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What Is The Total Cost Of Studying In Singapore?

Total Cost Of Studying In Singapore

Singapore has many attractions for aspiring students abroad, particularly for students in India. The comfortable distance and a relatively cheaper dollar add to Singapore’s many benefits by a world-class education system. There is also more incentive to study in Singapore, with the two most prominent and oldest universities, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, among the world’s top universities. In addition, a whole range of foreign universities with Singapore campuses often makes students hopeful of an economical alternative. If you’re planning to head to Singapore to further your education, here’s all you need to know about the cost of studying in Singapore, Singapore college costs, & living expenses.

Singapore Educational Costs

Tuition Fees

There is a large fluctuation in tuition fees across the various categories of institutions, as in all countries. Effectively speaking, the tuition rate will be much higher for top universities than for lesser-known universities. In comparison, the Singapore polytechnics that offer certificate diplomas are also cheaper. The average annual tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree in engineering at top universities such as NTU and NUS, for example, is around S$ 30,000. However, the cost of studying in Singapore for students will be around S$21,000 in tuition fees for one year to choose to go to a private university like PSB Academy.

For the masters’ program, the same degree of difference is also applicable. The typical MBA program at the most popular universities is just under $60,000.

Cost of Studying in Singapore

Let’s have a quick look at some of them and the tuition fee for their MBA programs.

  1. Nanyang Technological University: 55,000.00 S$
  2. National University of Singapore: 58,000.00 S$
  3. Singapore Management University: 60,990.00 S$
  4. Nanyang Institute of Management: 22,800.00 S$

It is also important to remember that with regard to international universities with campuses in Singapore, the fee structure remains the same as that planned by the university’s home center. Therefore, a student could not save a considerable amount on tuition fees.

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How Much Does University Cost In Singapore?

There are many and varied elements of university expenses when it comes to analysing the cost of studying in Singapore. They are broadly comprised of –

Application fees

  • Student Development Fees
  • Service Fees
  • Pass for Student Transport
  • Other charges

The larger universities with boarding facilities, such as NUS and NTU, may also have the cost added, but we will disregard them here as they apply solely to the cost of living.

Singapore college costs are around S$ 400-S$ 800 per month to provide an estimate. For larger universities, the cost of studying in Singapore may be higher, and for smaller universities, it is less.

Living Expenses In Singapore

Many people seem to assume that it is cheaper to study in Singapore because it is inexpensive, but that is not much of a case. What about the country’s cost of living? It is not less either. Singapore is one of the world’s costliest countries. A steady rise in prices has been caused by the high degree of urbanization and the highly capitalized economy. While there are provisions for student services and transportation, it is still an ongoing expense.

Average Monthly Expense

  1. Rental (University Halls of Residence): 210-320 S$
  2. Meals (at university hostel): 150-800 S$
  3. Bus Transport (Concessional): 120 S$
  4. Public Trains (Concessional Pass): 120 S$

Grand Total: 600-1,360 S$


Expenses in Singapore differ depending on whether you are renting a room (SGD 500-1,000 per month) or a whole apartment (SGD 2,200-3,000 per month). These costs are for public facilities; this amount is almost double the private rooms and apartments price. Are you looking for budget-friendly accommodations? UniAcco is one of the leading and fastest-growing cross-border prop-tech student accommodation platforms.

To conclude, it is not inherently cheaper to study in Singapore than in other popular countries. Where it saves costs, most master’s programs, especially MBAs, are one-year programs. In terms of this, Singapore educational costs are comparatively lower than the other popular destinations for studying abroad, such as the USA and the UK. 

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Total Cost Of Studying In Singapore

What Is The Total Cost Of Studying In Singapore?

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