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How To Apply For A Deferred MBA Program

How To Apply For A Deferred MBA Program

Before you can apply for a flagship top deferred MBA program, most business schools need at least 2-5 years of job experience. If you are still in UG or graduate school, it can seem like a roadblock for you to meet these criteria and then apply for an MBA program. What is a deferred MBA? A deferred MBA program offers applicants an opportunity to win a seat before they gain the requisite work experience in the flagship MBA program’s potential class. Nevertheless, they start the program only after having gained a minimum work-experience requirement.

Let’s say you’ve just finished your undergraduate school, and you want to focus on your start-up entrepreneurial dream. The b-school offer can be declined, and you can continue working on your company. However, you have the option of entering an MBA program if you see your start-up not performing as anticipated in a few years.

Who Should You Apply For Deferred Admission MBA Programs?

How to do a deferred MBA program? The primary criterion for applying for a deferred MBA program is that you must be, or have recently graduated, in the final year of your undergraduate studies. 

Here is a listing of a few of the best deferred MBA programs:

Program HBS 2 + 2

When to apply for a deferred MBA? The HBS 2 + 2 program is a deferred MBA program that allows students to secure a seat in a scheduled class of the HBS MBA program in full-time undergraduate or master programs. Once students graduate from their continuing programs, before joining the HBS MBA program, they get to work in either public, private, or non-profit sectors for two to four years. 


  • In any bachelor’s degree program, you must be an existing student
  • Or at any combined bachelor/graduate degree program, you must be a current student.
  • And, you have no full-time job experience (internships and cooperatives are not counted)

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Deferred Admittance To Stanford GSB

The deferred MBA program from Stanford GSB is intended for students without any full-time job experience. Stanford GSB supports students to apply for deferred entry. As a top deferred MBA program, this will help students meet the requirements for their preferred career paths in these scenarios.


  • In every bachelor or combined bachelor/graduate degree program, you are a final-year student.
  • You are a member of every graduate program you have entered immediately after graduation.

Wharton Deferred Program For Advance Entry To The MBA

This program was developed with $10 million support from Wharton’s alum, Ken Moelis. But recently, for students outside of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton has expanded this incentive. Students are granted the opportunity to obtain two to four years of work experience in their desired area.

deferred MBA program

Program For Chicago Booth Scholars

The Chicago Booth Scholar program is planned for final year undergraduate students. During the last year of your undergraduate studies, this program helps you apply for a full-time MBA at Chicago Booth and then work for a two to four-year duration after completing your undergraduate degree.


Only students can apply for the Chicago Booth Scholars program in the final year of their under-graduation.

Program of the Yale SOM Silver Scholars

Unlike other MBA deferred admission programs, the Silver Scholars program draws early career talent directly to their MBA program. However, the Silver Scholars program’s course curriculum endures for three years, with the second year of the course dedicated to the internship program.


Only students are eligible to apply for their Silver Scholars program in the senior year of their under-graduation.

Program Of Darden Future Year Scholars

The Future Year Scholars program of Darden is similar to other deferred MBA programs where you can apply during your undergraduate school senior year. You are given two to four years to obtain professional work experience if chosen for the program.


Whether you are in the final year of your undergraduate or master’s degree, you will apply for the Darden Future Year Scholars program. 

Early Admission To MIT Sloan Deferred MBA

Is deferred MBA a good option? If selected by MIT Sloan MBA early admission, prospective students will have a chance to work for two to five years after graduation. They will enter the MIT Sloan MBA program once they have attained the requisite work experience. 


  • Have graduated or will graduate from an undergraduate degree in the prevailing academic year
  • Recently enrolled in a graduate program or are graduating from a graduate program just after completing your undergraduate degree
  • Don’t have any full-time work experience

Deferred MBA By Columbia Business School

The Columbia Business School Deferred Enrolment program accepts early-career talents who have certainty about their career paths. You will be permitted to work for 2-5 years if you are chosen, and then start the MBA program.

Indian Young Leaders Program School of Business (ISB YLP)

There are two forms of MBA deferred admission to ISB programs: the ISB Young Leaders Program (YLP) and the option of ISB Early Entry. For final-year undergraduate or graduate students who want to apply for ISB PGP, the ISB YLP is a foundation program. On the other hand, the Early Entry choice is also a deferred admission option offered to ISB PGP aspirants who are recent graduates with less than 24 months of full-time work experience.

However, a few early-career MBA programs can help you conquer this roadblock, called a deferred MBA program. You may apply to some of the best business schools via these programs without getting any job experience. When you are already in the last year of your undergraduate or graduate studies, you should apply.

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How To Apply For A Deferred MBA Program

How To Apply For A Deferred MBA Program

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