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What Is The Conventional Personality Type?

Sounds strange? A personality type but what does it mean exactly? Well, you could have heard about this term previously at your workplace or maybe from a friend. Not many people know the exact meaning of this term and very few have a vague idea about it. So, what is the conventional personality type? If you are in search of an answer to this question then let me help you out. Let’s see everything about Conventional Type in this article.

What Is The Conventional Personality Type?

In 1959, a sociology professor named John L. Holland devised an assessment tool to help determine the most dominating personality traits in an individual in order to help make job searches more meaningful.  With this assessment tool, he came up with the idea of 6 main “codes” to describe the strengths of fundamental personality types. These codes were based on the patterns that he found in the general population back then. The codes are popularly identified by the acronym RIASEC, with each letter representing a different personality type. The trait associated with these six letters is mentioned below.

  • Realistic (Doers)
  • Investigative (Thinkers)
  • Artistic (Creators)
  • Social (Helpers)
  • Enterprising (Persuaders)
  • Conventional (Organizers)

Many employers use this personality job test to screen potential hires. Now you see the last alphabet in this acronym? That stands for Conventional Personality Type. Our topic of discussion. So, now we know a little about this term and finally have some information on what is the conventional person meaning. 

Individuals who are identified most strongly with the Conventional Holland personality type are also commonly known as ‘Organisers’. They are referred to as ‘Organisers” because of their love for structure and predictability. They are known to like rules and regulations, structure and tend to work amazingly well with data and numbers. If we were to pick three words to define Conventional Type then they would be —logical, efficient, and detail-oriented. 

They are extremely methodical and tend to be great at math. Plus they are quiet, careful, responsible, incredibly well organized and task-oriented. Conventional types prefer to blend in with their surroundings owing to the fact that they follow the instructions of others well. They prefer to carry out tasks initiated by others, rather than being themselves in a position of authority. If you like structure, rules, and clear procedures then you are most likely Conventional Type.

What Is The Conventional Personality Type? : Things You Should Know About Them

Following are the key things to know about Conventional Personality Type. They –

  • like to work with records, numbers or machines in a set, organised and orderly way. 
  • generally avoid ambiguous, unstructured activities. 
  • are good at working with written records and numbers in a systematic way. 
  • value success in business. 
  • are good at following a set plan.
  • have a strong need to feel secure and certain, get things done and take care of every detail. 
  • place great value on reputation, power or status. 

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The skills that Conventional Personality Type possess are:

  • Time Management
  • Task-Oriented 
  • Attention to detail
  • Organised

Conventional Careers

Clearly, organised work environments fit best for the organisers due to the characteristics mentioned above. A program that has a well-defined structure, clear lines of communication and evident demand for precision is ideal. This is particularly because it allows the Conventional Type to utilise their skill sets on a daily basis. Rules and order are imperative in a work environment and they can be very attractive for organised types as it eliminates a good amount of potential headache surrounding the organisation.

At the workplace, these organisers will normally be very professional at all times. To be very respectful at all times and to always be aware of positions of power is another popularly observed trait for this personality. Predictability and security are essential qualities to have in a work environment if the Conventional Type is to fit in nicely.

Conventional Personality Type Jobs

The following are the conventional jobs that are best suited for Conventional Personality Type people. 

  1. Accountant
  2. Administrative Assistant
  3. Insurance Agent
  4. Budget Analyst
  5. Business Manager
  6. Credit Manager
  7. Financial Analyst
  8. Safety Inspector
  9. Teacher
  10. Travel Agent

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1. What is a conventional personality type?

A person with a conventional personality type enjoys working with facts and figures, performing jobs meticulously and following instructions given by others. They are discrete, vigilant, responsible, well-prepared and goal-oriented. These people perform things by using their hands, eyes and minds.

2. What does it mean to be a conventional person?

People with a conventional personality are pragmatic, in control, friendly, and conservative; they appreciate scheduled activities and uniformity.

3. Is being conventional good?

People who are conventional are good at structuring and putting their lives in order. They have good organizing skills, pay attention to detail and like to work with data. These people tend to be neat, well-organized, practical and gravitate toward conventional work.

4. What are the careers for conventional interests?

Desktop Published, Child Development Specialist, Website Editor, Safety Manager, Credit Analyst, Telecommunications Specialist, Computer Programmer and Financial Planner are some of the careers for conventional interests.

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What Is The Conventional Personality Type?

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