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The Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2022

Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK

Coming from a Commerce background, I didn’t have the faintest idea of what MS stood for. For me MS either meant Microsoft or Messers (M/s). But fortunately, my ignorance was thwarted thanks to the intense research I undertook while writing 400+ blogs in 2020 and learned that MS actually stands for Masters of Science. So, I hope all you Master of Science students and aspirants can forgive my folly. To be fair, I’ve since been a huge admirer of the course and have a new-found respect for every student that dares to pursue this highly-intensive yet sought-after course. 


For all you non-MS students out there, just take a look at the roaring demand for MS in the UK – 


Over 35% of international students form the total student population pursuing MS in the UK.


Now that you’re aware about the massive demand for MS in the UK, let’s take a look at the entire process a student has to go through in order to pursue this course. That’s why I’ve titled this blog – The Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2021.



The Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2021



Entry Requirements To Apply For MS In The UK

Master’s admissions guidelines vary by course and university, but there is some commonality. Students need to complete at least 13 years of education in their own countries or in the UK, and have taken pre-university qualifications equivalent to UK A-levels, Scottish Highers or National Diplomas.


However, if you haven’t got these qualifications yet don’t worry, you can still study in the UK! 


My Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2021 will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be eligible for MS in the UK. 


  • An undergraduate degree in a relevant subject – Depending on the programme and institution, you may need a 2.1 in your Bachelors, but this isn’t always the case.
  • Language proficiency – If English is not your first language, you will need to display a certain ability level, usually through a language test.
  • Professional experience – Some Master’s programmes may require you to have some professional experience.
  • Entrance exams – These are only required in certain subject areas and qualifications.



Admission Process To Apply For MS In The UK

The admission process is one of the most important parts of my Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2021. Here’s what you need to do –


Check Universities In The UK That Have Your Course

You need to identify a couple of universities that offer students your preferred course. Since there are a lot of specialised MS courses in the UK, your research needs to be thorough. Check whether seats are still available on the course and that applications are still open. 


Here are some of the most popular MS courses at the best universities in the UK –


  • University of Oxford – MS in Advanced Computer Science
  • University of Manchester – MS Aerospace Engineering
  • University of Bristol – MS Wireless Communications and Signal Processing
  • The University of Edinburgh – MS Computer Science


If you wish to pursue MS in Computer Science, read this blog – MS In Computer Science Abroad: All You Need To Know.


  • University of Southampton – MS in Micro and Nanotechnology
  • University College London – Mechanical Engineering MS
  • University of Nottingham – MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Birmingham – Civil Engineering MS
  • University of Glasgow – MS Mechanical Engineering



Be Early With Your Application Process 

The sooner you start working on your application the better it is and I’ll tell you why. Even if the entry requirements are not high, there’s almost always a ton of paperwork to do. The only way to overcome this rigamarole is by starting your application process early. Moreover, MS course seats run out fast, so you’ll need to be quick with your applications!


For an international student, the deadlines for application are typically earlier than for UK/EU/EEA (European Economic Area) students. Most courses start in September, although some UK universities offer multiple start dates. 


For MS applications in the UK, students are required directly to universities. 



Be Ready With Your Supporting Documents

The list of documents required for MS in the UK differs from university to university. However, I’ve come up with a standard set of documents that are always asked by universities in the UK. Refer to your department website for a concise list of documents. Every ‘checklist to apply for MS in the UK’ blog will have this point mentioned, so you can understand just how crucial this step is.

  • Scanned copies of transcripts from all the institutes previously attended.
  • English translation of non-English transcripts.
  • Statement of Purpose for UK.
  • Personal Statement.
  • 2 to 3 professional or academic recommendation letters.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Cover letter



Scout For Funding And Scholarship



The Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2021



It’s always wise to fund your Master’s through an international student loans UK. Nowadays, online applications of education loans are quite common. Students can find student loan UK at attractive rates of interest that come with flexible repayment plans. UniCreds is an online scholarship marketplace where you can find education loan UK from top banks and NBFCs like HDFC Credila, ICICI bank, Axis Bank, Avanse Financial Services, Leap Finance and more. 


Securing a scholarship helps in lowering the overall cost of your MS programme. Be proactive in your scholarship search and apply to as many scholarships (make sure you meet the eligibility criteria!). UniScholars is an online scholarship platform where you can find 300+ scholarships to countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France and 40+ other countries.



Write Down The Key Deadlines 

If you are serious about applying for a MS in the UK, you’ll need to know the key deadlines. Missing a single deadline can put your entire MS application in jeopardy. I recommend you keep a handy crib-sheet for the key dates and deadlines. Keep an eye out on the following dates –


  • Deadline for submitting application form and supporting documents.
  • Deadline for responding to your offer.
  • Deadline for paying your deposit.
  • Deadline for paying for your accommodation.
  • The start of Freshers’ Week.



We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on The Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2021. If you wish to read similar blogs, here are some links that you could check out –



If you’re someone who wants to share your valuable experiences through a blog, we’re more than happy to collaborate. Write to us at contact@unicreds.com to know more about our guest-post submission process. If you need any assistance with student accommodation or scholarships, head over to UniAcco and UniScholarz respectively.

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Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK

The Ultimate Checklist To Apply For MS In The UK 2022

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