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University Of Oxford Fees: Tuition Fees, Top & Programmes!

university of oxford fees

One of the top colleges in the world, Oxford has nearly 25,000 students, including 12,510 undergraduates and 13,044 postgraduates. International students make up almost 11,500 students, or 45% of the overall student population, with 23% of undergraduates and 6% of graduate students being international students. Understanding the complexities of University of Oxford fees is critical for anybody considering the journey.

In this blog, let us explore the components that comprise the University of Oxford costs, analysing the split of tuition, fees, and other charges. With over 40 colleges and halls, the university displays an academic tapestry woven with varied fields, with each strand adding to Oxford’s rich intellectual fabric.

Key Information – University of Oxford Fees
Total Student PopulationNearly 25,000 students, with 45% international students (11,500), including 23% undergraduates and 6% graduates.
Tuition Fee for Home Students (2023)£9,250, with the option for a UK government tuition fee loan covering the entire course fee.
Tuition Fee Range for International Students£28,950 to £44,240, varying based on the course of study.
Top Programmes and Annual FeesMSc in Advanced Computer Science: £32,760, MPhil in Economics: £26,450, and others as per the table.
Fee Payment DeadlineCourse fees must be paid no later than Week 1 of the term or seven days after the course start date, whichever is later.

University Of Oxford Fees 

Oxford University fees for international students may appear to be more expensive than those of other educational institutions, but they reflect the institution’s prestigious reputation, historical significance, and superior academic offerings. While the tuition may appear high, it includes access to world-class instructors, cutting-edge resources, and a thriving intellectual community. For more than a decade, Oxford has been listed among the top 10 worldwide university rankings by QS Worldwide Rankings, THE World Rankings, and others.

Tuition Fees For Home Students 

The Oxford University Tuition Fee for Home students starting their first undergraduate degree in 2023 will be £9,250. Home students can apply for a tuition fee loan from the UK government for the entire amount of their course fee, eliminating the need to pay any fees in advance. If you choose to pay your course costs in full rather than taking out a loan, for more information on the finances, you can visit the University Of Oxford’s Payments and Refunds and Fee Liability pages.

Tuition Fees For International Students

If you are not a ‘Home’ student, you will be categorised as an ‘Overseas’ student, and you will not be eligible for a tuition price loan from the UK government. If you are an international student, your course price will be much higher and will vary depending on your programme of study. Visit the official website for course-wise Oxford University fee structure. 

University of Oxford Tuition fees for international students.

Oxford University Courses And Fees 

These are some of the top programmes at Oxford University. This table consists of Oxford University’s courses and fees

Top programmesTotal fees/year
MSc in Advanced Computer Science£32,760
MSc in Mathematical Sciences£32,760
Master of Science (M.SC), Neuroscience£32,760
MPhil in Economics£26,450
MSc in Psychological Research£32,760
Master of Science (M.S), Social Data Science£30,910
MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management£29,100
MSt in World Literature in English£30,910
MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management£29,100
MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice£27,460

Course Fees

The course fees paid by matriculated students cover tuition, supervision, academic services, and facilities provided by the University (including your department or faculty) and the colleges, but do not cover housing or other living expenses. The course costs you pay to cover both University and college services are split evenly between the University of Oxford fees (including your department or faculty) and your college. On request, the Student Fees Team can provide further information. Course fees for graduate courses are payable each year for the life of your fee responsibility.

Fee Status

Course costs are assessed based on your fee status, which is either Home or Overseas.

To assess students’ fee status, all English institutions utilise the same standards, which may be accessed on the UK Council for International Students (UKCISA) website. 

  • In general, your fee status is determined by your country, immigration status in the UK, where you have lived, and what you have done in the three years before the commencement of your study. After you have applied, the University can analyse your fee status based on the information you submitted on your application form. If we require further information to complete this evaluation and you are granted a seat, we will contact you to request it. 
  • If you are an EU national who does not live in the UK, you will very certainly be charged Overseas fees. Students having established and pre-settled status given under the EU Settlement Scheme, as well as various other kinds of students working in the UK, are eligible for Home fee status if they fulfil the residency conditions. 

Fee Liability And Payments

Your fee responsibility is the amount of time you have to pay University of Oxford fees. Your regular fee responsibility term will normally be the same as the length of your course.

You must pay your annual course fees no later than Week 1 of the term in which you begin study, or seven days after the actual start date of your course, whichever is later. We recommend that you contact your college to inquire about payment options.

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How much does Oxford University cost?

The annual course fees at Oxford University for international students range from £28,950 to £44,240.

What are the fees of Oxford University in Indian rupees?

The tuition fees for Oxford University in Indian rupees vary, approximately ranging from 26.7 lakh INR to 68.83 lakh INR.

How much does Oxford MA cost?

The cost of an Oxford MA depends on the specific programme, and fees can vary.

Is Oxford cheaper than Harvard?

Comparing costs is complex; Oxford’s fees are lower, but overall expenses may differ based on factors like living costs and the specific course.

Is Oxford better than Harvard?

The assessment of “better” is subjective; both Oxford and Harvard are prestigious institutions with unique strengths and global recognition.

How to get an Oxford Scholarship?

To secure an Oxford Scholarship, submit a graduate application by the course deadline, and there is no separate application process for financing.

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university of oxford fees

University Of Oxford Fees: Tuition Fees, Top & Programmes!

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