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15 Practical Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Building a website from scratch and raising it to a decently high level requires a colossal amount of effort and dedication. Reaching the level where you have a large audience that wishes to see more of your content is commendable. It can be achieved by creating an authority website or a simple blog. Once, this first half is measured, what is the next step? Yes, you guessed that correct. Monetizing it. Being a fellow blogger I think I view the situation exactly through your eyes. This is why I may guide you better on how to generate revenue from the asset you’ve created. Subtracting all the jargon available on the internet this is a list of 15 Practical Ways To Make Money From Your Website. 

Pro Tip: The key to maximizing your monthly generated revenue is critical analysis. Don’t worry I’ll explain. The domains that need analysis are the kind of content you deliver, the sort of audience that you engage and the type of visitors that land on your page often. Only when you thoroughly understand your audience, will you be able to strategically market products (which is crucial) and make money. That being said, let’s explore the options now.

1. Email Marketing

Having a mailing list helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps you by notifying your readers about the latest posts and brings them back to the page. Secondly, you can directly email them the promotional products you want them to buy. You will gain a commission of about 2%-10% from the company whose product you promote. (Hey, be sure of the taste of your readers here. Otherwise, if they dislike the products, you may lose out on your valuable subscribers.) 

This is the most effective solution to – ‘How can I earn money from my website’. Also, remember never to bombard them with too many emails. Maximum two per week should be sufficient.

Bonus Tip: If you are an early blogger, make it a point to start an email list at the beginning itself. Most people realize this later on and regret it. I hope you realize the power of compounding. Following the barter system, offering free high-quality content in return for their email address is a proven way. This will gradually build you a huge following. Let’s see the next viable option in our list of ‘15 Practical Ways To Make Money From Your Website’.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers choose to begin their online monetization journey with affiliate marketing, which is akin to email marketing in some ways. The key distinction lies in promoting products or services directly on your website. This model operates on either a Cost per Lead (CPL) or Cost per Sale (CPS) basis. With CPL, you earn a commission for every lead generated, while with CPS, you earn a commission when a visitor makes a purchase after visiting your site. Exploring the best affiliate programs relevant to your niche can significantly enhance your revenue potential in this space.

Bonus Tip: The easiest way to start here is to join the e-commerce giant Amazon’s Affiliate Program. You can make anything from $100 to $25000. 

3. Join An Advertising Network

Joining an advertising network is helpful. Especially because you need not find promoters or advertisers yourself. There is a range of owners willing to advertise on your page and pay you in return for clicks, impressions or in-text advertising. 

4. Sell Advertising Spaces 

Apart from the quality content that you provide on the website, there is a lot of space on the screen. Space for other platforms to just advertise their products. You don’t have to worry about clicks or sales here. There is a definite income that you will receive irrespective of the performance. 

This is more likely to happen when your website has a lot of value and the promoters realize that. Depending on the value of your website you can charge as high as you like. This is yet another easy answer to – ‘How can I earn from my website’.

Pro Tip: Allow only those products to be displayed on your website which you highly recommend. If you believe in them, only then will your audience will be more likely to try the product. 

5. Sell Paid Directory Listings

Depending on the domain you are in and the type of business you do, it wouldn’t hurt so much to list some paid services. For example, if your page is about fashion and models then you can list the contact of a few photographers and their cost and charge them for the same. 

6. Sell Your Own Digital Or Physical Products

If you are tired of advertising and promoting a third person’s product then you could build your own and sell them. This is a chance to let the entrepreneur in you spread its wings. 

You could document the skill you’re best at into an eBook. Or maybe you could make some t-shirts and mugs with your brand logo on them. There you go, you are creating a brand and an empire of your own. Let’s check another option in our list of 15 Practical Ways To Make Money From Your Website’.

7. Offer Services To Your Readers

If you are wondering, what if I cannot document or make products, then relax. You can simply list the soft skills you possess on your homepage and specify your rate. Skills such as article writing, SEO services, WordPress installation are a few examples of such services that are in high demand today. 

8. List A Paid Course 

It often is the case that readers wish to gain the knowledge you demonstrate in your content. If you have a photography blog then there may be readers who wish to learn some tips and tricks or know your methods. You could easily run a virtual study session where you educate your audience. Plus, they will be happy to pay for it. 

9. Host Meet Ups and Seminars

Much like modern-day streaming, you can connect with your audience live. Excited readers that may have something to share with you or interact with you live will opt for this. You can charge them a nominal amount for the same. This is yet another effective way amongst 15 ways to make money from your website.

10.  Sponsored Post

Many companies are willing to make a deal for mutual benefit. They will be delighted to pay you a handsome amount for entire posts that feature them or promote them. It could also be a review. How to earn money from your website isn’t that difficult, right?

11. Start a Membership Program or Premium Content

Almost all apps and websites follow this method today. Almost goes without saying that this works great given your charges are reasonable. Deliver high-quality specialized content constantly and you’ll rock.

12. Writing Paid Reviews

One of the other 15 practical ways to make money from your website is writing paid reviews. Collaborating with other influencers or leading companies in the domains can also pour in some cash. For example, if you are into food blogging then writing paid reviews for certain hotels and restaurants is a good idea.

13. Create Video Content On YouTube

To make your content more explanatory and impactful you can opt to develop video content. These can be uploaded on YouTube and embedded in your website. If they go viral then there are high chances YouTube will pay you well. 

14. Donation

If you don’t ask, the answer is a NO. Hence, you need not hesitate in setting up a ‘Donate Now’ button. Your efforts and hard work over the years must have surely built you a compassionate audience. 

Fun Fact: The gigantic knowledge storehouse whom we all have known since childhood, Wikipedia, relies almost entirely on donations. It generated around $ 129,234,327 in the year 2019-20 merely from donations.

15. Sell Your Website – The Ultimate Way

The key to making a fortune out of an asset is selling it at the best possible price. Keep a lookout for when the income of your website is regular and decide to sell it. Flippa, We Buy Websites and FEinternational are sites that may help you out in this.

I hope ‘how to make money from your website’ doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. That’s it from our end. Hope you make the most of your website. Good luck with generating hefty income. 

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Ways To Make Money From Your Website

15 Practical Ways To Make Money From Your Website

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