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List Of Top Universities In Australia For International Students

Top Universities In Australia

For students, Australia is a prominent study destination for numerous reasons, one of the reasons is the high-quality education provided by Australian universities. As a matter of fact, several universities of Australia are constantly on the top in the world university rankings. The most renowned universities in Australia are scattered across the country, from Sydney in the east to Perth in the west, Darwin in the north, and Melbourne in the south. 

List Of The Top Universities In Australia 

universities in australia

  1. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales usually known as UNSW, one of the best universities in Australia takes pride in accomplishment as a leading university in research. In 2015, the Australian Research Council granted the highest amount of funding for research to researchers of UNSW. The university also has an exceptional reputation in the field of entrepreneurship and business. It was also appreciated as one of the best providers in education for MBA courses in a list delivered by the Financial Times.

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  1. University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne is providing the best quality education to its students for over 160 years and is honored for being one of the top universities in Australia in the field of research and innovation. In the past years, it has cemented itself as a prestigious university for studies in engineering, life sciences, medicine, and social sciences. Apart from academics, the students are also active with the university’s affiliated clubs and other extra-curricular activities. 

Universities In Australia

  1. University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia, Established in 1910, is well-known for outdoing in fields like psychology, agricultural sciences, information technology, and earth and marine sciences. It is one of the most preferred universities in Australia for masters. The University doesn’t have one but three main campuses where its students and the staff can get access to facilities ranging from museums to theaters, several laboratories, and a medical center as well.

  1. University of Newcastle

Established in 1965, the University of Newcastle provides top-quality education with world-class facilities and has to be on our list of universities in Australia. The best part of the university is that most of its graduate and undergraduate degree programs allow students to acquire real-world experience beyond classroom knowledge, and this is one of the key reasons for the high employment rate of its degree holders. The university provides over nine bachelor programs with placement statistics of 90% or above, and it even claims a 100% employment rate for its Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Physiotherapy programs. Also, Excellence in Research Australia identified that 90% of its research is at or above the truly phenomenal world standard.

  1. Monash University

Monash University, founded in 1958, is the largest university in Australia in terms of student body size. It is recognized for being an active member of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres, a global network that intends to revamp global health as well as equips a foundation for the World Health Summit. Recently, it was also ranked as the best university in Australia for engineering and technology, and chemistry. Apart from campuses in Australia, Monash University also has a presence in countries such as China, India, Italy, Malaysia, and South Africa. Some popular alumni of Monash University are novelist Peter Carey, musician Nick Cave, and playwright David Williamson.

  1. University of Adelaide

As a representative of Academic Consortium 21, the University of Adelaide is among the most research-intensive universities not only in the country but around the globe. It determines its strength in distinct fields incorporating chemical and earth sciences, engineering and environmental sciences, and mathematical information and computing sciences as well. Except for a number of campuses in Australia, the University of Adelaide offers degree programs in Singapore as well. It is considered the cheapest university in Australia for your higher education.

  1. Macquarie University

Established in 1964, Macquarie University located in Sydney is ruling in various fields that include environmental sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences. It is recognized as one of the top public universities in Australia. Recently, several researchers of Macquarie University gained funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council for the upcoming research projects. The university is fully devoted to delivering its community and students world-class facilities that incorporate a sports complex, a swimming pool, and an on-campus railway station.

So, above listed universities are amongst the prestigious universities in Australia in each and every field including design and architecture, business, arts, economics, information technology, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, and health sciences, etc. Some of these well-known universities offer overseas semester exchange programs as well.

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Top Universities In Australia

List Of Top Universities In Australia For International Students

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