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Top MTech in Abroad With Scholarships in 2024!

Mtech abroad with scholarships: A golden opportunity for pursuinMtech abroad with scholarships: A golden opportunity for pursuing Mtech in a Mtech abroad with scholarships: A golden opportunity for pursuing Mtech in a foreign country with financial aid.country with financial aid.g Mtech in a foreign country with financial aid.

MTech is a master’s course that can open multiple doors for students in the technical sector. Studying MTech in abroad with scholarships exposes you to diverse academic resources, valuable international exposure, and professional and personal growth opportunities. Other benefits of fully funded M.Tech programmes overseas include broadening student’s perspectives, expanding horizons, enhancing skills, and exposure to the highest-paying engineering jobs. This blog will help you find the best MTech in abroad with scholarship. Read on!

MTech In Abroad With Scholarship Overview
Course NameMTech (Master of Technology or Master of Engineering)
Course Duration2 Years
Course LevelPostgraduate Course
Study ModePart-time | Full-time
Academic RequirementsRelevant undergraduate degree
GMAT, GRE, or SAT Scores
Minimum GPA of 3
English ProficiencyIELTS or TOEFL
Best CountriesUSA, UK, Australia, and Germany
ScholarshipsFulbright Programmes, Institution-Specific Scholarships, and Government Scholarships & More

MTech In Abroad With Scholarships

International scholarships for M.Tech students are crucial to cover the cost of studying abroad. The benefits of scholarships include funding, mentorship, scholars’ communities, leadership training, and more opportunities. It’s also essential to distinguish between fellowship vs scholarship, as the former is for research students and small amounts are issued. 

M.Tech scholarships for Indian students abroad cover various aspects of their academic journeys. Various patrons issue these scholarships, including internal and external financial programmes and government-funded M.Tech scholarships in foreign universities. There are different approaches on how to apply for M.Tech scholarships overseas – online or in-person applications. Some of the documents you’ll require for this application include:

Check out the list of scholarships for this course across the world: 

CountryMTech In Abroad With ScholarshipsScholarship Coverage For Studies In: Generic Selection Criteria
USA-Fulbright Foreign Student Program
-Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
-Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program
-Rotary Foundation Global Grants
-American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships
-University-specific Scholarships
-Computer Science and Engineering
-Electrical Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Civil Engineering
-Artificial Intelligence
-Data Science
-Cloud Computing Cybersecurity
-VLSI Design
-Biomedical Engineering
-Energy and Environmental Engineering
-Structural Engineering Automotive
-Electronics Thermal Science and Energy Systems
-Academic Merit
-Leadership Potential
-Commitment to Development
-English Proficiency
-Sustainable Projects
-Research Excellence
-Career Focus
-Industry Involvement
-Contribution to Home Country -Innovation Extracurricular Activities
UK-Chevening Scholarships
-Commonwealth Scholarships
-British Council Scholarships
-University Scholarships
-Research Council Funding (EPSRC and NERC)
-Professional Association Scholarships
Australia-Australia Awards Scholarships
-Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships
-University-specific Scholarships
-Australian Government Research Training Programme (RTP) Scholarship
Germany-DAAD Scholarships
-Erasmus+ Scholarships Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships
-Deutschland stipendium
-Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships

NB: All MTech in abroad with scholarships issue various amounts and have varying eligibility criteria for the awards.

MTech Eligibility And Requirements

The requirements to qualify for admission to top schools offering engineering scholarships for international students are all different. Eligibility criteria are somewhat the same, based on academic excellence, work experience, and demonstration of strengths in the areas of expertise.

Eligibility For Fully Funded M.Tech Programmes Overseas

CountryEligibility Criteria
USA-Must possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant field from a reputable university
-Must have attained an average GPA of 3.0
– 4.5-Must be able to read and write in English
-Must present SAT or ACT scores
UK-Must possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant field from a reputable university
-Must present the following English proficiency score tests (IELTS | TOEFL)
Australia-Must possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant field from a reputable university
-Minimum GPA of 5.0
-Proof of English proficiency
-GMAT or GRE scores
Germany-Must possess a university degree in a relevant field from a reputable university (Bachelors or Diploma Degree)
-Proof of German language proficiency
-Minimum GPA of 3.0

Entrance Exams For MTech Abroad

Country GMAT ScoreGRE ScoreIELTS ScoreTOEFL Score
USA7003106.5 – 7.090
Germany>=3156 – 6.590 – 100

MTech Syllabus

The highest paying engineering degrees will guarantee you a spot for pursuing an MTech programme. The syllabus and curriculum for MTech varies from one country to another. Furthermore, there are multiple specialisations for MTech, which will eventually lead you to different careers as the applications of the skills will vary. The difference between Masters of Engineering and Masters of Science is majorly in the approach to studies, applications of the skills, and curriculum. Check out some of the fields of study here: 

USA-MTech in Computer Science
-MTech in Electrical Engineering
-MTech in Mechanical Engineering
-MTech in Civil Engineering
UK-MTech in Mechanical Engineering
-MTech in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
-MTech in Communications and Information Engineering
-MTech in Civil Engineering
Australia-MTech in Computer Science
-MTech in Civil Engineering
-MTech in Electrical Engineering
-MTech in Mechanical Engineering
-MTech in Software Engineering
Germany-MTech in Computer Science
-MTech in Mechanical Engineering
-MTech in Electrical Engineering
-MTech in Civil Engineering

