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University Of Limerick Scholarships in 2024 For Indian Students

University of Limerick Scholarship students gathered in a hall.

The University of Limerick offers over 70 undergraduate programmes and a robust selection of postgraduate options, including more than 100 taught postgraduate programmes up to doctoral and postdoctoral levels. With an acceptance rate of 70%, the university accommodates a diverse range of students. The average annual tuition fees vary from 3,000 to 30,000 EUR. To assist deserving students worldwide, there are University of Limerick scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes across different faculties. This blog aims to provide you with all the essential information about these scholarships. 

Overview Of University of Limerick Scholarship Highlights
Categories:Undergraduate and Postgraduate scholarships, Sports Scholarships, Government Scholarships
Eligibility:All international studentsInternational students of India undertaking graduate, postgraduate or research programmes
Range:Awarded scholarships range or fee reduction

University Of Limerick Scholarships For International Students

The cost of studying in Ireland is a bit less compared to the US or UK. However, every bit of financial support matters for students. That’s where scholarships step in. Whether you’re aiming for an undergraduate, postgraduate, or diploma degree, you can apply for scholarships in Ireland for Indian students applicable to the University of Limerick. Some scholarships even provide a one-time financial boost to cover your entire tuition fees. Numerous scholarships are available for international students, including those from India. In this section, we’ll get into the details of these scholarships. Let’s start with the table given below which contains University of Limerick Postgraduate Scholarships, undergraduate scholarships, sports scholarships, etc. 

Scholarship NameLevel of EducationUniversity Of Limerick Scholarship Awards
Faculty of Science and Engineering ScholarshipsUndergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Programmes€1500 per year
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences ScholarshipsUndergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Programmes€1,500 per year
Kemmy Business School ScholarshipUndergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Programmes€1,500 per year
Indian Students ScholarshipUndergraduate Indian Students Approx. €4,280
Education and Health Science ScholarshipsUndergraduate and Postgraduate €1,500 per year
UL Progression ScholarshipPostgraduate50% fee waiver

It’s important to note that within the Education and Health Science Scholarships category, there are specific Master’s Degree Scholarships available. A €1,500 scholarship is offered for the following programmes: MA in Psychology, MSc in Psychological Science, MSc in Sports Performance, MSc in Sports, Exercise and Performance Psychology, and BSc Nursing Studies. Additionally, there is a €3,000 scholarship specifically allocated for the MSc Nursing Studies programme. 

University Of Limerick Sports Scholarships 

These scholarships are available to all current full-time UL students or those applying to join UL for the first time, whether through CAO or transferring, at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. To be eligible, applicants must be a member of a national governing body of sport recognised by the Irish Sports Council in the sport for which they are applying for a scholarship. There are three levels of scholarships:

GOLDSupport for a training grant, On-campus accommodation, full registration fee coverage, sports science support, High-level coaching, access to UL Sport Arena gym and facilities, academic flexibility following Limerick’s  HPA policy, Branded HP sports clothing
SILVERSupport for a training grant, On-campus accommodation, 50% coverage of the registration fee, sports science support, High-level coaching, access to UL Sport Arena gym and facilities, academic flexibility following Limerick’s HPA policy, Branded HP sports clothing
BRONZESupport for a training grant, sports science support, High-level coaching, UL Sport Arena gym and facilities membership, academic flexibility following Limerick’s HPA policy, Branded HP sports clothing

Applicants for UL Sports Scholarships in Ireland will automatically be considered for a number of other sport-specific scholarships, namely: 

  • The Michael Hillary and Jacinta O’Brien Athletics Scholarships
  • The Plassey Campus Company / Swim Ireland Bursaries
  • The Paddy Dooley / Rowing Endowment Fund

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List Of Government Funded/Organisational Scholarships Applicable To University Of Limerick 

Besides the University of Limerick Scholarships discussed earlier, there are numerous government-funded and external organisation scholarships available for application. These scholarships provide partial funding or a specific amount to cover your tuition fees. Notably, some of these scholarships are backed by the Indian Government, such as the HEST Scholarship and National Overseas Scholarship. Explore the table below for further details.

