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Why Choose UniCreds

Why Choose UniCreds

UniCreds is a unique consumer tech company that’s built upon values of reliability and convenience. It is backed by the latest technologies and utilizes machine learning and data science, to enable students to acquire education loans in a quick and convenient manner. UniCreds in essence is a “Student Loan Marketplace” where lenders and borrowers can easily find each other. We have partnered with some of the leading education loan providers or student finance provider in the country that guarantee students the best rates on their education loans. UniCreds is headed by the same management team of UniAcco, which won the prestigious award of Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider 2020 at the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, hosted by SME News.

Why Choose UniCreds
Why Choose Unicreds?

UniCreds: Benefits For Students

Total Funding For Your Overseas Education

With Uni Creds, students can expect up to 100% funding. This means that you can find an education loan or a student finance for overseas studies that takes care of all your expenses. Expect funding for tuition fees, on-campus or off-campus accommodation costs, travel expenses, and other living expenses. 

Quick Education Loan Sanctions 

UniCreds allows Express Sanctions for urgent cases. In case you have to meet a deadline in completing formalities like Visa or fee payment at the earliest, you can reach out to us with your specific requirements, and we will get your loan sanctioned immediately.

No Margin Money

A majority of the national student loan for your study abroad programs have no margin money requirements. Margin Money means that proportion of education loan that you have to pay yourself. With UniCreds, you can find a student loan that covers 100% of your expenses, so that you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket.

Customised Financing Options

UniCreds has a team of dedicated loan counsellors who will help you at every stage of your education loan, national student loan process. Ask for customised financing options related to the tenure, collateral, rate of interest, moratorium period and prepayment conditions, so that we can help you find the perfect education loan to fund your overseas education. 

Student Loan Application Tracker

The traditional education loan application process takes a lot of time and often, students are aloof about the status of their loan application. With Uni Creds, students can get step-by-step notifications regarding the status of their loan application. In case there’s any problem, Uni Creds will approach bank officials and find a solution on your behalf. 

Education Loan Comparison

UniCreds has partnered with many leading banks and NBFCs that provide education loans to students. This makes UniCreds the ultimate Student Loan Marketplace where students can compare education loans of all the leading banks and NBFCs in the country. Our education loan counsellors will also be by your side, to recommend the best education loans that fit your profile.

Benefits For Parents

Free Of Cost Service

All services of UniCreds are completely free of charge. We do not charge students a single rupee for the services we provide. UniCreds has built strategic partnerships with lenders wherein they give us a small cut of every deal that goes through, thus ensuring students free service from UniCreds.

Collateral Free Education Loans

With UniCreds, students can now apply for collateral free education loans for their study abroad programs. Browse through our website to find the ideal education loan that ticks all the boxes for you. 

Transparent and Hassle-Free

UniCreds has a highly interactive website where all the important information is mentioned in a cogent manager. Get details regarding the lender, rate of interest, collateral requirements (if any), loan tenure, prepayment process, moratorium period and much more. We have a team of experienced loan counsellors who will help you throughout your education loan process, thus ensuring you a completely hassle-free experience. 

Smarter and Safer Option

UniCreds has a number of interactive tools in development that are designed to make a student’s life easier. They are 100% free to use and highly helpful in making important decisions. Here are a few of them – 

Admit Predictor: Use the UniCreds Admit Predictor to evaluate your profile for studying MS in the US. The Admit Predictor tool takes into account a student’s undergrad percentage/GPA, GRE, and TOEFL scores.

SOP Review: With the UniCreds SOP Review tool, confidently submit your SOP to your preferred universities. Our proprietary SOP Review tool reviews your SOP before submission and highlights all your errors that could’ve jeopardised your application.

University Compare: Let the UniCreds University Compare tool save you the trouble of scouring the internet for reliable information on your preferred universities. Compare international universities based on expected salary, employability, tuition costs, ranking, living expenses, odds of getting assistantships and much more. 

Loan EMI Calculator: Make a prudent estimation of your education loan EMIs with the UniCreds Loan EMI Calculator. You can compare various education loans based on their EMIs and total payable interest.

Estimate Future Earning: Use the UniCreds Estimate Future Earning tool to find out if studying abroad is actually worth it or not. Make the best effort-reward analysis with our Estimate Future Earning tool.

Door Step Service

Students can complete their entire student loan process from the comfort of their own home! There won’t be a need to go to the branch, thanks to Uni Creds’ Door Step Service. This service is available in tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India, so that you can stay at home while we submit your documents to the banks. Uni Creds will provide you with an exhaustive list of documents based on your profile, your co-applicant’s profile and any property/asset, which you may offer as collateral. 

Paperless Student Loan Approvals

Say goodbye to making countless trips to the bank for enquiries and document submissions. UniCreds has now made it possible for students to make enquiries and submit their documents online! Make your entire loan application process paperless with UniCreds.

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Why Choose UniCreds

Why Choose UniCreds

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