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University Of Warwick Scholarship in 2024: Boost Your Chances!

A classroom full of study-benches, depicting University of Warwick.

The University of Warwick Scholarship programme is designed to eliminate financial barriers for students pursuing studies in the UK at Warwick. Each year, the university allocates over 4 million GBP towards scholarships for international students across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes. These scholarships, requiring separate applications, are primarily awarded based on the academic achievements of applicants.

Apart from internal funding, international students can also benefit from external scholarship opportunities, such as Commonwealth scholarships, OFID scholarships, and Pearson Research Funding. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • Scholarships by university as well as individual organisations like Chevening are available at the University of Warwick
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship at Warwick University is typically for the PhD students and offers GBP 24,110 and a maintenance stipend. 
  • The Warwick Law School LLM Scholarship is exclusively applicable to Master’s courses and is awarded based on merit. Each year, this scholarship is granted to two deserving students with a stipend of 17,500. 
  • External scholarships like Chevening, GREAT Britain Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship etc. cover tuition fees, stipend, and maintenance costs. 
  • You must fill out a form and write a personal statement to apply for any internal University of Warwick Scholarships.

Top University Of Warwick Scholarships For International Students 

Most of the international scholarships at the University of Warwick, around 90%, are specific to particular academic programmes and are granted upon admission. To be considered for internal scholarship programmes, applicants need to complete a separate application form.

Although there are numerous scholarships available for master’s and doctoral students, there is only one scholarship offered for international undergraduate students. Let’s get to know about the University Of Warwick Scholarships for international students in more detail. 

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships At Warwick Business School (WBS)

This scholarship is typically for international PhD students. The application for this scholarship will begin in October 2024. 

Warwick Law School LLM Scholarship

The Warwick Law School LLM Scholarship is exclusively applicable to Master’s courses and is awarded based on merit. Each year, this scholarship is granted to two deserving students. 

Department Of Politics & International Studies

Also known as the ‘Double Degree Scholarship’, this scholarship funds the students of International Studies, Political Science, and Policy Studies at Warwick.   

WMG Excellence Scholarship

The WMG Excellence Scholarships are merit-based prizes offered through a competitive selection process. Evaluation of applications considers factors such as prior academic performance, professional experience, motivation for pursuing studies and future aspirations. These scholarships are granted as a percentage reduction in tuition fees, with discounts ranging from 10% to 50%.

Benefits And Eligibility Criteria Of Each UCL Scholarship 

Before applying for scholarships at the University of Warwick, it’s important to note that each scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria, specifically designed for students enrolled in particular courses or at specific education levels. Understanding these criteria beforehand is crucial to ensure a smooth application process and improve your chances of being accepted. The table below compares the eligibility requirements and benefits of each scholarship mentioned, offering a helpful reference guide for you.

Scholarship NameScholarship BenefitsScholarship Eligibility
Chancellor’s International ScholarshipUp to GBP 24,010 |Maintenance Stipend Commencing any Warwick PhD programme
Department of Politics & International Studies (Double Degree Scholarship) GBP 10,000 for two yearsCommencing MA programme at PAIS department
School of Law Master’s ScholarshipsGBP 17,500Enrolling in Warwick LLM programme; 500-word personal statement
WMG Excellence Scholarship10%- 50% tuition feesBeginning full-time master’s programme

University Of Warwick Scholarship Application Process

All mentioned scholarships above are internal University Of Warwick Scholarships, where the university itself is the grant holder. Hence, a separate application form and personal statement need to be submitted to apply for these scholarships. You will be evaluated based on the uniform eligibility criteria – 70% academic achievements and 30% supporting statements.  

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) for the University of Warwick scholarships should include

  • Clear reasons and motivation for selecting the specific Warwick programme.
  • Highlight relevant individual achievements, including extracurricular activities and work experience.
  • Demonstrate suitability for the applied scholarship programme.
  • Ensure the supporting statement is both concise and engaging. 

