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Rice University Scholarships in 2024: Eligibility & Requirements

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Studying in the USA is often the go-to solution for many international students because of the country’s array of opportunities. Situated in Texas, among the best cities to study in USA, Rice University is an ideal destination for many international students, including Indian students. It not only packs up academic excellence, student diversity, and research opportunities but also has scholarships for students who need financial aid to facilitate their higher education. With intakes In The USA around the corner, this article will cover various Rice University scholarships types, requirements, terms, qualifications, and amounts.

Overview On Rice University Scholarship Highlights
Categories:– Undergraduate scholarships
– Postgraduate scholarships
– Entry and continuing student scholarships
Patrons:– Internal school and external financial aid programmes
Eligibility:– All international students
Range:– Most scholarships have undisclosed amounts because they cover the student’s full tuition/funding for the academic year. 

Top Rice University Scholarships For International Students

Rice University awards domestic and international students scholarships to help them finance their education. International students don’t qualify for federal scholarships or education loans for USA; however, they get to apply for merit scholarships. These scholarship options help international students cover their tuition and personal expenses like accommodation and the overall cost of living in the USA.

Rice University Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships at Rice University are available to international students based on their excellence. They are available in scholarship amounts, tuition awards, and waivers. These scholarships are inbound, meaning the university’s internal financial support caters to them. They are given on merit, meaning they are only awarded to the best applicants. Nevertheless, some organizations offer financial assistance to students of interest to prepare them for the highest-paying jobs in the USA educationally.

Trustee Distinguished Scholarship-This is total funding to cover tuition and personal expenses
-Awarded to excellent students who demonstrate financial need
Not specified
National Merit Scholarship Corporation Scholarship-Awarded on a merit basis
-Applicants must display outstanding academic accomplishments
Not specified
President’s Scholarship-This is the most popular scholarship at Rice University
-It is renewable upon meeting maintenance requirements for the years undertaking the undergraduate programme 
Not specified
Hispanic Heritage Foundation Scholarship-Only available for Hispanic students
-Must displace extraordinary academic achievements
Not specified
James A. Baker III Scholarship-It is given to only first-year students
-Must display academic excellence, dedication to public service, and promise of leadership
Not specified

Scholarships For International Students Eligibility

While several Rice University scholarships exist, only some students can be awarded the given amounts. Applicants who have distinguished themselves personally and scholastically often get these awards as there is high competition from applicants. The frequent international students who study in the USA scholarship recipients at Rice University include political and community service leaders, creative and performance artists, scholar-athletes, math/science competition winners, entrepreneurs, and exceptional writers. It’s important to consider that all freshman applicants automatically qualify for the Rice University merit scholarships. This ensures that only one form/interview is necessary, and winners are announced during admission.

Trustee Distinguished Scholarship-Must complete Rice University scholarship application form
-Must attach all the necessary documents (exam results, transcripts, and essays
National Merit Scholarship Corporation Scholarship-Must be admitted to Rice University
-Must be National Merit Semifinalists or Finalists
President’s Scholarship-Must have an unweighted GPA of at least 4.0 and a composite ACT score of 35 or SAT score of 1520
-Must attach a compelling application essay and letter of recommendation
-Must attach a CV displaying co-curriculum achievements and interests
Hispanic Heritage Foundation Scholarship-Must be a US citizen of Hispanic descent
-Must have attained a GPA of at least 3.5
-Must be admitted as a first-year Rice University student
James A. Baker III Scholarship-Must have an unweighted GPA of at least 4.0 and a composite ACT score of 33 or SAT score of 1500
-Must attach a letter of recommendation from a teacher/mentor and an essay detailing their dedication and interest in public service

Why Study With Rice University Scholarships?

Receiving a scholarship at Rice University comes with numerous advantages, primarily financial assistance. 

How to Apply for Rice University Merit Scholarships?

Application for Rice University scholarships for international students is relatively straightforward. While all first-year students are suitable candidates, there is a procedure to make your application. All internal scholarships follow the same application procedure, which entails applying using your CSS profile. However, external scholarships require a different approach, including submitting a separate application form to the specific organization. Although it might vary from one scholarship to another, the standard documents necessary for Rice University scholarship applications include:

  • Scholarship application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency test scores of IELTS/TOEFL
  • Personal statement
  • Letter for recommendation

At the end of the day, it is not an easy feat to avail of a scholarship. Only 2 out of 10 students manage to land a scholarship. If you are someone who is not eligible for the above scholarship, do avail an education loan for USA with UniCreds, your partner in fuelling dreams and careers!


Q1. Are There Full Scholarships Available for International Students at Rice University?

Full Rice University scholarships for international students are renewable upon meeting the maintenance requirements. These scholarships cover all the tuition and accommodation fees, allowing students to attain their academic goals and get the best jobs in the USA after graduating.

Q2. Is It Easy to Get Into Rice University?

It is challenging to get into Rice University. With a GPA of 4.12, you have to be at the top of your class to qualify for admission. Furthermore, Rice University has a rather slim average acceptance rate of 9%.

Q3. Does Rice University Offer Scholarships for Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students?

There are Rice University scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Undergraduate students enjoy merit scholarships, while postgraduate students have fellowships and assistantship programmes.

Q4. What Is the Deadline for Applying to Rice University Scholarships?

Applications for scholarships are made hand-in-hand with admission applications. This means the deadlines are almost the same. The deadline is 4th January 2024.

Q5. How Are Scholarship Recipients Selected at Rice University?

As the name suggests, Rice University merit scholarships are awarded on merit. The university selects the best student academically and personally (displayed by excellence in leadership or talent).

Q6. What Should Include in a Personal Statement for a Rice University Scholarship Application?

When applying to Rice University, your personal statement should outline your reasons for choosing the program, connect your current studies and experiences to it, detail your responsibilities and interests relevant to the program, discuss your future plans post-graduation, and summarize why you’re an ideal candidate for the university.

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statue of liberty in usa

Rice University Scholarships in 2024: Eligibility & Requirements

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