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60+ Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions in 2024 [Tips Included]

extempore topics

Impromptu or extempore speech is a form of public speaking which is done spontaneously or without much preparation. In your school or college, you may have experienced this briefly in the form of debates and elocution competitions, but extempore for MBA is a different ball game. Extempore plays an integral role in the selection process of an MBA candidate. As an MBA aspirant looking for extempore topics, you are expected to be impressive, think on your feet and communicate your views effectively. It is a crucial component of the personal interview round since it gives the interviewer a better understanding of your personality and ability to handle challenging situations. It is a test of your presentation skills, presence of mind, speaking skills, way of thinking, clarity of ideas, and subject knowledge.

Some of the broad extempore topics are based on social issues, business, economy and current affairs. But the topics are not limited to the above themes; you can be asked to speak on any trending topic. MBA candidates are expected to be abreast with all events happening around the world, and track recent developments. 

How Does Extempore Work In MBA Admission?

Your extempore speech should bring out your thinking and ideas cleanly and crisply. For this, you need to be well-versed with the most likely asked topics and also prepare for unconventional topics. Before becoming familiar with the extempore topics, understanding the procedure will aid in preparing for the round. 

  • A topic will be assigned to you by the interviewer.
  • Following this, you will be given a few seconds to prepare and contemplate the topic. Once you are ready, you will be required to present your speech within 1-2 minutes. The speech should have an introduction, your key points for or against the topic, and a logical conclusion.
  • You can interpret the topic the way you like, as long as your speech is interesting, engrossing, unique and confidently presented. 

Some of the skills that you can brush up on before preparing for extempore topics are your language composition skills, communication skills, analytical skills, rational thinking, logical reasoning, and your ability to think on the fly. Time management is also an important skill to learn as you need to finish all your points within a few minutes. Being fairly audible, not getting too nervous or excited and maintaining a single tone while delivering your speech is also important. You need to work relentlessly in developing these skills to excel in your extempore round. After a fair understanding of extempore and its preparation, let’s look at the list of extempore topics for MBA

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Social Issue Extempore Topics For MBA 

  • Subsidy in the Fertilizer Sector
  • Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Healthcare
  • Farm Bill 2020: Concerns, Issues
  • Covid-19 & Ensuring Public Health
  • Climate Justice
  • Unemployment
  • Rural Development
  • Global Terrorism
  • Reservations in India
  • Good economics in good politics
  • Social Media is making us anti-social
  • Women Empowerment
  • Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • The beef ban in India

Extempore Topics On Current Affairs 

  • Online Education
  • Impact of Covid-19
  • Work from home- Pros and Cons
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • New Education Policy
  • Recent Initiative by the Government
  • Citizenship Amendment Act
  • Moon Mission
  • Media Trials: Pros & Cons
  • Data theft by social media platforms
  • Make in India vs Make for India
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Negative Obsession with Artificial Intelligence
  • Article 370
  • India or China: The next superpower 

Abstract Subjects Extempore Topics 

  • Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?
  • Innovation Vs Invention
  • Do We Need More Entrepreneurs or Managers?
  • Namaste
  • Mythology vs Management
  • Optimism
  • Academic Scores are not a good measure of intelligence
  • Red vs Blue
  • Liberal Education
  • Infinity
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Indian classical music
  • Me Too Movement

Extempore Topics For Economy & Business

  • Impact of COVID on economic growth
  • Globalisation
  • Banking Frauds
  • Privatisation  
  • Urbanisation
  • Impact of demonetisation
  • Inflation or growth
  • Common currency in South Asia like in Europe
  • E-commerce discounts- Are they harmful?
  • Business lobbying 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Net neutrality 

Topics On Latest Trends

  • Boom in IT
  • Impact of technology on Jobs
  • Globalisation and the Indian Economy
  • Green marketing and climate change
  • How do we reduce the wealth gap between the Rich & Poor?
  • Disaster Management
  • Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin 
  • Importance of Individual Data Privacy 
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat
  • Free Speech

List Of 60+ Extempore Themes & Topics [Updated]

Some of the most popular extempore topics aligned with their respective themes are listed below. Please note that these topics are based on recent trends & there are several other topics that can be touched.