Scholarship NameEligible Level of Education/SubjectsAward
Education Future International ScholarshipBachelors, MastersINR 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs

National overseas scholarship 2024
All subjects and levelsUp to 17000 USD
Bayer Science & Education Foundation – International FellowshipsBiology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutics and drug discoveryPartial Funding
Higher Education Scholarship Test For Indian Students (HEST)All courses except Medicine/ MBBSPartial Funding

Eligibility Criteria For University Of Limerick Scholarship

The eligibility criteria for Limerick Scholarships is straightforward. The eligibility criteria apply to all the scholarships of PG, UG, and sports programmes. To qualify, candidates need to meet these conditions:

1. Must be an Indian citizen

2. Must enrol in a specified full-time postgraduate programme at the University of Limerick under the following faculties:

  • Kemmy Business School
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science
  • Faculty of Education and Health Science

3. Should hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or college

4. Must satisfy the English language proficiency criteria

5. Should be a full-fee paying student

6. Confirmed admission in a full-time postgraduate course under one of the mentioned faculties is mandatory.

How To Apply For Limerick Scholarships? 

Candidates applying for the University of Limerick Scholarships do not have to submit additional scholarship applications. Scholarship consideration is automatic once applicants complete the admission applications for the University of Limerick. However, you must keep a set of documents ready at hand, for you might be asked for them as proof: 

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency scores
  • Proof of finances

How Hard Or Easy Is It To Get a Scholarship From University Of Limerick? 

Getting a scholarship from the University of Limerick can be easier or harder based on a few things. How many people want the scholarship, how many scholarships they have, and the eligibility criteria all matter.

The University of Limerick gives out different scholarships for different levels of learning. You need to check the scholarships you like, make sure you fit the rules show you’re good in school, achieve things, and meet any other special needs.

Securing a scholarship from the University of Limerick is made more accessible by the fact that applicants are automatically considered upon completing the admission application. There’s no need for a separate application, saving time and effort. The eligibility criteria are straightforward, often based on academic excellence and other specific requirements. Prospective students should take advantage of this streamlined process. 

Interesting Facts About University Of Limerick Scholarships

Getting a scholarship at the University of Limerick is like winning a golden ticket—it’s not just about school, it’s about setting yourself up for life after college. There are so many things to do in Ireland like visiting their Museum, Cliffs and so many cafes adds an extra dash of excitement to your student journey. And here’s the cool part: getting one of these scholarships could be your ticket to making Ireland your permanent home. So, with these scholarships, you not only get a great education but also a chance to explore Ireland, build memories, and maybe even call it your forever home. 

University of Limerick scholarships can be truly helpful for reducing the cost of student accommodations in Ireland, tuition fees, and other related expenses. However, solely depending on scholarships is not a great idea, as scholarships can be competitive, reducing your chances of qualifying. It’s always better to have a backup option by opting for an education loan. Wondering where you will get your study abroad education loan? Well, UniCreds can be your partner for study abroad education loans. Get education loans in Ireland, Germany, the UK, the US, or France and have a worry-free study abroad experience! 


Q1. How can I get a scholarship at the University of Limerick?

Ans: There’s no separate application process, you will be qualified automatically based on your academic excellence. 

Q2. Does the University of Limerick offer full scholarships?

Ans: University of Limerick offers partial merit-based scholarships that can generally be used for tuition fees or are tuition fee waivers for international students. 

Q3. Can I apply for multiple scholarships at the University of Limerick?

Ans: You are considered for multiple scholarships if those are internal scholarships provided by the university. External scholarships or funding is not allowed once you receive internal funding. 

Q4. What is the deadline for the University of Limerick scholarship applications?

Ans: Scholarship deadlines can vary depending on the type of scholarship, programme, and academic year. It’s best to check the scholarship webpage of the University of Limerick to keep up with the latest application deadlines. 

Q5. How competitive are the scholarships at the University of Limerick?

Ans: The competitiveness of the Limerick Scholarships depends on the number of awards, the popularity of the scholarships, etc. Also, these scholarships are merit-based, so you should focus on gaining academic excellence. 

 Q6. What documents are required for the University of Limerick scholarship application?

Ans: You will be asked for proof of financial need, academic transcripts, proof of English proficiency etc. as documents to offer you the scholarship. 

Q7. How can I apply for the University of Limerick scholarship?

Ans: To be considered for a scholarship at the University of Limerick (UL), applicants must first apply for admission to a relevant Bachelor, Master, or PhD programme offered by UL. It is a prerequisite to have either a conditional or final offer of admission from UL to be eligible for the scholarship.

Q8. Are there research-specific scholarships at the University of Limerick?

Ans: There are a few research specific research based scholarships at University of Limerick namely Three Funded PhD’s Stable Lives Safer Streets Hub (SLSSHub) for Research in Youth Justice, PhD Student in Design/Engineering to Develop an Embryo Culture System, Doctoral College- Five PhD Scholarships-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc. 

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University of Limerick Scholarship students gathered in a hall.

University Of Limerick Scholarships in 2024 For Indian Students

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