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The Ultimate Guide For Students Who Feels Underconfident!

Students Who Feels Underconfident

It is an exciting time when moving away from home to University and even more so to a new country, with the new life and people that you will be meeting. Once there you get caught up in all the new explorations and things to do. But there’s also that little voice in the back of the head that can start to get its hooks in with its little games of doubts and worries. As we start to pay attention to it, it becomes louder and louder as it jabs away at our self-esteem with messages such as ‘Did I do the right thing?’, ‘am I fitting in?’, ‘I miss home’. That is when our confidence can really drop, and the stress levels begin to rise. This is a natural process that happens to countless people and you are not alone in experiencing this phenomenon. Even when around a large group of people it can sometimes feel really lonely.

We then start to judge our own self-worth and abilities based on others concepts of the way things should be and this really starts to bring our confidence down, as I know from personal experience it’s impossible to ever live up to these unrealistic high expectations.

However, there is a whole other part of us that goes beyond this voice that is always constantly feeding us information that we believe to be true. As the mind begins to settle and we experience moments of peace within our head we touch on a feeling that is never explained or widely publicised but is available to everyone. This feeling within is something that is inherent to all humans and was there from when we were born. We just tend to cover it up as we begin exploring the world with its ideas, concepts, and judgements, forgetting that it is always behind everything.
Every baby is born with self-esteem, which then appears to become eroded as we feel we are not doing as well as our peers. But what if we looked at it another way and say that every human is perfect and that their self-esteem can never really become damaged or lost?

It just becomes covered and forgotten about as we explore the physical world and believe the things we are told by others and society.  As we become more aware that it is still there and waiting to be uncovered again, we experience more and more of the amazing feeling inside that we are all OK and worthwhile. We just need to trust in the feeling and turn away from the stories that our mind creates to try to bring us away from this feeling.

Looking for a Friend Bear

Then we can see that resilience is built within every human to come through any situation and that the feeling of aliveness, peace and strength is our default nature. We are part of the Universe and nature and it has an intelligence that is beyond what we could possibly envision from our own personal mind. It is an intelligence that we are all able to tap into at will when we allow it to come through by listening to the feeling that comes from within.

This intelligence guides all creatures, and we are no exception to this. It wants us to succeed and be joyous and healthy, it just becomes easy to lose sight of this. But no matter how often we do, it is still there waiting and when we find it, we know we are truly back home.

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Students Who Feels Underconfident

The Ultimate Guide For Students Who Feels Underconfident!

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