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University Of Washington Scholarships For Students In 2024!

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The benefits of scholarships for students studying abroad are far and wide. Irrespective of how well you plan, the total finances are almost always expensive for students. For instance, the average cost of tuition for one academic year at the University of Washington is around $37,000 to $40,000. Additionally, the average annual cost of living in Washington is around $9,867. Taking both of these expenses into consideration, financial aid becomes incredibly important. Fortunately, the University of Washington Scholarships are ample for students to get help. Continue reading other sections to find out about these scholarships in detail!

University Of Washington Scholarships For Students Overview 

Scholarship TypesFreshman Scholarships: Presidential Scholar, Purple & Gold Scholarship, UW Diversity Scholarship
Transfer Scholarships: Martin Family Foundation Scholarship Programmes, Washington Space Grant Consortium
– Army ROTC Tuition Scholarship
– Academic Scholarships
– University Of Washington Undergraduate Academic Excellence Awards
Eligibility Criteria– Criteria for each scholarship type outlined, including academic performance, community service, economic background, and residency.
– Note the importance of a well-written statement of purpose and recommendation letters.
Application Process– Scholarships with automatic consideration and those requiring a separate application process. 

Freshman Scholarships

The University of Washington Scholarships offered are categorised under two major types – freshman and transfer scholarships, in addition to others. To begin with, let’s look at the freshman scholarships offered. Under these, there are another three grants that students can avail of.

1. Presidential Scholar

Presidential Scholar is an award of $10,000 disbursed to University of Washington students who portray the required qualities. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship vastly depend on the candidate’s leadership qualities, community engagement and future promise. Thus, this University of Washington scholarship is bestowed based on a student’s all-round social development. Note that only students who are residents of Washington State are eligible. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, and there’s no separate application process.

2. Purple & Gold Scholarship

This University of Washington Scholarship qualifies as University of Washington out-of-state scholarship since they are designed for students who don’t reside in Washington. Moreover, only students enrolled in the Seattle campus can apply for this. Despite the variable amount of the scholarship, students must strictly fulfil these conditions to be eligible:

  1. Candidates must not be eligible for the Washington resident tuition at any point in time during their four-year course.
  2. Enrollment must be confirmed for September intake on or before May 1st.
  3. Candidates must be full-time students with at least 12 credits in each of the three quarters of one academic year.
  4. This University of Washington scholarship will be renewed only if students maintain their academic performance throughout the programme.

3. University Of Washington Diversity Scholarship

UW Diversity Grants are University of Washington merit-based scholarships that offer donations from individuals, organisations and local businesses. Every year, $10,000 is bestowed upon students for four years of their courses. The application period for this scholarship is from October 1 to January 15. The eligibility for this University of Washington scholarship is as follows:

  1. Academic performance
  2. Past grades
  3. Community service
  4. Economic background
  5. Residency in Washington
  6. Candidate must be in foster care or historically underrepresented minority groups or the first in their family to get a college degree. 

Transfer Scholarships

Two prominent University of Washington Scholarships are made available for transfer students. The first is funded by the Martin Family Foundation. All scholarships are extensively structured for students transferring from a community college.

1. Martin Family Foundation Scholarship Programmes

These scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional educational abilities in academic fields and have incredible leadership qualities. The programme, having two scholarships – the Martin Achievement Scholarship and the Martin Family Foundation Honours Scholarship – is designed such that students are selected in their respective community colleges and supported and encouraged for University Of Washington admission. Students must specifically transfer to the University of Washington Seattle campus.

Beginning with the Martin Achievement Scholarship, students can expect to receive up to $5,000 in the final year of their community college and up to $12,000 each year for three years. Most importantly, students must apply at least a year in advance for this scholarship.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:


Note that for a successful application, students must write an insightful statement of purpose for scholarship.  The SOP is one of the most important factors that students must be aware of well in advance. They must also have their resume and recommendation letter for scholarships. After considering the application, the University of Washington authorities will also interview to assess the applicant’s eligibility.

