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Working Holiday Visa France : All You Need To Know

Visa France

The 13 countries that have signed a French working holiday visa with France deal are as follows:

Working holiday visa between France -Australia

France  -Argentina

Working holiday visa France -Canada

France -Chile

France -Colombia

France – Korea

France – Japan

France -New Zealand

France -Hong Kong

France -Mexico

France -Russia

Working holiday visa between France -Taiwan

Working holiday visa between   France -Uruguay

This deal, especially the working holiday visa France- Canada deal is really beneficial for tourists from Canada visiting France as it gains them several advantages under the deal. If you receive this visa, the visa sticker on your passport will say “holiday work”, and you will be unable to extend it. The working holiday visa France is good for a period of 1 year and you can work with it without the need to request a permit in advance from the French authorities.

Please note that New Caledonia, French Polynesia or any of the French Overseas Territories are not covered for this visa arrangement. For other things, such as joining your partner in France, studying, working as an AU Pair, seeking long-term employment, etc., you will not get a working holiday visa France.

Working Holiday Visa France

Eligibility for a working holiday visa France

If you want to apply for a visa of this kind, you must first verify that you comply with all the conditions laid down by the French government, which are as follows:

Have the nationality that is needed.

To be between the age of 18 and 30.

If you are from Canada, you should be between 18 and 35 years old.

Not being accompanied by a minor child to France.

You never were part of the working holiday programme in France.

At the beginning of your visit, have a return ticket and ample financial resources to sustain yourself.

Get a passport valid beyond the date on which you intend to depart France.

Be in good health.

You should not have any criminal records..

Application procedure for working holiday visa France

If you meet the above requirements, you can start the process of applying for a France working holiday visa, the first part of which is to obtain the necessary documentation for the French Long Stay visa application. 

You should adopt these measures in order to apply for a Working Holiday Visa France:

Collect the documents required for a French working holiday visa. The first thing you need to do to start the process of applying for a Working Holiday visa is to obtain the necessary documents for a French Working Holiday Visa. Note that it is your job to send all the documents required. If all of the documents on the application are incomplete, it is very likely that you will not get a visa.You are expected to apply for a working holiday visa France after finding the documents:

You should be right and accurate about the data you submit in the French Long Stay Visa Application Form.

Two Pictures of a French Visa is important. Along with the other documents, you should send two photos. They must not be older than three months and must be taken in compliance with the Photo Criteria of the Schengen Visa.

Check your passport for its authenticity and date of issuance until you submit. It must have been released during the last 10 years and must be applicable for at least 3 months after your expected stay in France has expired. To be allowed to have the visa stamp on it, the passport must contain at least two blank pages.

Submit copies of those visas if you have ever had a visa to any place in the world.

Proof of the purchase of French Insurance. You may need to include documentation that you have medical benefits covering any health conditions you face whilst in France.

Evidence of accommodation in France. Proof of where you will be living in France is another really relevant document that you need to send. At least one of the following should be sent, according to the objective of your trip:

Hotel or hostel reservations for the places to visit.

Certificate of reception “Attestation d’accueil”, issued by the person to accommodate the visa candidate, stamped by the city hall (for private visits)

Rental contract – “Bail de location” in France if you will be staying in a rented place.

Property title certificate in France, if you are the owner of a house/apartment in France.

Proof of paid visa fee for the visa :-

Proof of onward travel ticket to France-a confirmed ticket to France or a booking paid in full.

Proof of onward travel from France, it may be a ticket or reservation to your home country, or if you are intending to depart for another country after France, you must show a legitimate residency permit to that country.

You would have to prove that during the beginning of your stay in France you have the financial means to sustain yourself (equivalent 3270 euros as a minimum). This may be a bank statement indicating the money that you have or a sponsor’s letter of encouragement pledging to support you, as well as a bank statement for their funds.

A letter that describes why you would like to travel to France, written in either French or English.

A letter from the authorities of the applicant’s home country, indicating the criminal background of the applicant.

A medical credential that has been established in your home country by a GP.

Arrange an appointment for working holiday visa France

Via the online scheduling method, you can schedule an appointment at the embassy or consulate in your home country. If applicants are unwilling to take part in an interview, they can change or cancel the appointment via the online scheduling method. Applicants who do not have an appointment would not be approved for a visa interview at the consulate.

Pay working holiday visa France Fee

The visa charge for a working holiday visa is EUR 99. This charge should be paid by you on the day of the interview. Do not forget to keep the receipt that shows that you paid the bill, since you may use it later to display it as evidence of payment to the consular officer.

Attend the interview for a France working holiday visa

You must be on schedule on the day of the interview, waiting for your turn to attend the interview at the embassy or consulate facility where you will conduct the visa interview. The interview would be about 10 to 15 minutes long. You will submit your paperwork and the consular officer will ask you a few questions about your situation, why you applied for this visa and why you would like to visit France via this program.

Documents you have to submit for entry in France

Like any foreign national who requires a French visa, upon turning up at the port of entry in France, the issuer of a working holiday visa France must bring those documents in order to assert their validity in order to fly to France.

These documents are as follows:

A valid passport with an attached valid short-stay visa (undamaged, authentic, unmodified and not older than 10 years, with a validity minimum 3 months after the visa period).

Documents certifying the motives for traveling to France and the Schengen Region.

An accommodation declaration, issued by the host family member and authenticated by the mayor of the France hosting municipality, an invitation from the host organization in France, or none of them (in case of medical urgency or death of a family member in France) (for a private or family visit).

A reserved travel ticket to the final destination, a visa granted by the country of final destination, a transit accommodation card, other relevant documents) (for a transit through the France airport).

Documents to attest the hold of the needed living money during the visit:


Traveler’s checks

Certified checks

Payment cards

International cards

Bank statements

Round-trip flight reservation. Could also be rail, road, boat reservation.

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Visa France

Working Holiday Visa France : All You Need To Know

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