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Everything You Need To Know About Fellowship Vs Scholarship

Fellowship Vs Scholarship

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December 1, 2021

The government has various programmes in place to help underprivileged and meritorious students pursue their higher education. These programmes are based on particular criteria that the student must meet in order to be eligible. Scholarships and fellowships are two such programmes that are frequently misunderstood in this respect. A scholarship is money given by the government or another organisation to students who meet the conditions established by the awarding authorities. While comparing a fellowship vs scholarship, a fellowship is a grant given to scholars to help them in their study. To pursue higher education, all students must understand the distinction between a fellowship vs scholarship, since both give financial aid to applicants.

Fellowship Vs Scholarship

What Is The Difference Between Scholarship And Fellowship?

Before knowing the fellowship and scholarship differences, let’s get to know the definition of both the terms individually.

Definition Of Scholarship

The term scholarship refers to financial assistance provided by the government, institution, or any other organisation to students in order to fund their study. The scholarship money can be used to cover tuition, books, and other expenditures. Unlike an education loan, it does not generate interest and does not need repayment.

The grantor, which may be a government agency or an organisation, establishes the criteria for receiving a scholarship, which could include academic excellence, category, needs, and so on. The criterion for selecting awardees indicates the government’s goal. The grantor also specifies the application process for the scholarship.

Definition Of Fellowship

Fellowships are grants given to academics from many areas such as science, agriculture, literature, management, arts, and so on in order to honour their brilliance. It is a stipend granted to research fellows for studying on a certain subject under the supervision of an expert faculty member, professor, department head, etc.

The fellowship is a merit-based financial aid award given to an individual to assist him or her in pursuing a high-level degree. It covers tuition and a stipend for cost of living. It is granted for a set period of time upon receipt of the necessary information. The offer of Junior Research Fellow is valid for two years and cannot be extended.

Fellowship Vs Scholarship: Comparison Chart

MeaningA scholarship is a sort of reward given to students based on their academic performance in order to motivate them to do better.Fellowship refers to financial assistance given to those who wish to conduct more research on a certain field after passing the required exam.
Awarded ToStudents.Research fellows.
Based OnNeed, merit and category.Merit.
Funded ByGovernment or any other organization.Government, research organization, private companies, etc.
StudyGeneral studies.Undertaking research.

Difference Between Scholarship And Fellowship

In terms of the distinction between fellowship vs scholarship, the following points are important:

  • The scholarship is nothing more than a type of award given to undergraduate students based on their academic qualifications in order to help them in their future studies while also pushing them to perform better. Fellowship, on the other hand, refers to financial help given to those who want to pursue studying abroad in a certain subject after meeting the stipulated conditions.
  • While scholarships are available to students, fellowships are solely available to research fellows.
  • Scholarships are classified into three types: merit-based (given to deserving students), need-based (granted to poor and needy students), and category-based (awarded to the candidates belonging to a specific category). On the contrary, the fellowship is only available to those candidates who are selected as research fellows.
  • Scholarships are provided by the government, schools/colleges/universities, or other organisations. Fellowships, on the other hand, are awarded by the government, research organisations, commercial enterprises, universities, and so on.
  • The scholarship is given to students to help them with their basic education. The fellowship, on the other hand, is awarded to researchers for undertaking study on a certain topic.


While comparing fellowship vs scholarship, scholarships are given to students to help them with their pre-graduation studies, fellowships are financial aid given to research scholars to enable them undertake research in a certain subject after they complete their degree or post-graduation. Some scholarships are renewable, which means students can reapply for them. The fellowship, on the other hand, is for a certain period of time and cannot be extended.

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Who Can Apply For A Scholarship?

  • Merit-based scholarships are available to all graduate, undergraduate, and prospective students seeking academic aid.
  • Scholarships vary greatly and are awarded based on a variety of criteria specified by the organisation that bestows the prize.
  • Always read any award eligibility conditions carefully, and if you have any particular questions, contact the programme that is giving the scholarship.

When Should I Submit My Application?

  • Begin looking for scholarships as soon as feasible and apply as soon as possible.
  • Scholarships are given out all year and are generally for the future academic year. In general, this means that current sophomores and juniors should apply for scholarships that are only available to juniors and seniors. Scholarships for graduate students often accept applications from current seniors who want to continue their education in master’s or PhD programmes.

What Is the Process for Applying for a Scholarship?

  • The application procedure for a certain scholarship might be easy or difficult.
  • Program websites will provide you with essential insider information, and it is critical that you carefully study the application descriptions and requirements.
  • Some national scholarships require you to be nominated by your academic institution. To be considered for one of these scholarships, you must first be nominated by the UW Bothell campus.

What Is the Process for Applying for a Scholarship?

  • The application procedure for a scholarship might be easy or difficult.
  • Program websites will provide you with essential insider information, and it is critical that you carefully study the application descriptions and requirements.
  • Some national scholarships require you to be nominated by your academic institution. 

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