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6 Primary Requirements For International MBA Admission 2022

International MBA Admission

Master of Business Administration generally known as an MBA is one of the most pursued programs amongst students around the globe. MBA programs incorporate several different fields such as marketing, finance, economics, human resources, sociology, and many more disciplines. After completing the course, helps you to take a holistic approach towards global business management. Since an international MBA admission is so versatile, it is almost a guarantee for career success and is preferred by a large number of students worldwide. An MBA program is now also a must for most global companies recruiting knowledgeable managers.

Even if you go for a two-year full-time or part-time MBA program, an online MBA, or maybe an executive MBA, it is going to be a life-changing decision for you. One of the most important things that prospective MBA applicants look for is the entry requirements for international MBA entrance exams.

Here you can find out some of the most common entry requirements for an international MBA admission in renowned business schools and universities around the globe. This can be used as your guide so that you get a clear idea regarding what to expect and how you need to prepare.

How To Get Into MBA Abroad?

international mba admission

  1. An Undergraduate Degree or Equivalent

The most basic requirement for an international MBA admission is to have an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree. This undergraduate degree could be in any discipline, it can be a degree in engineering or medicine or even management. It is advised to have achieved a full-time undergraduate degree from a reputed college or university. The evidence that needs to be submitted for this is an academic transcript having a record of grades for every semester.

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  1. Proven Work Experience

One of the major requirements for international MBA admission is proven work experience. Generally, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of professional work experience for international MBA admission. Though, this differs from country to country. For instance: for international MBA admission in the US, you need a minimum of 2 years of proven work experience while for international MBA admission in Europe, you need to have a minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience. This is an important requirement as the MBA colleges abroad expect aspirants to have industrial exposure. They expect students to acquire technical as well as great managerial skills so that they are all set to get into the middle or senior management level jobs post MBA. 

  1. Cracking the Entrance Exams

Another one of the most necessary requirements for international MBA admission is to score well in the standardized tests. There are two different kinds of tests devised: the first one is to check the aptitude of the student for the field of business management and the second one to evaluate the comfort level of the aspirant with the English language as English is the primary mode of communication in the universities and international corporate world. The knowledge of a supplementary language puts a feather in the cap.

Business Management Aptitude Test – To assess the business aptitude of an aspirant, there are basically two exams: GMAT and GRE. Usually, GRE is more prominent for admissions in MS programs while GMAT is for international MBA admission. The minimum score for both the exams differs from place to place and university to university. The candidate also needs to appear for GMAT or GRE if in case the professional work experience is less than the minimum requirement.

Language Proficiency Test – Similar to the business management aptitude test, there are two well-known exams for language proficiency as well known as TOEFL and IELTS. Unlike the GMAT and GRE, these exams are quite similar to each other and they incorporate all the four aspects such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Appearing for one of these exams is mandatory for international MBA admission.

  1. A Perfect SOP

A Statement of Purpose, commonly known as an SOP, is an impression of your personality that you portray through an essay in front of the admission committee for international MBA admission to the desired university. It is an opportunity for impressing the admission committee by demonstrating your profile strongly that specifies your personality traits, that are not included in the academic documents. It also states your purpose behind applying to a specific course in a particular university. You must pay special attention to this, as it can make or break your prospects of winning a seat in your dream university.

The style of writing an SOP may differ but to stand apart from the crowd and all other applicants, it is really crucial to make it accurate. The primary rule for composing an SOP is to understand the point that you are planning to include and how you are going to frame it. Every SOP is exclusive in its own way as it incorporates the applicant’s own concerns and aspirations. 

  1. Letter Of Recommendation

These are letters from some appropriate people who can assure your qualifications and recommend you further to different people. It provides an overall understanding of the suitable candidate for international MBA admission into a particular university. The key is to choose the right recommender: an ideal person for providing the letter of recommendation can be the one who knows you really well, has directly witnessed the quality of work handed over by you, and has conformed to provide specific occurrences of your valuable contribution and supremacy. Also, an important point to focus on regarding the letter of recommendation is that it should not be a repetition of a statement of purpose. An excellent Letter Of Recommendation needs to demonstrate certain aspects of your personality that are not mentioned either in your resume or Statement Of Purpose. 

international MBA admission

  1. Managing The Finances

Getting the needed finance for an international MBA admission is the final and the most crucial prerequisite. Pursuing an MBA in a foreign country, food and living expenses, accommodation can be expensive and sometimes not in your set budget but the career opportunities you come across after completing the program make the expenses worth it. If you are not able to afford your MBA all by yourself, there are numerous education loans available to help you out. It is important for you to get complete knowledge about student loans and choose the best suitable one for your higher education.

The university of your dreams for pursuing an MBA abroad is not far away and we hope that the information provided through the above pointers helps you chart out your path. 

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International MBA Admission

6 Primary Requirements For International MBA Admission 2022

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