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Working Holiday Visa Russia: All You Need To Know

Working Holiday Visa Russia

Russia, once the biggest and strongest member of the former USSR, remains a fascinating country to visit. From broad subtropical beaches to bitterly cold winter regions in the north, it is a land of contrasts. There may be fewer inhabitants in the East, but its lovely towns are among Russia’s most popular places to visit.

Everywhere you go, Russia is steeped in history, from brutal wars to outstanding classical music and literature. Tourists can see displays of beautiful art almost everywhere, not just in museums, but also in churches.

Russia’s major economic centres that provide the best employment prospects are Moscow and St. Petersburg. In July 2020, the average unemployment rate in Russia was estimated at 6.3 per cent. This is an improvement from the beginning of the year of about 30 per cent, but this is mainly attributed to the results of COVID-19. 

In Russia, Moscow has the highest job rate and its labour population accounts for around a fifth of Russia’s overall GDP. The service sector accounts for over half of all employment in Russia, with the most notable service categories being retail, tourism, food, and education. The main industrial industries are mining, manufacturing, and construction. In all the major Russian cities, you can find many English-speaking people working with big multinational corporations. Find everything you need to know about working holiday visa Russia.

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Features Of Working Holiday Visa Russia

The working visa in Russia is the most difficult and costly form of visa available for foreign nationals employed permanently in Russia. There are two forms of job Russian work visas:

  • Single entry visa valid for 90 days – provided by the Russian Consulate on the basis of a Work Visa Invitation (which is issued on the basis of the work permit)
  • Multiple entry visa – is issued on the basis of a single entry visa at the local office of the Russian Migration Police for the duration of validity of the work permit (no more than 1 year)

Starting in 2010, there is a new form of Russian work visas – Extremely Skilled Specialists – which has some benefits (e.g. is valid for 3 years), however the salary of such a specialist in Russia is estimated to be more than 2 million rubles per year.

The working visa in Russia are not subject to a restriction in which a foreign citizen can remain in Russia for a maximum of only three months in each six-month period. Standard employment is valid for 1 year, while permits can be valid for up to 3 years for highly qualified international professionals. For the holder of a work permit, the number of entries and exits is not limited to the full duration of its validity.

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Work Visa For Foreigners: Russia

A foreigner needs to apply for a work visa to work in Russia. This law extends to citizens of every country, with the exception of citizens of CIS countries who are allowed to work on a patent in the Russian Federation. For the length of its validity, a work visa grants foreigners the freedom to work, get paid and remain in the territories of Russia. Please notice that, without a work permit, a work visa cannot be issued.

A foreign citizen must wait for a work invitation from a specific organisation before getting a work visa to Russia. First of all, however, an alien must locate an employer and negotiate working conditions. The visa would show the identity of the organisation, so a foreign national will have the right to operate there alone.

Before issuing a working invitation, the whole employment process is the responsibility of the welcoming party. An outsider has to wait until all the appropriate steps are taken by the employer. Depending on the form of jobs, it may take one or several months.

How To Get A Working Holiday Visa Russia?

  • You can apply for a work visa after you have obtained a work invitation.
  • Can automatically receive a multiple-entry work visa for up to 3 years, depending on the length of the job contract and the work permit, if the invitation is given to a highly skilled professional.
  • You must first get a single-entry work visa for 3 months with the option of its future extension.
  • Upon arrival in Russia, depending on the length of the deal and the work permit, the visa will need to be changed to a multiple-entry visa for a term of up to one year.

To receive a Work Visa, the Company-Employer is expected to obtain a variety of documents:

  • Migration quotas to involve foreign labour force
  • Application to the Government Employment Services
  • Permission to involve foreign labour force
  • Work permit for a foreigner
  • Invitation for a work visa
  • After this, a job visa can be received from the Russian Consulate or the local Branch of the Russian Migration Police.

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Requirements To Get A Working Holiday Visa Russia


How to apply Russia working holiday visa? Here are the requirements.

