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Cost Of Living In Perth For Students In 2024

Cost of Living in Perth

Perth, Australia, is a city that has it all. It’s the country’s most popular city and the capital of Western Australia. The city is immensely popular for the Swan River, stunning beaches, and world-class educational institutions. With a population of 2 million people, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, and it has earned itself an international reputation for being one of the most livable cities in the world. It has gained the attraction of many international students who wish to study in this exciting city however there are many things to consider before you make the move to start your life here, the number one concern is the cost of living in Perth. 

We will break down the monthly costs for an international student like you, including housing, transportation, education, and groceries. We will also provide you with tips on how to save (and make) money while living in Perth. So, read on and explore the cost of living in Perth for international students!

Average Cost Of Living In Perth, Australia

Here’s a nitty-gritty of the living expenses in Perth! For an international student, the average monthly cost of living in this vibrant city clocks between AU $352 – AU $640 monthly.  AUD 2,295. Let’s have a look at the whole picture of what the costs look like: 

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation AU$ 352
On-Campus AccommodationAU$ 640
TransportationAU$ 168
Food CostAU$ 696
Utility CostAU$ 147
EntertainmentAU$ 66
GroceriesAU$ 147
ClothesAU$ 77
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation AU$ 1,485
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation AU$ 1,773
Annual Cost of LivingAU $17,820

Accommodation In Perth

When it comes to the expenses that contribute significantly to the cost of living in Perth, accommodation reigns supreme. Prices tend to escalate as you approach the central business district of Perth City. 

However, you’ll find that the cost of living in Perth becomes more manageable as you move away from the inner city, especially to the north. There is one noteworthy exception, though – the coastal suburbs. Their scenic beaches, relaxed way of life, and the strong demand for a coastal lifestyle can substantially drive up the accommodation prices. Here are some of the neighbourhoods with affordable accommodation in Perth along with the nearby universities:

NeighbourhoodNearby UniversitiesAverage Rent Price
WaterfordCurtin University, Perth Creative CollegeAU$450 – AU$550
ChurchlandsUniversity of Western AustraliaAU$500 – AU$600
Salter PointCurtin University, University of Western AustraliaAU$700 – AU$800
DalkeithUniversity of Western AustraliaAU$1000 – AU$1200
ShelleyMurdoch UniversityAU$500 – AU$600
AttadaleUniversity of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle Campus)AU$550 – AU$700
MurdochMurdoch UniversityAU$350 – AU$500
BentleyCurtin UniversityAU$300 – AU$450
SwanbourneUniversity of Western AustraliaAU$800 – AU$1000
JoondalupEdith Cowan University (Joondalup Campus)AU$400 – AU$750
Mount ClaremontThe University of Western Australia, AMCAU$600 – AU$800

Transportation Costs In Perth

Transperth operates public transportation in Perth which includes trains, trams, ferries and buses. You can also acquire a SmartRider card for reduced fares. Just remember to tap it when you board or disembark from any mode of transportation. The cost of fares is determined based on a standard rate for the zones you travel between. Opting for a cash ticket is pricier than using a SmartRider card and comes with a printed expiration time, requiring you to complete your journey within that timeframe, even if it involves multiple modes of transportation. 

The image below shows the intricate train route which transperth has:

Source: Transperth

Education Expenses In Perth

When it comes to the price of education, Perth stands out as an economical choice compared to many other Australian states. This is a significant area where you can pocket some savings, especially if you’re an international student. There is a network of universities scattered throughout the city, which you can read about below:

Name Of The UniversityAverage FeesQS Ranking 2024
Edith Cowan UniversityAU$ 32,000 (Approx. 17,50,000 INR)601-650
Murdoch UniversityAU$ 30,000 (Approx. 16,40,000 INR)561-570
Curtin UniversityAU$ 25,000 (Approx. 13,70,000 INR)193
University of Notre DameAU$ 37,000 (Approx. 20,25,000 INR)801-1,000
University of Western AustraliaAU$ 30,000 (Approx. 16,40,000 INR)90

Entertainment Costs In Perth

Perth thrives with a lively cultural scene, boasting a calendar brimming with festivals such as the Fringe World Festival, Perth International Film Festival and Perth Writers Festival, which light up the city throughout the year. As a result, the rich tapestry of cultural diversity weaves into the fabric of daily life in Perth, enriching the experiences of international students. Let’s read about all the fun places to visit while you’re studying here! 

