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Ten Best Activities When Studying Abroad

Ten Best Activities When Studying Abroad

It’s incredibly exciting to study abroad, wherever you plan to go. It’s all new and exciting. It will still be a surprise, no matter how much research you do before leaving. Here’s our list of ten best activities when studying abroad that you should definitely implement at least once during your uni life!

Ten Best Activities When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad presents a remarkable opportunity to not just pursue academic aspirations but also fully immerse in a new culture and forge lasting memories. To truly enhance the study abroad experience, it is crucial to engage in the right activities. From discovering local attractions and indulging in authentic cuisine to actively participating in cultural events and joining student organizations, these ten activities offer a well-rounded and enriching journey for students. Let’s delve into these top activities, fostering personal growth, cultural exploration, and academic excellence, making studying abroad an unforgettable adventure.

#1 Embrace Your New City & Surroundings

It is normal to feel a tinge of sadness at having to leave and the reassuring familiarity of your homeland, but that doesn’t mean you stay aloof and go into a shell in your new city. Accepting your new environment, be it people, culture or weather is one of the abroad activities that you can do overseas. If you meet a guy next to your room, give him a warm smile, talk about the weather, or ask for help if you need it, some people will give cold looks, but the majority will be welcome and will not hesitate to help you. Also, because of ignorance, prejudices in the world thrive, and by showing them that you can easily assimilate with your new city’s culture and lifestyle, you are not only winning them over but breaking age-old stereotypes that people have about others.

#2 Find Part-Time Jobs

Studying abroad means paying high tuition fees and spending on health insurance and travel insurance, so you can get some breathing space if you manage to get yourself a part-time job, making it one of the best study abroad preparation tips from a realistic point of view. There are ample job openings for students in countries such as Germany and New Zealand, as you can work up to 20 hours a week during sessions and full-time during breaks in New Zealand. Although F-1 visa graduates in the United States are not permitted to work off-campus in the first year, they can work on campus in the second year in their field of study.

#3 Mingle With Diverse Backgrounds

You may have decided to study abroad because you thought you’d be better positioned that way professionally. One of the best activities abroad that should not be ignored, however, is that you get to mingle with an international student culture, some of which could be drawn from as far apart as the Americas and Africa. These students from diverse backgrounds and pursuing various programs are a sign of how the world is shaping up today, be it engineering or MBA. And you can imbibe their culture as a member of this community, learn new languages, and marvel at how they react so differently to circumstances than you do. There is one helpful suggestion: keep your eyes peeled when studying abroad.

#4 Visit The Countryside

The big cities may hide the limelight, but the soul of any country in the countryside. The graceful countryside would stop you in your tracks and force you to marvel at their beauty, away from the crowd and flooded with greenery and, in some cases, stunning valleys zigzagging ever so languidly across them. And you will forget the rat race for once and be thankful to be in the midst of people who, to the point of being embarrassing, are loving and self-effacing. Therefore, the countryside should feature prominently in your list of abroad activities to do when you’re overseas.

#5 Make Friends & Expand Your Network

Friendship, a person’s greatest gift, transcends challenges and fills our hearts with contentment, and teaches us tolerance and brotherhood values. Although there is no such rule that you only make friends with locals, there are many advantages to doing so when studying abroad. For one thing, you’ll stop feeling like an outsider if you have a local as your best friend. He can also help you learn more about the local culture, traditions, and geography than any book can ever do. You can even coax him on a road trip to join you and have the time of your lives; after all, they don’t say it takes two to tango!

#6 Take Part In Local Activities

In a city, there are many interesting things going on, such as food festivals, fire festivals, and jazz events. It can be a great stress buster to attend these events, and it is an opportunity to unleash your social skills, including breaking into an impromptu dance and impressing the crowd and your friends. A lively presentation of local culture and their ethos, which is special to them and thus something to be treasured, is what you can find in these activities.

#7 Travel Beyond Your City’s Frontiers

There is no better way to travel if you want to escape from narrow-mindedness and get a broad, holistic view of things. And fortunately for you, most of the top academic destinations, including world heritage sites, historical architecture, and cascading waterfalls, have some spectacular places to inspire you.

#8 Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture 

It is commonly said that it is a culture that brings nations closer than politics, so it is not a bad thing to put some effort into the local culture while you are studying abroad. Also, people jet-setting around countries for work-related purposes has become the new standard with the advent of globalization and MNCs. So, one of the best activities abroad that you can do is to learn the local culture: eat their food, get dressed in their tradition, and participate in their festivities!

#9 Keep Your Activities On Record 

How does it feel about going through your old album? Nostalgic, melancholic, and longing for the good old days. Whatever the reaction may be, one thing is fairly certain; we all hold onto those memories dearly and wouldn’t exchange them for all the money in the world. After all, if our memories are taken away, we cease to be who we are. Now, when you’re in a new place, you might have a lot of memories, good and bad, that you would like to enjoy later in life and that you’d like to capture for posterity. By keeping a log or journal, you can do so by jotting down all the important events, which will also be one of the enjoyable things to do when you are studying abroad in some way.

#10 Learn The Local Language

If you manage to speak the local language, you will be able to wriggle more easily out of difficult situations, especially in countries where the normal lingua franca is not English.


In conclusion, studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to explore new cultures, gain valuable experiences, and broaden one’s horizons. Engaging in a range of activities can enhance the overall study abroad experience, creating memories that last a lifetime. By immersing oneself in local customs, connecting with fellow students, and exploring the host country’s landmarks, cuisine, and traditions, students can make the most of their time abroad and foster personal and academic growth.


1. What are the best activities to do when studying abroad?

Some of the best activities to do when studying abroad include exploring local attractions, participating in cultural events, joining student organizations, taking language classes, and trying traditional cuisine.

2. How can participating in cultural events enhance the study abroad experience?

Participating in cultural events such as festivals, concerts, or art exhibitions allows students to immerse themselves in the local culture, gain a deeper understanding of traditions, and build connections with the local community.

3. Why should I take language classes while studying abroad?

Taking language classes can enhance communication skills, help navigate daily life in the host country, and foster a deeper understanding of the local culture. It opens doors to meaningful interactions and allows for a more immersive study abroad experience.

4. What are the benefits of trying new foods when studying abroad?

Trying new foods is a great way to experience the local culture, and it can also help students overcome homesickness. Additionally, exploring local cuisine can be a fun and delicious adventure.

Thank you for reading this blog on the ten best activities when studying abroad. If you’d like to read more, check out our other blogs of interest:

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Ten Best Activities When Studying Abroad

Ten Best Activities When Studying Abroad

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