  • Collect the documentation required – visa, the invitation to work, insurance. There is a need to explain a full list of documents for a work visa to Russia at the Russian Consulate abroad.
  • Pay the visa fee, which depends on the country’s population.
  • Send to the Russian Consulate abroad your application and your documents.
  • Waiting for a work visa will take up to 20 business days.

Work visa processing time and expense depends on various factors:

  • Your profession and type of intended work in Russia
  • Your citizenship
  • Visa and Visa Invitation’s urgency
  • Prices and quality of your visa assistant’s services
  • As a rule, a work visa can be issued in 100 days 

How much is a working holiday visa for Russia? It comes with an average cost of 80000 ₽.

For various factors, a visa could be denied to you. For example, if the employer committed an error in one of the levels of jobs, or you provided incorrect evidence or violated immigration laws. 

Note: Citizens of France aged between the aged 18 to 30 can apply for a four-month working holiday visa Russia only.

Conditions Of Getting A Working Holiday Visa Russia

  • Must be between the ages of 18-30. 
  • You’ve got to get a valid passport.
  • You must travel without any dependents.
  • Must have enough funds.
  • You must have travel plans and a health insurance

In order to extend a work visa or to acquire a new multi-entry work visa, it is not mandatory to leave the country, it can be given to the local Migration Police Office upon presentation of a work permit valid for a new term.

  • The Russian visa may only be received by a foreigner at the Russian Consulate in the country in which he/she is a resident.
  • Citizens of the Schengen countries can apply for a visa in any country member of the Schengen Area.
  • In order to be issued a Russian visa in a third country, one must apply for a residency or job permit in Russia.

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Job Vacancies In Russia

Finding vacancies for jobs in Russia might not be easy, depending on your experience. English-speaking choices include teaching English (other native language teaching positions such as French or German are also available), working in industries such as electricity, finance or translating if you are bilingual.

Job Pay In Russia

Every six months, the minimum wage in Russia is reviewed, but it doesn’t usually always rise. In January 2020, it was increased to R12,130 a month.

As of June 2020, the average monthly Russian wage is just over R52,000. However, salaries in Moscow are marginally higher, with many people earning more than R75,000 a month.

Russian Community Of Jobs

Russian businesses, with a multitude of laws and regulations in force that can be clarified by the communist history of the region, tend to be hierarchical and bureaucratic. Because of this, it will take a long time to work out company deals. This has, however, begun to improve as the Russian economy has steadily opened up since the early nineties.

Seasonal Jobs In Russia

  • English teachers are required in Russian language schools and summer language centres.
  • Voluntary Job Opportunities in Russia includes educators, conservation, health and social welfare.
  • If you wish to visit Russia on vacation, on a business trip, study, job, volunteer or as an emigrant, you can obtain up-to-date and correct details from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
  • You should also consult with the Embassy or Consulate of Russia before you travel for up-to-date details on visa requirements.

Volunteering In Russia

Voluntary work in Russia is considered to be scarce, but many who are involved in particular fields may be able to find their interests. 

Education: Teaching English is one of the most popular ways to volunteer in Russia, either by helping at school around the country or by deciding to remain with the host family and teaching them English at a more intimate level.

Community Service: These types of volunteer job placements are typically concentrated in cities throughout Russia, where the highest number of citizens are located. Voluntary community service staff are expected to help establish and execute development services for people in need, such as the aged, the disabled, the poor or underprivileged. This is the most fulfilling charitable job in any country where people can see the impact they bring and also get to interact with locals to network.

Healthcare: Owing to the size of Russia, the healthcare networks are, of course, vast, which ensures that there are several forms of volunteer job placements in health care. The variety of programs encourages volunteers to utilise their strong expertise, such as admin work, medical operations or physical therapy.

How To Get A Second Working Holiday Visa In Russia?

Can I get a second working holiday visa for Russia? Yes, you can. To get a multiple entry visa to Russia, you need to apply at a Russian Embassy or Consulate. You will have to fill out an application form, pay appropriate consular fees and attach a previously obtained proper invitation to Russia from a certified source.

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Working Holiday Visa Russia

Working Holiday Visa Russia: All You Need To Know

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