 50% fee waiver of tuition for the entire study period
University of AdelaideThe University of Adelaide College International Scholarship
The scholarship is accessible to the University of Adelaide College graduates beginning their studies at the University of Adelaide. 10% tuition fee waiver in the entire course period. 

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students In German Universities 

Germany stands out as a premier study destination globally, attracting international students with its outstanding educational opportunities and rich cultural diversity. The average annual cost of studying in Germany ranges from INR 2,76,700 to INR 9,34,800, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenditures. German universities offer top scholarships to help students offset these costs. Explore the list below for notable scholarships provided by German universities.

University NameScholarship NameEligibility CriteriaBenefits
Technical University of MunichScholarships for International StudentsThe scholarship is available for students concurrently holding a German and foreign higher education entrance qualification, currently enrolled in Master’s programmes such as “Data Engineering and Analytics” or “Mathematics in Data Science.€1000 per month and is granted for a maximum of twelve months.
University Of Hamburg Merit scholarships for international studentsEligibility criteria for the scholarship include being enrolled at Universität Hamburg for a minimum of 2 semesters while pursuing a degree not holding German citizenship, and being ineligible for the federal student loan scheme.Maximum of €850 per month, with the possibility of earning up to €1,000 for exceptional merit

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students In Canada Universities 

Scholarships play a crucial role in mitigating the financial burden for international students pursuing master’s degrees in Canada. With an average tuition fee of CAD 18,000 (INR 9,54,000) per year, scholarships provide financial support, making education more accessible and enabling students to focus on their academic goals without excessive financial strain. So, to apply for masters in Canada, you can check out the following scholarships. 

University NameScholarship NameEligibility CriteriaBenefits
University Of WaterlooUniversity of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship-The scholarship is available for both domestic and international graduate students who are registered full-time in a Master’s or Doctoral programme. 
-To qualify, applicants must maintain a minimum first-class (80%) cumulative average in the current programme. 
Valued at $1,000 per term for a maximum of three terms
University of TorontoMackenzie King Open & Travelling ScholarshipMinimum grade of “A” (85%, 3.85/4.00)10,500 CAD
Montreal University Partial exemption scholarshipFor international students pursuing a masters degree at the university. $9,420 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $3,140 per session (equivalent to 15 credits)

International Masters Scholarships For Postgraduate Students In India  

We saw the university-specific scholarships in the above section. Apart from those scholarships you can even apply for externally funded scholarships for Indian students to study abroad for masters depending on the country you are planning to study in. A lot of externally funded scholarships provide funding for students from across the globe, and various educational institutions/degrees/courses. Given below is a list of such partially and fully funded scholarships for Indian students for masters bifurcated into different countries. 