The details for the Martin Family Foundation Honours Scholarship remain the same as the previous one except for a couple of differences. First, students must have a minimum of 36 credits in the community college. Second, Washington State Community College transfer students who are currently enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle may not have more than 18 University of Washington credits by the application deadline.

2. Washington Space Grant Consortium

This grant includes the Washington NASA Space Grant Community College Transfer Scholarships that are bestowed upon community college students who show academic promise. Candidates must be studying a course in the field of engineering, mathematics, science, or technology. Moreover, they must be US citizens and residents of Washington state. The application deadline for this scholarship is typically in June.

Army ROTC Tuition Scholarship

These University of Washington Scholarships are designed for students who wish to serve in the US military as a commissioned officer. It is part of the University of Washington full-ride scholarships, which cover a 100% tuition fee in addition to a $1,200 book stipend every year and a $420 monthly allowance. The following eligibility conditions are followed for this scholarship:

  1. The candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to apply.
  2. The candidates must be US citizens.
  3. They must be in the age group of 17 to 30.
  4. They must have a high moral character.
  5. Applicants must be medically qualified.
  6. They must be enrolled in ROTC military science courses full-time.
  7. They must pass the university’s physical fitness test.
  8. Lastly, they must accept their appointment as a commissioned officer upon graduation.

Similar to this scholarship, University of Washington ROTC Housing Scholarships are also offered under the same eligibility criteria. The only difference is that they have a $10,000 annual scholarship for housing instead of a tuition fee waiver.

Academic Scholarships

The University of Washington Office of Student Financial Aid offers Academic Scholarships to around 600 deserving candidates who are also residents of Washington State. Students must portray their academic excellence and consistent grade record to be eligible. Moreover, the authorities also assess the applicants’ financial backgrounds to ensure they truly deserve the scholarships. These are usually renewable for a second year as well.

University Of Washington Undergraduate Academic Excellence Awards

Around 100 excellence awards are granted to incoming freshmen students every year under this University of Washington Scholarship. Students must be a resident of Washington. The authorities examine the candidates’ academic merit and financial background. Scholarships can be renewed for a second year if needed.

University Of Washington Scholarships For Indian Students

Some of the other scholarships that students can explore are listed here. Note that the details of each of these will vary vastly as the University of Washington does not fund them directly. Thus, it is advisable to verify the eligibility and application deadlines on their official websites. The following scholarships can be considered under the University of Washington scholarships since they apply to migrating students:


University Of Washington Scholarship Applications

Fortunately, some of the scholarships don’t require a separate application process, and eligible candidates are often considered for the scholarship automatically. However, for the scholarships that do need application, students must ensure they complete the process within the stipulated deadlines. 

Either the scholarships have individual deadlines, or their application process must be completed by the University of Washington scholarship deadline of February 28. Candidates must apply for all scholarships by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid.


Q1. Does the University of Washington give full scholarships?

Ans: Yes, the University of Washington offers several full scholarships for deserving candidates. For instance, Army ROTC Tuition Scholarships.

Q2. Does the University of Washington give full scholarships to international students?

Ans: Unfortunately, the University of Washington does not offer any kind of scholarships or financial aid to international students.

Q3. How much does the University of Washington cost for international students?

Ans: The average cost of tuition for one academic year at the University of Washington is around $37,000 to $40,000. On the other hand, the average annual cost of living in Washington is around $9,867. Overall, the average cost of studying in the USA for students is around $26,652.

Q4. What is the average scholarship for the University of Washington?

Ans: Students can be eligible for full-ride scholarships at the University of Washington. Otherwise, the average scholarship amount offered is around $10,000.

Q5. Is Washington a good place for international students?

Ans: Washington is a place of a multicultural society and people of many unique backgrounds. Thus, it is a great place for international students to explore the culture and learn their practices regularly. Also, considering the University of Washington’s acceptance rate at 53%, international students can conveniently explore admission options here.

Thank you for reading our guide to the University of Washington Scholarships! Let us know your doubts or questions in the comments section below.

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University Of Washington Scholarships For Students In 2024!

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