Best MTech Colleges Across The World

It is crucial to pursue your BTech in the top engineering schools. You’ll earn a reputable postgraduate degree and career development opportunities. With offer letters from these institutions, it’s easier to land opportunities for MTech scholarships to study abroad. Check the country-wise colleges in the table below: 

Country Colleges/Universities
USA-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
-California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
-Georgia Institute of Technology
-Stanford University
Harvard University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of California Los Angeles
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
UK-University of Oxford
-University of Cambridge
-University of Manchester
-University of Bristol
-Imperial College London
-University College London
-University of Edinburgh
-King’s College London
-University of Southampton
-University of Glasgow
Australia-The University of Melbourne
-The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)
-Monash University
-The University of Adelaide
-RMIT University
-The University of Sydney
-The University of Queensland
-The University of Western Australia
-University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
-Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Germany-Technical University of Munich
-Technical University of Berlin
-University of Stuttgart
-Technical University of Dresden
-University of Duisburg-Essen
-RWTH Aachen University
-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
-University of Erlangen Nuremberg
-University of Freiburg

Cost Of Studying MTech Abroad

The cost of studying the MTech depends on the country, school, and specialisations. However, it is not generally cheap, and financial aid for M.Tech studies abroad can be instrumental in ensuring that you achieve your academic goals. Scholarship opportunities for M.Tech abroad can help cover the various expenses, from tuition fees to personal needs.

1. Cost Of Studying MTech In The USA

College/UniversityTuition Fees per year (USD)
Stanford University54,732
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)54,600
Carnegie Mellon University53,910
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)53,450
University of California, Berkeley26,322 (in-state) | 42,324 (out-of-state)
Georgia Institute of Technology16,064 (in-state) | 29,484 (out-of-state)

2. Cost Of Studying MTech In The UK

College/UniversityTuition Fees (GBP)
Imperial College London33,500 – 40,500
University of Cambridge27,000 – 44,000
University College London (UCL)26,880 – 33,230
University of Oxford25,600 – 36,000
King’s College London24,750 – 33,450
University of Manchester24,000 – 28,000
University of Glasgow21,750 – 24,750
University of Bristol21,700 – 29,300
University of Edinburgh21,600 – 33,900
University of Southampton19,500 – 26,500

3. Cost Of Studying MTech In Australia

College/UniversityTuition Fees per year (AUD)
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)45,600 – 50,400
The University of Sydney45,000 – 55,000
The University of Melbourne39,616 – 61,344
The University of Queensland37,760 – 42,240
Monash University37,500 – 44,000
RMIT University36,480 – 38,400
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)29,200 – 40,800

4. Cost Of Studying MTech In Germany

College/UniversityTuition Fees (EUR)
Technical University of MunichPublic Universities Have Only Semester & Living Costs. However, High Blocked Account Cost. 
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
RWTH Aachen University
Technical University of Berlin
TU Darmstadt
University of Stuttgart

MTech In Abroad With Scholarship Application Process?

The procedure for applying for M.Tech scholarships abroad varies depending on the country and the scholarship programme. However, here are some general steps that students can adhere to:

  • Research scholarship opportunities: Students should investigate scholarship opportunities available in the country where they intend to study. They can review the official websites of universities, government programmes, and external funding sources.
  • Check eligibility criteria: Students should verify the eligibility criteria for each scholarship programme they are keen on. Eligibility criteria may encompass academic performance, entrance exam scores, and other prerequisites.
  • Prepare application documents: Students should assemble their application documents, which might include academic transcripts, recommendation letters, personal statements, and other supporting documents.
  • Apply for scholarships: Students can submit their scholarship applications online through the respective scholarship programme’s website. They may need to create an account and complete an application form.
  • Follow up: After applying, students should follow up with the scholarship programme to confirm the receipt of their application and to check the status of their application.

It is important to note that the application process may vary depending on the scholarship programme. Students are encouraged to meticulously read the instructions and requirements for each scholarship programme they are interested in.


How Can I Apply For MTech Programmes Abroad With A Scholarship?

You have to first apply for the programme and then apply for the scholarship opportunities for M.Tech abroad.

What Are The Top Countries Offering MTech Programmes With Scholarships For International Students?

The best countries for M.Tech with scholarships include the USA, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Are There Any Scholarships Available For Specific MTech Fields or Specialisations?

There are various merit-based scholarships for M.Tech programmes meant for specific engineering fields.

What Are The Deadlines For Applying To MTech Programmes Abroad With Scholarship Opportunities?

Deadlines for M.Tech scholarships to study abroad are subject to university intakes.

Which Is The Top International Scholarship To Study MTech?

This varies from country to country, so you can’t be biased to one financial aid for M.Tech studies abroad.

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Mtech abroad with scholarships: A golden opportunity for pursuinMtech abroad with scholarships: A golden opportunity for pursuing Mtech in a Mtech abroad with scholarships: A golden opportunity for pursuing Mtech in a foreign country with financial aid.country with financial aid.g Mtech in a foreign country with financial aid.

Top MTech in Abroad With Scholarships in 2024!

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