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Highest Paying Jobs In London

Highest Paying Jobs In London

Personal motivations come first on the list of our top lifetime priorities when considering a profession for ourselves, but financial gains must still be taken into consideration. We don’t want to put all our efforts through our education and professional qualifications only to get a career that just pays to cover the bills in the end.

There are endless highest paying jobs in London and the wages are good enough to fulfil your financial ambitions. But if you’re wondering which one would be especially lucrative for you, the highest paying jobs in London, based on their weekly salaries, are given below.

highest paying jobs in London

Medical Practitioners

The United Kingdom continues to have one of the world’s strongest care services. Universities retain close relations with clinics, and medical graduates then experience high employability as a result.

While it is a very demanding occupation, medical practitioners are among the UK’s best-paying jobs. You can get into this business in several roles, and thus the variety of wages is massive. On average, health care workers are expected to receive about 1,220 a week.

You would not be eligible to get a medical job until you have a world-class education. Typically, you must hold a medical bachelor’s degree that has required at least five years to obtain full and appropriate knowledge.


Brokers function as the third party for two persons or firms engaging in a shared business-like arrangement and charge commission fees for their services.

Of the top paying workers are brokers. A broker in the UK receives about £ 1,250 per week, based on official calculations.

A bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects is sufficient to begin a career as a stock market broker, although a higher qualification is highly recommended.

Advertising And Public Relations Directors

In meeting its corporate targets, the way an organization portrays itself in the market plays a significant role. Advertising and public relations agencies are also liable for reaching the consumer of the company by employing multiple forms of advertising to build a proper picture of their company.

The top ten best paying workers in the UK are in advertisement and public relations. You are entitled to gain about £ 1,160 a week if you are working as an advertisement and public relations agent in the UK and it is one of the best paid jobs in London.

Information Technology And Telecommunication Directors 

Just a few years ago, there were not too many people who believed that these professionals will ever get this much paid and were needed in the job market. 

Any other occupation that has such strong employability and offers such an enticing salary is challenging to locate today. In any form of business or organisation, machines are used, hence allowing for high employability. Directors of Information Technology and Telecommunication are responsible for setting up and operating the standard computer system in an organization and, if necessary, frequently assist workers. You should hope to receive about £ 1,380 a week if you do get this work in Britain.

To get this sort of work, a degree in Computer Science or in a similar area will not always be mandatory, but in certain situations, it may offer you an edge over other applicants. There are also many people who are fantastic with machines who, while not getting structured schooling, manage to get the work.

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Legal Professionals

In many fields, a law degree opens up endless career prospects for you and definitely gives you opportunities to secure some best paid jobs in London. Such a degree would also allow you to pursue a highly fulfilling work career, in addition to the diversity of job prospects. It is reported that a law graduate receives £1,349.3 per week on average.

Usually, you would require a bachelor’s degree in law to reach this work market. You can definitely get a decent career and gain money if you receive a higher degree in law.

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Marketing And Sales Directors

For enterprises to expand and sustain their reputation in the industry, marketing campaigns are quite relevant. Therefore, there is a strong need for persons who have the technical capacity to plan and coordinate advertisement strategies and deal with revenue.

Marketing and Sales Directors make it into the list of highest paid jobs in London as a result of their importance in a business.

A communications and sales director receives £1,397 per week, according to official calculations. Usually, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects to apply for this position. However, where a certain relevant experience is used, other kinds of degrees are appropriate.

Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft controllers have a high burden on their shoulders since their role is important as a means of transport for the welfare of all citizens who use aeroplanes. One person must possess excellent leadership qualities, mental and technical training to handle this role.

The earnings of these best paying jobs in London are often dictated by this massive obligation. You can earn about £ 1,960 a week if you operate as an aircraft controller in the UK, hence rendering this as one of the highest paid jobs in London.

Usually, you don’t require a particular degree to apply for this position, so in order to qualify to serve as an aircraft dispatcher, there are a number of exams, assessments and training sessions. Remember that it is not a simple feat to get those credentials and the competition is as fierce as the aim is to find the right applicants.

Chief Executive And Senior Officials

In a corporation, chief executives are responsible for managing and overseeing all financial operations. They are accountable for ensuring that, by making important choices that vary from everyday and long-term financial strategy plans, the organization achieves financial targets. Their roles also entail the appointment and mentoring of senior management and heads of various divisions within the company.

If you have chosen to pursue this as a profession and you have made a pleasant decision because chief executives are among the top-paying staff in the UK. A chief executive and a senior official are estimated to earn around £ 1,725 per week.

Typically, to get a job as a chief executive, a degree in business-related subjects and at least 3 years of experience are needed. Employers look for people with personal and leadership qualities in addition to degree credentials.

If you’re looking for highest paying jobs the UK without degree, some of the graduate jobs listed below don’t always require them.

The highest paying jobs the UK without degree include the following:

  • Broker 
  • Executive Assistant Senior Boss
  • Executive in Sales
  • Multilingual Sales Jobs
  • Coordinator for E-Commerce

Furthermore, some of the best paying jobs in London don’t need expertise. Some of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs dropped out of college without a degree; and, depending on the scale of the company, CEOs / Business Owners receive massive sums.

Big corporations can provide rotational graduate programs on a daily basis to students who have not actually been to university. This also includes preparation in administration, including operating within a big organization through multiple divisions. This might be a decent choice for anyone looking for the best earning employment without a degree.

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Highest Paying Jobs In London

Highest Paying Jobs In London

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