PlaceScholarship NameEligibilityBenefit
AsiaHinrich Foundation ScholarshipsScholarships across Asia for sustainable global trade, fostering prosperity.Scholarships promoting global trade sustainability.
AsiaProf. Emeritus Madan Mohan Das Memorial ScholarshipIndian students pursuing a master’s degree in the School of Engineering and Technology at the Asian Institute of Technology.Registration fee waiver and credits for 4 semesters.
AustraliaUniversity of Adelaide Ashok Khurana ScholarshipScholarships for Indian students pursuing postgraduate study in selected fields at the University of Adelaide.A stipend of $30,000 and a 50% tuition fee reduction.
AustraliaUniversity of Queensland Indian Scholarship25% tuition fee coverage for Indian students starting a postgraduate degree in the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences.Tuition fee reduction in Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.
AustraliaUNSW Sydney Future of Change India ScholarshipScholarship for Indian citizens accepted to study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at UNSW Sydney, with a video application component.Amount of $10,000 (INR 8.25L) as a stipend for the minimum course duration
AustraliaDAAD Masters Scholarship for Indian StudentsFor students from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India, etc. undertaking masters or PhD programmes. Fully funded scholarship that covers living, travel, and tuition fees. 
IrelandUCD Global Graduate Scholarships for Indian StudentsFunding opportunities for Indian students at the graduate level studying at University College Dublin.Financial support for Indian students at UCD.
The NetherlandsOrange Tulip ScholarshipGrants for Indian students to study in the Netherlands at bachelor’s or master’s level at selected participating universities.Funds 100/50/25% tuition fees depending on the sponsor
FranceCampus France Charpak  Masters ScholarshipScholarship for Indian nationals pursuing a master’s degree in France. Applicants should be 30 or under and either current students or employees in India.Monthly living allowance of 860 euros and fee waiver on a student visa.
UKBritish Council GREAT scholarships for Indian StudentsVarious scholarships by the British Council support Indian students applying to study in the UK.£10,000 towards student tuition fees.
UKErasmus Mundus Joint Masters ScholarshipFor bachelor’s degree students from different nationalities. travelvisaa living allowance
UKCharles Wallace India Trust ScholarshipsScholarships for Indian students studying in the UK at the doctoral, research, or visiting fellow levels.Support for Indian students across different study levels.
UKHeriot Watt International Student ScholarshipsOver £500,000 in scholarships for international students enrolling in September or January at Heriot Watt University.Tuition fee abatements for international students.
UKLSE Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (CSSS)Awards for international students from commonwealth countries (including India) to study at LSE at the postgraduate level.Full or partially funded Scholarships for students from Commonwealth countries.
UKMs Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship at St. Antony’sIndian government fellowship offered to high-achieving postgraduate research students studying history, economics, and political science at St. Antony’s College.Fellowship for Indian students at St. Antony’s College.
UKOxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) ScholarshipsOpen to Indian students at any degree level to study at Oxford University or the University of Cambridge.Scholarships for Indian students at Oxford and Cambridge.
UKSaltire ScholarshipsScholarships for students from Canada, the US, India, and China to study in Scotland at any degree level.Scholarships for international students in Scotland.
UKUniversity of Lincoln India ScholarshipScholarships for high-achieving Indian postgraduate students, offering £5,000 tuition fee reductions.Tuition fee reductions for postgraduate Indian students.
UKUniversity of Oxford Felix Scholarships for Indian StudentsGraduate-level funding opportunities for Indian students studying at the University of Oxford.100% tuition fee waiver, living allowance, and one free return flight ticket from India to the UK.
UKUniversity of Southampton Scholarships for Indian studentsThree awards including the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation loan scholarships and GREAT Scholarships.Financial support for Indian students at the University of Southampton.
UKUWE International ScholarshipsUWE Bristol University offers undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fee discount scholarships for students from several countries, including India.Tuition fee discounts for international students at UWE Bristol.
USFulbright-Nehru Research FellowshipsFunding for outstanding Indian students to pursue study at any level within an accredited US institution.Fellowships for Indian students across various study levels.
USStanford Reliance Dhirubhai FellowshipsScholarships for Indian students studying at Stanford Graduate School of Business in the MBA programme. Eligible students must return to India with two years of completing their studies.Fully funded scholarship.

Scholarships For Masters For Indian Students Funded By National Organisations

India offers a spectrum of prestigious scholarships to support students pursuing master’s degrees abroad. These scholarships, funded by Indian organisations, aim to nurture academic excellence and provide financial assistance. From the Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship fostering U.S. education to the National Overseas Scholarship promoting social justice, these initiatives empower Indian talents.

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipIndian applicants with a U.S. equivalent bachelor’s degree, minimum 55% overall grade point average, three years of relevant work experience, and demonstrated leadership skills.Funding for living expenses, tuition, and related costs; J-1 visa assistance; Economy class flight tickets for two to the United States; Insurance.
National Overseas ScholarshipApplicants under 35 years, minimum 60% in qualifying exams, family income not exceeding INR 8,00,000, and eligible for master’s, doctoral, or post-doctoral studies.Covers books, living expenses, visa fees, medical insurance, voting tax, airfare, maintenance fees, and contingent expenses.
JN Tata Endowment Higher Education of IndiansIndian citizens under 45 years, with a graduate degree (60% minimum), accepted into a recognized Graduate Programme abroad.Loan support ranges from INR 1,00,000 to INR 10,00,000, partial travel grants up to INR 50,000, and gift rewards.
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master DegreeIndian citizens with a bachelor’s degree, not spent more than a year in any European country in the past five years, and not received a similar scholarship through Erasmus Mundus.Stipend, complete tuition, travel reimbursement, round-trip flights, and job visa support.
Lady Meherbai D Tata Education ScholarshipIndian women graduates with a degree in sociology, psychology, law, education, gender studies, and other related fields, applying for further education overseas.Maximum tuition support of INR 3,60,000.
Agatha Harrison Memorial FellowshipIndian citizens aged 30-40, with 60% or above in master’s degree, pursuing or intending to pursue a career in political science, economics, or history.Airfare, allowance, travel funding, college lunch budget, and administration fees.
Dr Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Educational LoanStudents from OBC or EBC categories pursuing master’s, PhD, or MPhil abroad with loans through the Indian Banks Association’s Education Loan Scheme.Interest subsidy for the education loan.
Great ScholarshipsIndian citizens applying to UK universities, holding a bachelor’s degree, and meeting individual university application requirements.Educational expenses up to USD 10,000, health stipend, one-way journey, and living allowances.
Inlaks Shivdasani ScholarshipsApplicants under 30 years, with a first-class degree, residing in India, and pursuing MPhil, Masters, or Doctoral courses in the UK, USA, and Europe.Health stipend, school fees, living costs, and one-way travel reimbursement.
Fulbright-Kalam Climate FellowshipDoctoral, academic, and professional researchers focusing on climate change-related topics.Monthly allowance, J-1 visa assistance, and professional compensation.
Cornell University Tata ScholarshipIndian nationals pursuing undergraduate studies at Cornell University.Covers school fees and annual course costs with full funding.
Indian Global Leaders ScholarshipIndian nationals desiring to study business, economics, or law at a a university in Queensland.Tuition fee support ranges from AUD 5,000 to 20,000, and access to employability programmes, events, and seminars.

