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Top 6 Things To Look While Choosing A Career Coach in 2022

Things To Look While Choosing A Career

We’ve all come across a “career fix” at least once in our lives. Career coaches are trained professionals who help students with extensive knowledge of various careers and professional opportunities. With a knack for approaching people with different mindsets and needs, covering a wide range of issues…hiring a career coach who knows exactly how to approach you and your needs is essential. 

A career coach can change the direction of your career transition, developing as a leader, or working on collaboration, a career coach can help you choose the right career options. However, coaching, mentorship and therapy are often mixed up. These are three different types of coaching. When you make a decision to hire a career coach, you need to know exactly what to look for. These tips for choosing a career coach will help you tremendously in mending your future.

Things to Look for in a Career Coach

What To Look For In A Career Coach

  1. Qualifications and Credentials: One of the key things to look for in a career coach is the International Coach Federation (ICF) degree. It is one of the most highly recognized professional organizations for coaches, providing training and courses that are respected worldwide. Many people use the title of a “career coach” without having a professional qualification. It is necessary to do your research before hiring a career coach for effective results. Here are some questions you could ask your coach before hiring them:
  • What are your qualifications and certifications?
  • Where did you complete your coach training?
  • What are your credentials?
  • What are your personal affiliations?

  1. Record and Experience: Credentials and qualifications are great, but nothing beats having relevant experience and success in the field of career coaching. The first thing to keep in mind is if your coach has successfully coached clients with goals similar to yours. This is the most important aspect. One of the main things to look for in a career coach is the number of years they specialized in career coaching. Even better if they’ve personally experienced a situation similar to yours, whether that’s making a career transition, returning to school, launching their own company, etc. 

3. References and Recommendations: This is one way to find a career coach. Ask friends, trusted colleagues and business contacts for suggestions and find out what they gained by hiring a career coach and what they received.

How To Choose The Right Career Coach For You

  1. Is a career coach actually what you want and need?

Your coach will help you gain clarity on setting and achieving your goals. To pick the right coach to match your needs, let’s talk about the difference between mentorship, coaching and therapy. Since these are the three things to look for in a career coach to construct your future. A mentor is someone who has been in your shoes before. Someone who will provide advice based on experiencing the same hurdles you have. It is non-supervised and unstructured. A mentor and a mentee are both volunteers. Usually, a mentor is senior to the mentee. Whereas, therapy focuses on the past. More focused on trauma and seeking healing from a tough past. And centres on  rational coping and seeking healing 

Career Coaching focuses on the future and how it affects you as an individual. It is positively focused on how you find a way to explore opportunities. Moving forward to get yourself on track with action-oriented steps. A career coach helps you arrive at your own solutions by guiding you towards the right path. This process leads to creating a sustained change without wavering your future. If you focus on what you exactly need, this will help you make a decision on which type of assistance you will need. 

  1. Is their coaching style right for you?

Based on personality and training each career coach trains differently. Some mandatory things to look for in a career coach’s personality, since some tend to be more warm, energetic and supportive while others can be more confronting and really challenge you. Some coaches are well-trained to provide shape and responsibility, some are very organized and objective. Some are comfortable and enthusiastic. Hiring a career coach based on their approach, style and way of training is very vital. Think about how you like to receive feedback and collaborate with others and evaluate if your coach can provide the style of support you need. Many coaches will provide this information upfront on their website or personally if you ask the right questions.

  1. Is the budget good for you?

Another thing to look for in a career coach is how much they charge per hour. Coaches universally charge per hour based on their level of experience. Thus, having an affordable budget is very important while you select your career coach. We know this can be particularly challenging if you’re currently between jobs. Some coaches provide coaching online, whereas some personally visit. Career coaching online is an affordable choice. Here are some questions you can ask based on your budget:

  • Are there any additional tools and resources provided? 
  • What’s included in their hourly rate? 
  • Are they a solo or team network operating in the field? 
  • Do they have a guarantee of a refund? 

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Price is not always an indication of quality, but be sure you’re not selecting the cheapest career coach to save money. Remember, this is an investment in yourself and your near future! These are the key ingredients to look for when choosing a career coach. Whether you are an athlete or an employee, there are no restrictions on what your aspirations are. A career coach who focuses on your long-term goals encourages your self-improvement, provides a safe space for you and helps you have a long term relationship with a career that is grounded. 

Thank you for reading ‘The Secret Weapon: Things To Look For In A Career Coach.

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Things To Look While Choosing A Career

Top 6 Things To Look While Choosing A Career Coach in 2022

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