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How to Survive Your First Week of Studying Abroad

How to Survive Your First Week of Studying Abroad

The truth for many students is that the first few days of studying abroad can be overwhelming. No amount of reading, dreaming, or chatting about preparations can ever prepare you for what it feels like to finally set foot in a new world home to a variety of unfamiliarities. 

Here are some ideas to assist you in navigating the first days of studying abroad. 

Find a local specialist.

It would be an essential move to have a local specialist to communicate with when you are in the country to help you be more relaxed with your new environment. They can arrange an airport pick-up upon arrival and help you get your bearings. You can also communicate with a local specialist in the future if you are traveling abroad independently. The planet is tiny, and you never know who has overseas connections, so asking always helps. 

Get Local Currency in advance.

It is a smart rule of thumb to have a sufficient cash supply with you as a reserve, no matter where you are going. Don’t depend entirely on ATMs or credit cards, as cash is still the preferred payment option in many countries worldwide. You can plan to buy local currency at a bank in your hometown or swap a portion of your dollars at the airport after arriving in your new country. In your first days overseas, you would have quite a few start-up bills, including dinners, SIM cards, or other incidentals. Cabs would also be more comfortable before you figure out public transport.

Speak to your family regularly

While it may be fun to rejoice in your newfound freedom overseas instantly, don’t forget your family back home. Your loved ones will like to know that you have securely made it to your new destination, so make an effort to contact them to tell them that you have arrived safe and sound.

Adjust to the local time zone

Jet lag will make the first few days a little tough in the new home country. Your body and mind have some catching up to do when you switch from one time zone to another, which can be painful. Bear in mind that you are now located in a new time zone, and your inner clock needs to be changed accordingly. Over the days, do your most challenging to power and stick to the local timezone. You’ll feel within a week.

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Unpack and try to settle in

Unpacking will make you feel at home incredibly. Organize your things and make yourself happy and comfortable by setting up a few souvenirs, pictures, or decorations. You will feel proud of your new room after it is nice and arranged, and prepared to make it feel like you belong everywhere. 


Let your inner extrovert shine and be sociable, instead of hiding in your room and messaging your mates about how much you miss them. Having new local friends will be vital to studying abroad for your happiness, and now is the perfect time to get started. Take part in some welcome programs or orientations and strive to speak with as many different people as you can

Campus Walks are a must

You’ll never be comfortable with your new school grounds unless you walk through them. Even if you have a map and look like a total tourist, familiarity doesn’t have a better crash course than exploring on foot. Check for the most significant campus facilities, such as where the induction is or where the classes will be held. Get the first taste and orientate yourself with the routes that will become second nature.

Work out a Plan

The first few days of your study abroad trip would entail a lot of setup operations. Write up a list of all the things you need to do to get established and build a strategy to make you feel less stressed. This list will give you a focus when you feel confused about your new place.

Don’t sweat the little things.

If the first few days don’t go as planned, don’t feel down. Only keep telling yourself: this is just the start! It’s not going to be long before you look back at your first dazed and confused days abroad and chuckle at all the mistakes you’ve made. You’re going to look back at your life and wonder how you’ve been doing for so long.

Journal your thoughts

study abroad

You will want to recall the specifics of your first few days abroad. Won’t you? Invest in a travel book, or launch a blog, and write down all the information when you settle overseas — the good and the poor. Writing is a cathartic process, and even putting pen to paper to list your issues can make them feel less important to you. Writing down your reflections will be a wonderful souvenir as you focus on your experience of studying abroad and all the ways it has made you learn.

Whatever adventures can emerge, somewhere you have to start. Any challenging moments and unforeseen difficulties may fill the first few days of studying abroad, but nothing lasts forever, and your feelings of unease will pass quickly.

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How to Survive Your First Week of Studying Abroad

How to Survive Your First Week of Studying Abroad

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