How To Apply For Masters Abroad? 

Applying for a master’s degree abroad involves careful planning and adherence to specific procedures. Remember, each university may have its specific application process, so carefully follow the instructions provided by each institution. Here’s a simplified 5-step process to guide you:

  • Step 1: Begin by researching universities and master’s programmes that align with your academic and career goals. Consider factors such as faculty, curriculum, and location. Make a list of prospective universities.
  • Step 2: Review the admission requirements for each chosen programme. This typically includes academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, standardised test scores (like GRE/GMAT), a statement of purpose, and a resume. Ensure that you meet all the prerequisites.
  • Step 3: Prepare your application materials, paying close attention to the guidelines provided by each university. Write a compelling statement of purpose, gather the necessary recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose which are the most important documents based on which you’ll be assessed for the scholarship. You can check out some sample sop for masters online for better understanding.  and compile all required documents. Complete the online application forms for each university.
  • Step 4: If required, register and appear for standardised tests such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL. Be mindful of deadlines and allow enough time for your scores to reach the universities.
  • Step 5: Investigate scholarship and financial aid opportunities provided by the universities or external organisations. Submit separate applications for scholarships if required. Keep track of deadlines and ensure all necessary documents are submitted.

Documents Required For Masters Scholarships Abroad 

Here is a general list of documents required for masters scholarships abroad. and specific requirements may vary by university and country. Always check the individual university’s admissions page for the most accurate information.

Academic TranscriptsCopies of official transcripts from all educational institutions attended.
Letters of RecommendationTypically 2-3 letters from professors or professionals familiar with your work.
Statement of PurposeA detailed essay outlining your academic and career goals, and why you’re interested in the programme.
Resume/CVA comprehensive resume highlighting your academic and professional experience.
Standardised Test ScoresScores from exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL, depending on the programme and university.
Passport CopyA clear copy of your passport’s main information page.
Visa DocumentsDocuments required for the student visa application, including the acceptance letter from the university.
Financial ProofProof of financial ability to cover tuition and living expenses. This may include bank statements or sponsorship letters.
Admission ApplicationCompleted application forms for each university you are applying to.
Work Experience LettersIf applicable, letters verifying your work experience in the relevant field.

It’s a wrap! This blog covered all you wanted to know about Masters Scholarships abroad for Indian students. Even though scholarships are a boon to students, being entirely dependent on scholarships is not a great idea. Instead, you should opt for an education loan for masters abroad. UniCreds can certainly help you with it! We have partnered with the finest financial institutions to help you get study abroad loans at a lesser processing fee and a faster loan approval process. Check us out now! 


Q1. Can I get a 100% scholarship for Masters? 

Ans: To secure a 100% scholarship for studying abroad, applicants are generally required to maintain a strong academic record with a minimum GPA ranging from 3.4 to 4.0. Additionally, good proficiency in English demonstrated through an IELTS score of 6.5-7 or a TOEFL iBT score of around 100, is often necessary.

Q2. Which country provides a full scholarship for masters for Indian students?

Ans: Germany commonly provides full scholarships for master’s programmes for Indian students.

Q3. Who is eligible for a Masters scholarship abroad?

Ans: Eligibility for a master’s scholarship abroad varies, but commonly includes academic excellence, relevant qualifications, and meeting specific criteria set by the scholarship provider.

Q4. What are the common application deadlines for Masters scholarships for Indian students?

Ans: Application deadlines for Master’s scholarships for Indian students vary by scholarship and university. They often fall between October and February, but applicants should check specific scholarship programmes and university websites for accurate and updated deadlines.

Q5. How can Indian students find and apply for relevant Masters scholarships?

Ans: Indian students can discover relevant Master’s scholarships by exploring databases and university websites, ensuring eligibility alignment. To apply, they should prepare the required documents, submit online applications, and seek guidance for a competitive edge.

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Indian girl with a uni hat happy about getting a masters scholarship for Indian students abroad

Masters Scholarships For Indian Students Abroad In 2024!

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