Extempore ThemeExtempore Topics
Business and EconomyCryptocurrencies and their impact on the financial system
Social IssueMental health and stigma in India
Social IssueFake news and its impact on society
Abstract TopicInnovation versus tradition
Abstract TopicThe importance of emotional intelligence
Social IssueCaste system in modern India
Social IssueCybersecurity and personal data protection
Business and EconomyImpact of the gig economy on employment
Abstract TopicMindfulness and its benefits
Social IssueRising air pollution in Indian cities
Current AffairsCOVID-19 vaccination drive in India
Abstract TopicThe power of positive thinking
Social IssueLGBTQ+ rights in India
Social IssueOnline education and its future prospects
Business and EconomyFDI in retail: boon or bane for the Indian economy?
Abstract TopicPower of words: impact on our thoughts and actions
Social IssueFarmer protests and agricultural reforms in India
Current AffairsIndia’s new National Education Policy
Abstract TopicThe art of public speaking
Social IssueRoad safety and traffic rules in India
Business and EconomyE-commerce and its impact on small businesses
Abstract TopicOvercoming fear and achieving success
Social IssueDomestic violence and its impact on women in India
Social IssueChild labor and exploitation in India
Business and EconomyIndia’s space program: achievements and challenges
Abstract TopicThe benefits of a healthy lifestyle
Social IssueAnimal rights and cruelty towards animals
Current AffairsIndia-China border tensions
Abstract TopicPursuit of happiness
Social IssueGender pay gap in India
Social IssueCorruption and its impact on society
Business and EconomyImpact of GST on the Indian economy
Abstract TopicThe importance of lifelong learning
Social IssuePlastic waste and environmental degradation
Current AffairsIndia’s role in the global fight against climate change
Abstract TopicTime management and productivity
Social IssueDisability rights and inclusion in India
Social IssueElectoral reforms in India
Business and EconomyImpact of automation on jobs
Abstract TopicPerseverance and success
Social IssueHealthcare infrastructure in India
Current AffairsIndia’s space tourism ambitions
Abstract TopicDealing with failure
Social IssueThe digital divide and access to technology
Social IssueGender stereotypes in Indian society
Business and EconomyIndia’s textile industry: challenges and opportunities
Abstract TopicThe role of creativity in problem-solving
Social IssueChild marriage and its impact on society
Social IssueElderly care and the challenges of an aging population
Business and EconomyImpact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Indian economy
Social IssueMental health and well-being in the workplace
Social IssueThe problem of food waste in India
Abstract TopicThe importance of self-reflection for personal growth
Social IssueCyberbullying and online harassment
Current AffairsIndia’s position on the global refugee crisis
Abstract TopicThe power of visualization in achieving goals
Social IssueThe impact of urbanization on rural areas in India
Social IssueDiscrimination based on skin color and race in India
Business and EconomyThe rise of social entrepreneurship in India
Abstract TopicThe benefits of taking calculated risks
Social IssueAccess to clean drinking water in India
Social IssueThe impact of caste-based reservation on society
Business and EconomyImpact of foreign trade agreements on the Indian economy
Abstract TopicThe art of negotiation and conflict resolution
Social IssueThe problem of human trafficking in India
Current AffairsIndia’s foreign policy towards neighboring countries
Abstract TopicThe importance of creativity in the workplace
Social IssueImpact of population growth on the environment
Social IssueThe role of social media in shaping public opinion
Business and EconomyThe impact of demonetization on the Indian economy
Abstract TopicThe importance of effective communication in leadership
Social IssueThe problem of child malnutrition in India
Social IssueThe impact of globalization on traditional cultures in India
Business and EconomyThe rise of sustainable tourism in India
Abstract TopicThe power of forgiveness in personal relationships
Social IssueThe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in India
Social IssueThe problem of sexual harassment in the workplace
Business and EconomyThe role of startups in driving innovation in India

Extempore VS GD: What Are The Differences?

