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The University Of Strathclyde Scholarships In 2023

University of Strathclyde scholarships

The University of Strathclyde has a plethora of opportunities for international students through a range of scholarships designed to support their educational aspirations. With a commitment to fostering global talent, this university offers a diverse array of scholarships that recognise merit, encourage diversity, and promote academic excellence. In this blog, we delve into the University of Strathclyde scholarships for international students. 

  • Strathclyde Research Studentship Scheme (SRSS)
  • University of Strathclyde Covid-19 Hardship Fund
  • British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM
  • Access Bursary for ROI Students
  • Faculty of Science Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students
  • BBA International Scholarship
  • EU Engagement Scholarships Postgraduate Taught Courses
  • Fulbright – University of Strathclyde Award

Before discussing the eligibility and funding offered through these scholarships, let’s have a quick look at what else the university offers to international students. 

About The University Of Strathclyde 

The University of Strathclyde, situated in Glasgow, Scotland, is a renowned public research institution. It holds the distinction of being Glasgow’s second-oldest university owing to the fact that it was originally established in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute. In 1964, it received its royal charter, becoming the UK’s first technological university. Named after the historic Kingdom of Strathclyde, the university boasts a diverse community with students and staff representing over 100 countries. It stands as Scotland’s third-largest university with a significant student population. 

The university provides an extensive range of programmes for international students, encompassing nearly 250 undergraduate and 200 graduate courses. While the undergraduate programmes offered by the university are highly esteemed, the graduate courses are equally renowned for their emphasis on innovation and research, earning them great recognition among employers.

All of these courses are organised through four main faculties, which are categorised based on the subjects and academic fields at the University of Strathclyde. 

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Humanities & Social Sciences 
  • Faculty of Science 
  • Strathclyde Business School 

Popular Courses Offered And Their Fees

Master of Architecture [M.Arch] Architectural Design (International)£21,200 /Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Clinical Pharmacy£23,200 /Yr
B.B.A£19,900 /Yr
B.S Mechanical Engineering£23,750 /Yr
B.A Business Analysis and Technology and Human Resource Management£17,400 /Yr
B.S Data Analytics£17,400 /Yr
B.A/B.S International Business with Modern Languages£17,400 /Yr
B.Eng Electrical and Mechanical Engineering£23,750 /Yr

The University Of Strathclyde Glasgow Scholarships For International Students 

The University of Strathclyde scholarships are offered to those with a brilliant track record. International students at Strathclyde have the opportunity to receive scholarships based on various criteria, including their nationality, academic potential, level of study, chosen subject, and study mode. These scholarships range in value from 1,500 to 25,000 GBP, providing financial support to deserving students pursuing their education at the university.

There are a bunch of scholarships available here, which include:  

The Strathclyde Research Studentship Scheme (SRSS)

The scholarship programme is offered on an annual basis for a period of 3 years by the university. Funding for the scholarship programme is primarily derived from two key sources: the Central University and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council. 

The SRSS encompasses three separate allocations, namely 

  • Research Excellence Awards (REA) 
  • Student Excellence Awards (SEA) 
  • John Anderson Research Awards (JARA)

The central management of the scheme is handled by the PGR Funding Team, initially allocating REA and SEA funds to the Faculties. The faculties then competitively distribute the support to the Departments/Schools. JARA funding, on the other hand, is not allocated through the Faculty and is directly awarded to applicants based on a competitive selection process conducted by the PGR Funding Team.


  • The student must have a postgraduate degree
  • A person who has attained a first-class honours degree or equivalent in a relevant cognate discipline

Type of ScholarshipAmount
Type of ScholarshipApplications Close

University Of Strathclyde Covid-19 Hardship Fund

This fund is open to students from all nationalities who are experiencing financial challenges in covering their living expenses throughout the semester or during the summer period. This is one of the University of Strathclyde scholarships which provides temporary support specifically designed to assist students during the difficult circumstances posed by the ongoing pandemic.


  • Are facing financial hardship. 
  • Existing funds do not cover or adequately meet essential needs. 
  • An award is suitable for addressing needs. 

British Council Scholarships For Women In STEM

The British Council offers University of Strathclyde scholarships to women pursuing STEM courses. These scholarships are five fully-funded ones. These are applicable to female students from South Asia studying master’s programmes in Health and Life Science, Climate Change, Environment & Risk Reduction, Energy Transition, and Industry 4.0.