Types Of External Scholarships At University Of Warwick

Though the University Of Warwick offers limited scholarships for international students, all the externally funded scholarships in the UK are applicable if you are planning to study at Warwick. In the table below, let’s look at some of the external UK scholarships for Indian students one can opt for:  

Scholarship NameScholarship BenefitsScholarship Eligibility
Chevening ScholarshipsFees & Maintenance StipendCitizen of countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka; Over 70% in bachelor’s; Minimum IELTS score 6.5 or equivalent
Albukhary Undergraduate ScholarshipsGBP 20,000 for three yearsEligible countries like India, China, Indonesia; Enrolling in UG economics, engineering, or business programme; 500-word supporting statement
GREAT Britain Scholarship- IndiaGBP 20,000Resident of India, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Turkey; Over 65% in undergraduate degree
Commonwealth ScholarshipsTuition fees & annual stipend of GBP 1,084/monthBelow 40 years of age; Student of developing countries like India, Malaysia, Bangladesh; Enrolling in the PG or PhD programme; Above 65% in previous educational degree.

University Of Warwick PhD Scholarships 

Apart from these scholarships, the University of Warwick offers many PhD scholarships. These include both internal and external University of Warwick PhD scholarships. Refer to the list given below:  

  • Diamond Science CDT Scholarship & EPSRC FIND-CDT: These scholarships are applicable for postgraduate research students only. The Diamond Science CDT Scholarship funds your 4 years of academic fees, UKRI (United Kingdom Research & Innovation) Stipend, research training and support grants for consumables and travel costs. 
  • Frontiers Maths and Stats CDT: This PhD scholarship applies to students of mathematics and statistics subjects. It covers full payments of academic fees, a level stipend for 4 years and a Research Training Support Grant. 
  • Psychology PhD Fellowships: Students of any fee status are eligible to apply for this fellowship. Academic fees at the home rate are paid, and a stipend at the UKRI level is provided for three years.

Choosing to study at renowned universities like Warwick in the UK and participating in their scholarship programmes offers numerous advantages. Opting for such institutions ensures you receive top-quality education, enhancing your academic and professional skills. Successfully securing scholarships not only underscores your potential but also adds valuable credentials to your resume/portfolio.

Beyond covering educational expenses, scholarships can significantly alleviate living expenses in UK, making it a more financially feasible option for Indian students. 


Q1. How competitive are the University of Warwick scholarships?

Ans: The competitiveness of each scholarship depends on its popularity, number of applications, and awards/benefits. For example, the Warwick LLM Scholarship is awarded to only 2 deserving students every year whereas the Chevening Scholarship is awarded to around 1500 scholars. 

Q2. Can students apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously at Warwick? 

Ans: At the undergraduate level, the highest-valued Warwick-funded scholarship will be granted if multiple offers are received. At the postgraduate level, applicants may choose from multiple scholarships, and simultaneous holding of different-purpose scholarships is possible. 

Q3. What are the typical amounts or benefits of Warwick scholarships?

Ans: Each year, the university allocates over 4 million GBP towards scholarships for international students across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes. These awards cover tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, research training costs, etc. 

Q4. Is it possible to receive a full scholarship covering all expenses at Warwick?

Ans: Warwick specifically offers 20 full tuition fee scholarships annually for international undergraduate students, however, scholarships for international students have different coverage, ranging from tuition fees and living expenses to travel costs. 

Q5. How can I improve my chances of receiving a scholarship at Warwick?

Ans: You can improve your chances of receiving a scholarship at Warwick by applying early, having relevant achievements and academic records, work experience, or excelling in extra-curricular activities. 

Q6. Are there any scholarships available for part-time students at Warwick? 

Ans: Part-time degree students whose tuition fees are charged at £1,540 per 30-credit module are eligible for a fee waiver of £770 per 30-credit module (pro-rata for modules of less than 30 credits).

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A classroom full of study-benches, depicting University of Warwick.

University Of Warwick Scholarship in 2024: Boost Your Chances!

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