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All You Need To Know About Canada Student Visa Process 2022

Canada Student Visa Process

About 130,000 foreign students study in Canadian universities per year. Canada offers a diverse range of opportunities and a lively community in addition to a high-quality educational framework. Three of the core topics that Canada and its academic institutions rely on are research, scholarly journals, and foreign partnerships.

But how challenging is it to obtain a student visa for Canada, also recognised as a Canadian research permit? When it comes to deciding where you want to graduate, knowing this would be critical. So, what are the requirements for obtaining a student visa in Canada,how complicated is it and what is the Canada study visa process?

Canada student visa process application : Submit an application to a Canadian university and wait for an acceptance response

If you’re still undecided on where you want to study in Canada, you’ll need to make a decision before you can begin the application process for a student visa. You’ll get an invitation letter from a Canadian university, which you’ll use for your visa application.

Canada student visa process : Determine if you need a student visa in Canada

To see whether you need a study visa or permit, use the official Canadian study permit app. If you fall into one of the following categories, you don’t need a study visa:

  • You are a member of the family or employees of a foreign official approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.
  • You enrol in a course that will last less than six months.
  • According to the Visiting Powers Act, you are a part of a foreign armed forces.
  • You are a resident of another nation, but you have a Canadian Indian citizenship.

Keep in mind that the study permit/visa is not the same as a normal visa that requires you to visit or leave Canada. You’ll need a travel visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization for that (eTA).

Canada student visa process : Begin your application for a student visa in Canada

It’s time to go on to the next level after receiving your university acceptance letter: applying for a student visa, also recognised as a research permit in your home country.

The Canada student visa process step by step:

  • Before you land in Canada, apply for your Canadian student visa on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) page.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet or can’t upload the documents electronically, send the documents via mail.
  • Provide a letter of approval from a recognised educational organisation.
  • Demonstrate that you have the financial means to continue your studies in Canada (tuition fees and living expenses).
  • Show evidence that you have never been convicted of a crime.
  • Send hospital reports stating that you are in good condition, as well as the necessary medical exams.

If you have a family member employed or applying for a work permit in Canada, your research permit application will be approved in two weeks, according to new visa rules. If you choose to resume your studies, you may renew or expand your study permit.

The research permit will lapse 90 days after you have completed your studies (when you receive a notification of the programme completion). You can either travel and explore Canada, or you can apply for a work permit that would enable you to work full-time or part-time, or even be self-employed.

Canada student visa process : Gather the necessary paperwork for obtaining a student visa in Canada.

After you get your college acceptance note, you can apply for a student visa. If you want to apply for the September intake, you can start the visa process around June. The documents required for Canada study visa process is mentioned below

  1. Possess a valid passport

In order to qualify for a Study Permit, you must have a valid passport. According to the Canadian High Commission, you must have a visa that is valid for the duration of your planned stay in Canada. For example, if you intend to go to Canada for a two-year course in September 2021, your passport must be valid until September 2023.

  1. Affirmation by a Designated Learning Institution

The acceptance letter from the university/institute you want to attend is needed. The Immigration Department recognises a Designated Learning Institute as a university. If you’re applying for Quebec, you’ll still need a CAQ, which you’ll be informed about.

  1. Evidence of Funds

You would be required to provide evidence of funds while applying for your Study Permit. According to current requirements, you must demonstrate that you will be able to afford our tuition fees as well as cover living expenses. According to Canadian Immigration, a student would need at least CAD 10,000 for each year of their stay. Aside from the aforementioned two requirements, the student must also demonstrate that he or she has sufficient funds to make a fair return.

  1. Passport Size Photographs

If you are submitting your application by mail, you may need two passport-sized photos that meet the requirements. You must obtain a scanned copy of the image for online use, which does not exceed 4MB. Other basic standards include a neutral facial expression, a white backdrop, and no headgear (unless for religious purposes). Follow these canada student visa rules to get your application running!

  1. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

International students from India are required by Canadian Immigration to undergo a mandatory Immigration Medical Examination. Students can schedule an appointment with one of the mentioned physicians for a medical review at least one week before they begin their Visa application. This gives the doctor ample time to verify and submit all of the necessary paperwork. It is therefore advisable to make an appointment in advance with the closest facility/ practitioner from a physician.

A full physical evaluation may be performed by the panel surgeon, who can also recommend you for chest x-rays and diagnostic examinations. The practitioner can email the results to CIC after the exam is done.

  1. Score of the English Language Proficiency Exam

While it is not needed at the time of application, we highly advise you to take the English Language Proficiency Test and obtain your score before beginning the Visa Application Process. To validate your entry to the Canadian university, you will have had to apply your English language proficiency ranking. TOEFL, IELTS, and other similar tests are all appropriate.

  1. Statement of Purpose

When applying for a Canadian Study Permit, you must write an article explaining why you are visiting Canada and why you have selected the specific institution. The checklist will prompt you to apply this as an optional text, however we highly advise you to do so.

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Canada study visa process : Conditions for studying in Canada in terms of language

The list of mandatory documentation for a Canadian student visa does not contain proof of English language skills. However, Canadian colleges may ask you to apply evidence of English language proficiency unless you are from an English-speaking region. 

Student visa process for Canada : Appointment for biometrics and interview

Depending on your ethnicity, you will be required to submit your biometrics at a Visa Application Centre in your home country. The biometrics fee is 85 Canadian dollars. This fee is in comparison to the cost for applying for a visa. Some countries are excluded from the biometrics mandate, which means their residents would not be required to visit an application centre.

You may also be contacted for an interview, depending on the specific circumstance. For utilising their facilities, local visa application centres will charge a small fee.

Canada study visa rules & processing time  : How long would it take to get a research visa in Canada?

The approval period for your Canadian research permit can take up to 90 days after you submit your application, although it is normally much quicker. This is also contingent on the state of affairs of your home nation.

You will get your research permit quicker by using the Student Direct Stream. The processing period is normally about 20 calendar days, and the fees start at 150 CAD. Only students from the following countries are qualified for the Student Direct Stream:

  • India and China
  • Morocco 
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines 
  • Senegal 
  • Vietnam 

PS: If there’s anything more you’d like us to know about. Add it to the comments section!

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Canada Student Visa Process

All You Need To Know About Canada Student Visa Process 2022

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