If awarded a scholarship, applicants must agree to maintain contact with the British Council and act as an ambassador for the UK, engaging in activities as part of the British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM alumni network during and after their study in the UK. The involvement in these activities during the study in the UK will not exceed five hours per term.


  1. Applicants must identify as female.
  2. Students must be passport holders and permanent residents of one of the eligible countries – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
  3. Must have a valid undergraduate degree from a recognised university. 
  4. Applicants must demonstrate financial support need 
  5. Applicants must not be receiving financial support or funding towards their study programme in the UK from any other source.

Note: Students who agree who avail of the funds offered through this scholarship must know that their personal data will be shared with the British Council as a condition of applying for the scholarship.

Access Bursary for ROI Students

The Strathclyde Access Bursary is a financial support programme offered by the University of Strathclyde to assist students from low-income backgrounds who face financial barriers in accessing higher education. It is one of the University Of Strathclyde’s international undergraduate scholarships. 


  • Students must have a secondary education certification. 
  • Should hold an Irish passport
  • Must not have not been receiving financial support or funding towards their study programme in the UK from any other source.

Funding: Upto £3000 per year

Faculty Of Science Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

The Faculty of Science offers University of Strathclyde scholarships specifically designed to support international students pursuing studies in various science-related disciplines. These scholarships aim to attract talented students from around the world and provide them with financial assistance to pursue their academic goals in the field of science. 


  1. Applicants should be newly admitted to a full-time undergraduate degree programme within the Faculty of Science.
  2. Applicants must have demonstrated outstanding academic performance thus far in their academic studies, reflected in excellent grades or academic achievements.
  3. Eligible candidates must be self-funded for their studies. 

Funding:  £4,000-£6,000

Deadline: 3 July 2023

BBA International Scholarship

The Business School is delighted to provide University of Strathclyde scholarships to international students who are applying for the undergraduate BBA Honours Business Administration course. The scholarship is for a total duration of three years, with the awarded amount being deducted from the overall tuition fees.


  • International fee-paying students who have applied for the BBA course 
  • Must hold a conditional or unconditional offer

Funding: 15% reduction in tuition fees

Deadline: 20th August 2023

University Of Strathclyde Eu Engagement Scholarships

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, students hailing from the European Union are no longer qualified to avail themselves of the home fee status pertaining to university tuition fees. The University of Strathclyde, therefore, acknowledges the supplementary financial consequences faced by prospective applicants from the EU. Consequently, the institution has declared the introduction of EU Engagement Scholarships, designed to provide assistance to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students embarking on taught courses in 2023.

For Undergraduate Study: 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences courses£5,000
Strathclyde Business School courses£5,000
Faculty of Engineering courses£8,000
Faculty of Science courses£6,000 -£8,000 

For Postgraduate Study

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences£5,000-£7,000
Strathclyde Business School (Excluding MBA)£9,000-10,000
Faculty of Engineering£8,000
Faculty of Science£7,000 -£10,000

Note: To know the application deadlines, students have to email the specific faculties.

University Of Strathclyde MBA Scholarship 

These University of Strathclyde scholarships will be granted based on merit rather than financial need. Successful candidates will exhibit exceptional academic performance (current and/or prior achievements) in both their Scholarship Application and Master’s programme application. They should also demonstrate relevant extra-curricular or professional experience, career development, and a commitment to enhancing the academic, cultural, and experiential diversity of the programme. 

Deadline: 31st July 2023

Funding: £9,000 or £10,000 depending on the subject


1.Does the University of Strathclyde give scholarships to international students?

They encourage all international (non-EU) offer holders who are self-funded and paying the full tuition fees to apply, provided they possess strong academic qualifications.

2.How long does Strathclyde University take to reply?

The University of Strathclyde typically requires approximately 10 business days to issue an offer letter.

3.What funding is on offer?

Certain University of Strathclyde scholarships provide a comprehensive funding package encompassing both tuition fees and living expenses. Other awards may offer partial funding, such as assistance with living costs or covering tuition fees exclusively.

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University of Strathclyde scholarships

The University Of Strathclyde Scholarships In 2023

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