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Why Students are Looking to Study Abroad due to Covid?

The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe, which have been seriously affected due to COVID-19, are some of the most preferred education destinations of all time. However, despite recent lockdowns and travel restrictions, students are still interested in getting a degree from abroad. Students Looking to Study Abroad Should not Panic Because Of Covid.

Top US universities, such as Princeton, Brown, USC, etc., have stated that the outcome of the applications would not be influenced by COVID-19. The same goes for UK universities as well.

Why Students Looking to Study Abroad Should not Panic Because Of Covid as universities are changing their physical environments and techniques of pedagogy. How are they doing it?

  • By reconfiguring the social distance between classrooms and open areas
  • Social distance recognition stickers in corridors to stop large student assemblies, grab-and-go meal locations
  • Plexiglass partitions in libraries
  • Quarantine sections for asymptomatic students or for students who have tested positive
  • Updates to the curriculum to suit remote learning
  • For improved online learning, the use of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI
  • In-house vaccine research, test kits, and other remedies or preventative steps
  • Testing laboratories to “aggressively monitor the campus for outbreaks” (Boston University)

Here is a 3-step plan to get ready to begin your next higher education phase.

Step 1

Make sure that you decide on the college that you want to attend and embrace the option. Once you approve the decision, when they are available or when they begin processing the acceptances, colleges can give you the I-20 form (for US Universities). At this time, the bulk of embassies and consulates in certain countries do not grant any visas.

So no need to worry, and traditionally, we have seen that students who get I-20 in June can also apply for visas in August or September and begin their college year.

Step 2

Ensure that you are able to complete your country’s senior year or current degree by autumn. Provided that many countries are facing the coronavirus epidemic, except China, which will only have months ahead of them before it subsides. Most countries have shut schools and universities, postponing the final tests and boards. Hopefully, the present situation will be behind all of the worlds by summer; and schools, colleges will be able to move forward with the completion of the year.

Step 3

Get ready to apply for the visa, get your reservations, say your goodbyes, buy things, etc. In previous years, in April and May, several students have their I-20, apply for a visa in May and June, and have their flight reservations ready by the end of July.

Now, if the pandemic is under control, plan for all this to be packed up in July and August.

It’s not a time for panic, but a time for staying strong and staying safe. At this time, no one has a clear vision of when the colleges will open and when the next stages of application, I-20 and when the embassy, consulates will open the visa doors, will be processed by some of the top destination countries, including the US, and UK.

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Why Students are Looking to Study Abroad due to Covid?