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The Complete Guide on Hybrid Loans Schemes

The Complete Guide on Hybrid Loans Schemes

We as borrowers would always look for low-interest rates, right? Obviously, that decreases the monthly payments we make and thus minimises the overall cost of borrowing. However, do we have that option available? No, because banks and lenders want to stay in business. While we do have variable interest rate loans, which are pretty low in the beginning, they are unpredictable. On the other hand, the fixed interest rate loans have a relatively high-interest percentage but they do offer security and predictability. If you are a little greedy like me and wish to grab the best of both worlds (which most people want to), you have the option of Hybrid Loans.

Sounds amazing? It actually is. Hybrid loans are a way to lower your interest rate without the risk of a higher payment next year. There’s more to it and in order to ensure you know everything about hybrid loans, ensure you read the blog till the very end. 

Basics of Hybrid Loan Product

Like I mentioned above, hybrid loans bring the best of both worlds to you – fixed interest rates and variable interest rates. In order to understand hybrid loans better, we must start from the beginning, that is understanding these two crucial terms. 

Fixed Interest Rates

As the name suggests, fixed interest rate loans are the ones where the lender specifies the exact interest rate on the day you sign the documents and the same interest rate prevails for the entire lifetime of the loan. The primary benefit of fixed-rate loans is that they are predictable, consistent and secure. The set interest rate won’t change, no matter what. It gives you stability when budgeting since you always know what your monthly payments will be. The only drawback here is that this initial fixed rate would be more likely a high value compared to market standards. 

Variable Interest Rates (Adjustable Interest Rates)

As opposed to fixed-rate loans, adjustable rates fluctuate with the market. This type of loan is likely to come with lower starting rates which makes it appealing. However, if interest rates rise (as measured by an index), the interest rate on your loan will rise as well. This is a good choice to opt for but just in case the interest hike kicks in at a later stage then you might face difficulty in repaying the sum.

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Getting a lower rate now, even though it might increase in the future, could be a wise trade-off if you plan to repay your loan before the student loan interest rates have a chance to rise too much.

In hybrid loans, a long-offered option on a mortgage but a relatively new phenomenon in education financing, lenders or banks typically offer a fixed rate for a portion of your repayment and a variable rate kicks in at a later stage. 

When Should You Choose A Hybrid Loan?

The lower starting rate comes with a decent amount of risk, but hybrid loans can make sense in the right situation. These situations are:

You’re Borrowing For A Short Term

If you plan to quickly move or refinance within just a few years, you must take advantage of the initial lower rate and get out of the loan before adjustments begin. Although, do remember that any strategy can backfire if plans change and circumstances aren’t in your favour.

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You Make Prepayments

You can reduce your risk of paying high payments later on by making significant additional payments in the early stages. If you anticipate having sufficient income to quickly pay down your loan balance, you may be able to pay off the loan before adjustments barge in. Even if you are unable to pay the entire sum before adjustments begin, a lower balance in the future will help offset higher rates.

Rates Are In Your Favour

If rates fall according to the market trend, that’ll be great for your hybrid student loan. Not only did you start with a low interest rate, but falling rates could bring that interest rate down even lower. Predicting the future is hard, though, so make a backup plan in case rates rise. 

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You Have A Poor Credit

If your credit needs a boost, you can benefit from relatively low rates during the early years of a hybrid education loan. Your on-time payments should help to improve your credit, but keep in mind that qualifying for a better rate down the road is never guaranteed—especially if rates rise sharply.

Where Can You Find Hybrid Loans?

If you have analysed all the aspects well and decided to get a hybrid loan for yourself then the question would be where to find one. Your answer is below. 

Following are the two reputable lenders providing hybrid loan products.

1. CommonBond

CommonBond, a top-rated lender, currently offers a 10-year term for hybrid loan rates. That’s an initial five years on a fixed rate and five more on a variable rate. This hybrid loan could be a cost-saver if you have good but not excellent credit.

2. iHelp

iHelp is another example of a lender that features hybrid loan rates, although it offers you only a 20-year repayment term. Your rate would be fixed for the initial five years and then get readjusted every five years until your debt has been repaid.

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Or if you are looking for a hassle-free hybrid loan then all you have to do is fill this form ➡️ A professional team from UniCreds will get in touch with you to ensure you get the best student loan for yourself. 

That’s it for this blog. Hope you understood everything about hybrid loans well. 

Thank you for reading this blog on ‘Hybrid Loans: What Is It And Should You Get One?’. If you enjoyed reading this blog and would like to continue reading more about student loans then do check out our following blogs.

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The Complete Guide on Hybrid Loans Schemes

The Complete Guide on Hybrid Loans Schemes

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