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How To Find A Part Time Job In Russia

Part Time Job In Russia

Working part-time while pursuing higher education is a worldwide common trend these days. Many university programs allow students to work while studying. Russia is one such country that warm-heartedly allows students to work for a limited number of hours per week. There are numerous types of jobs in Russia for students. Although the earnings from these jobs won’t be high enough to pay your tuition fee yet they help in multiple ways. For example, this earning can support your studies by covering food and travel costs. Additionally, they can help you learn in real-time and socialize. I know you must be keen on knowing what types of jobs are available and how do you find them and get a part time job in Russia yourself. This guide will help you know everything about finding  part-time jobs in Russia. 

Rules and Regulations For Working While Studying | Part-Time Job in Russia

It is important to be well aware of your rights and the prevailing laws when you’re in a foreign land. So, before you begin your hunt for the best part-time jobs in Russia let’s see what the guidelines state:

  • In order to work for jobs in Russia, foreign citizens must be of majority age (18+ years) and hold the relevant permit from the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia.
  • International students do not need any permits if they are employed at Russian universities (or their affiliated organizations) outside class time (including vacations). In all other cases, a permit is required.
  • International students can work only according to the profession mentioned in the permit and the region where the university is located.
  • The permit is issued for one year which needs to be extended for the term of the respective employment contract. If students leave their course, the permit is cancelled.
  • If a student quits a job before the end of the current work permit, they may choose to work at the next organisation using the same permit provided they inform the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia of the same.
  • A work permit in Russia is issued within 10 working days.
  • Students who work in Russia without a permit face fines of 2,000 to 5,000 roubles. In some cities, the fine may go up marginally and students may be deported.  

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What Are The Part-Time Job Profiles in Russia? 

It goes unsaid that the job market will vary depending on sectors, your highest qualifications, previous experience and skillsets. Depending on this, you can apply for various types of jobs in Russia. The primary sectors in Russia with the most opportunities include health, retail, tourism, mining, education and manufacturing. Following are some of the most common jobs in Russia that interest students.

1. Tour Guide


If you are a student who knows both English and Russian then this is the perfect job for you. Apart from a good memory and knowledge of the city roads, there isn’t much that you need as a prerequisite here. Russia attracts lots of tourists every year and you can easily find a place for yourself in this domain. Becoming a tour guide is quite a popular choice as part-time jobs for Indian students. 

2. Freelance Writing

There’s relatively very little information about this country on international websites which generates a need for writers. If you have an interest in writing then you may contribute here. Also, online magazines and culture guides will be delighted to have you on board. It pays well so you can go for this profile without a second thought. 

3. Tutor

There’s a huge demand in Russia for tutors and especially language tutors. It is infact one of the most common jobs in Russia. If you are fluent English, German, Spanish, French or Chinese speaker then you have endless options. Russians will pay you really well for teaching them these languages. It is evident that securing a tutor job will be easy and hence, is one of the most popular part-time jobs in Russia for international students. 

Apart from the above-listed jobs, there are plenty of others as well. Working at a gas station, amusement park, grocery store, mall, showrooms, restaurants or even university campus are other profiles that you could explor

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How & Where To Find A Part-Time Job in Russia?

Now the question is how to find these part-time jobs? Here are the answers. 

1. Search In Your College Premises

As students search for what are the most common jobs in Russia options such as working in the cafeteria, library, laundry, gardening, supporting the administrative staff and many others open up for university students. Be on the lookout for vacancies in these posts in your university itself. Chances are high you’ll get one easily.


2. Contact the International Students’ Office

Most of the Russian universities have dedicated offices to cater to the needs of international students. All you need to do is approach them, ask them for guidance about what are the most common jobs in Russia and they will be happy to help you fetch a good part-time job in Russia.

3. Regularly Visit Online Portals 

Many portals such as Indeed and GraduateLand can simplify the process for you. Periodically checking the available jobs will definitely bear fruit one fine day. 

4. Talk To Your Seniors and Peers

You can discuss with your peers or seniors in the college who are working and join the same place. If that’s not possible then at least they will guide you as to which shops should you approach or which profiles you should consider. 

5. Self-Employment

The best part about studying in Russia is that you can be self-employed as well. If you have any particular soft skill that you can teach or become a sports coach, dance teacher then you may feel free to go ahead and start your venture. 

Bonus Tip: Key cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are two of the best places to find work. The jobs here pay well whilst ensuring you takeaway some skills that will help you advance in your career. Moscow is considered the economic heart of Russia. Reason being that it has maximum jobs across all sectors and the highest employment rate. Start your hunt for part-time jobs in Moscow, Russia and you’ll be most likely content with your job. 

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Tips To Find A Part-Time Job in Russia

  • Take an ample amount of time to prepare a well-written structured CV and adapt it to the kind of job you are applying for. Tailor it to meet the Russian expectations.
  • Be careful with your e-reputation. Recruiters today are increasingly using social networks to gain an idea about the candidates that they are thinking of calling in. Make sure your public profiles look decent to any third person. 

That’s it for this article. Hope I helped you to some extent and may you land a good part-time job soon. Good luck!


1. Is it easy to find part-time jobs in Russia?

Finding part-time jobs in Russia can vary depending on your location and field, but opportunities exist in major cities and tourist areas.

2. Can I work in Russia without knowing Russian?

While knowing Russian is beneficial, some international companies and tourist areas may offer part-time work for foreigners with limited language skills.

3. Can I get a job easily in Russia?

Job availability in Russia depends on various factors such as your skills, qualifications, and location, so it’s advisable to research specific industries and regions.

4. What are the top 3 jobs in Russia?

The top three jobs in Russia typically include IT professionals, healthcare workers, and engineers.

5. How much can I earn in Russia as a student?

Earnings for students in Russia can vary widely, but part-time jobs may offer a monthly income ranging from $200 to $500, depending on the job and location.

6. How do I create a strong resume or CV for a part-time job application in Russia?

To create a strong resume for a part-time job in Russia, focus on highlighting relevant skills, experience, and language abilities, if any.

7. What are the typical working hours and schedules for part-time jobs in Russia?

Part-time job schedules in Russia can vary, but they often involve flexible hours, evening shifts, or weekend work, depending on the industry.

8. Do I need a work visa or permit to legally work a part-time job as a foreigner in Russia?

Foreigners typically require a work visa or permit to legally work part-time in Russia, and the process can be complex, so consult the Russian consulate for guidance.

9. Are there any tips for preparing for interviews for part-time positions in the Russian job market?

Prepare for part-time job interviews in Russia by researching the company, dressing professionally, and practicing common interview questions in both English and Russian if possible.

Thank you for reading this blog on – ‘How To Find A Part Time Job In Russia’. If you enjoyed reading this blog then do check out our other blogs as well.

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Part Time Job In Russia

How To Find A Part Time Job In Russia

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