The main difference between GD and Extempore topics for MBA is that GD topics are more business-oriented and designed to assess teamwork and collaboration, while Extempore topics are more buy equipoise on individual communication and critical thinking skills. The table below gives you a glimpse of some of the major differences between the two –

AspectExtemporeGroup Discussions
TaskIndividual speech/presentationGroup discussion
PreparationNo preparation time givenNo preparation time given
Assessment criteriaCommunication skills, critical thinkingTeamwork, communication skills, problem-solving
PurposeAssess public speaking skillsAssess teamwork and collaborative skills
FocusIndividual ability to think on feetCollaborative problem-solving and decision-making
OutcomeSpeech/presentationGroup conclusion/solution
DurationIndividual time limitGroup time limit

How To Prepare For An Extempore?

Is it easy to prepare for an extempore speech? Here are some easy preparation tips that’ll get you along the way and help you deliver your speech better.

  1. Stay updated with current affairs: Keep yourself updated with the latest news and events happening around the world. Read newspapers, watch news channels, and browse the internet to gather information on various topics.
  2. Practice impromptu speaking: Extempore is all about spontaneous speaking, so practice speaking on various topics without any preparation. It will help you to build confidence and improve your speaking skills.
  3. Develop a structure: Though you have to speak spontaneously, it’s always better to have a structure in mind. Divide your speech into an introduction, body, and conclusion, and try to stick to the structure while speaking.
  4. Use examples: Use relevant examples to illustrate your points. It helps to make your speech more interesting and engaging.
  5. Stay calm and composed: Keep your nerves in check, and don’t panic if you’re not able to think of anything to say immediately. Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and then speak.
  6. Use body language: Make eye contact with the audience, use hand gestures, and try to engage the audience.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice as much as possible. Take part in mock extempore sessions with your friends or peers, and get feedback on your speaking skills.

Top Skills Required To Ace An Extempore

Extempore speaking is an essential part of MBA programs and requires strong communication and analytical skills. By developing these skills, you can improve your chances of acing an extempore speech in an MBA program. Here are some of the top skills required to ace an extempore for an MBA:

  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Research Skills


The more you prepare for the above-listed extempore topics, the more confident you will feel about yourself before appearing for the interview. It’s your only chance to leave the best impression on your interviewer before you seal your admission to the college. If you speak eloquently and present your points explicitly, you will have a good chance of getting selected. Your ability to maintain calm and composure in front of your audience will make you ace the extempore round. It’s truly a test of your mental preparation, and we wish you all the best for it! 


1. What are extempore topics?

Extempore topics are impromptu speaking topics where the speaker is required to speak on a given topic without prior preparation.

2. Why are extempore topics important for MBA students?

Extempore topics are an essential part of the MBA curriculum, as they help students develop their communication and public speaking skills, which are essential for success in the business world.

3. How much time will be given to prepare for the extempore speech?

Generally, no preparation time is given for extempore speeches. The speaker is expected to speak on the given topic immediately.

4. How can MBA students improve their extempore speaking skills?

MBA students can improve their extempore speaking skills by practicing speaking on a variety of topics, listening to feedback from others, and watching videos of skilled public speakers.

5. How long should an extempore speech be?

The length of an extempore speech can vary depending on the requirements of the assignment or competition. Generally, it can range from 2-5 minutes.

6. Are extempore speeches graded in MBA courses?

Yes, extempore speeches are often graded in MBA courses. They may be graded on factors such as content, organization, delivery, and overall effectiveness.

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60+ Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions in 2024 [Tips Included]

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