  1. Elizabeth Quay
  1. Perth Zoo
  1. Fremantle Markets

Finance Your Cost Of Living In Perth With These Tips

Stay on top of your budget while following these safe tips to finance better in Perth:

Savvy Budgeting Techniques:

Begin your money-saving journey by setting up a well-thought-out budget. Creating a financial plan provides a clear picture of your living expenses in Perth, Australia, helping you resist the temptation to splurge on daily treats like flat whites and smoothie bowls. If you’ve never made a budget before, no worries – you can find free downloadable spreadsheets and online budgeting tools to get started.

Bank Smart:

Minimise fees associated with sending money and currency exchange. Opt for ATMs for favourable exchange rates, bypassing currency exchange counters that may charge extra. Withdraw larger amounts less frequently to reduce fees but remember to check your bank card’s international withdrawal fees. For a fee-free experience, consider opening a local bank account, as some Australian banks offer student accounts with no annual fees.

Local SIM Card:

Stay connected affordably with a local SIM card. Australia offers competitive voice, SMS and data plans, with prepaid options available for as little as AU$ 15 per month. Keep in touch with friends and family through apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime if you have a good data plan. 

Utilise Public Transport:

Explore Perth with cost-effective public transport options. Public trains and buses make it easy to navigate the city and its surroundings, often at a minimal cost or even for free. Additionally, Fremantle and Joondalup city zones in Perth have a free bus fare and students receive a 40% discount on public transport throughout Western Australia.

Cook at Home:

Save on dining expenses by embracing home-cooked meals. While enjoying an occasional night out is a must, regularly dining out or ordering takeout can strain your cost of living in Perth. Self-catering is a wallet-friendly alternative, especially if you have access to a communal kitchen. 

Leverage Campus Amenities:

Maximise your savings while studying in Perth by selecting accommodation that offers comprehensive amenities, such as Campus Perth. In addition to a comfortable living space, you’ll have access to a fitness studio, a rooftop area for relaxation and grilling and communal spaces for socialising. 

Key Takeaways

Cost Breakdown: The blog provides a comprehensive breakdown which includes accommodation costs, transportation, education expenses, groceries, and entertainment, resulting in an annual cost of AUD 17,820.

Accommodation Insights: Accommodation expenses are a significant part of the cost of living in Perth. Prices vary based on the neighbourhood, with coastal suburbs having higher prices. 

Education Affordability: Perth offers economical education compared to other Australian states We list universities, their average fees and their QS Rankings for 2024.

Finance Tips for Students: The blog offers valuable financial management tips for international students, including minimising fees when banking, using local SIM cards, utilising public transport and leveraging campus amenities for added savings.


What is the cost of living in Perth?

Perth is comparatively an affordable city to live in. As an international student, you will have to spend an average of AU$2,295 per month. 

Are there any part-time job opportunities for students in Perth to support their living costs?

Yes, Perth offers numerous part-time job opportunities for students to help support their living costs. Many students find work in sectors like hospitality, retail and customer service. 

What is the average monthly rent for student accommodation in Perth?

For on-campus accommodation, you will have to spend AU$ 640 whereas for off-campus housing, the price is much cheaper at AU$ 352. 

Can international students access any financial assistance or scholarships to help with the cost of living in Perth?

The Australian government is offering a variety of special scholarships and financial assistance to international students who want to live, work, and study in Perth, Western Australia. One of these scholarships is the UWA Western Australian Premier’s University Scholarship. 

Is Perth a good place for international students?

Perth is also known globally as Australia’s “Education City” because of its many excellent educational institutions and employment opportunities. This is why Perth is a favourite destination for international students.

Thanks for reading this blog; If you want to read more such informative blogs; please check out the links below.

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Cost of Living in Perth

Cost Of Living In Perth For Students In 2024

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