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Study In Nottingham: A Complete Guide

Study In Nottingham: A Complete Guide

If your childhood was awesome because of the legend of Robin Hood and your trusty Raleigh bicycle, you’ll have to thank Nottingham. This city has links to the legend of Robin Hood, lace-making, Raleigh bikes, and more! Let’s learn all about the city of Nottingham and why so many students wish to study in Nottingham. 

Study In Nottingham : A Complete Guide

Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands region of the UK. Often referred to as ‘Queen of the Midlands’, it is one of the best student cities in the UK. This is why Nottingham is renowned for its large international student population. In fact, Nottingham’s highest-ranked university, the University of Nottingham, has subsidiaries in China and Malaysia, which has greatly improved the university’s and city’s brand equity. 

Why Study In Nottingham?

With so much to do and see in the city, studying at Nottingham uni will always keep you on your toes! From buzzing cafes to the infamous Lace Market, the National Water Sports Centre to stand-up paddleboarding, there won’t be a single dull moment while you study in Nottingham. Here are just a few of the reasons why international students love to study in Nottingham.

World Class University | Study Abroad In Nottingham

Nottingham has three world-class universities – The University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, and National Design Academy (NDA). These universities are renowned for their excellent teaching pedagogy, diverse international student population, and high placement rates. We will have a more in-depth analysis of these universities later on in the blog.

Job Opportunities

Many large international companies like Siemens, Speedo, Capital One, and Boots have their headquarters in Nottingham. This means that students have many opportunities to grab jobs once they have graduated. Studying at Nottingham uni implies access to a strong bioscience industry that employs many students every year. Other popular sectors in Nottingham are textiles, manufacturing, retail, and pharmaceuticals.

Nottingham Cost Of Living

We will get into the specifics on the cost of living in Nottingham later on in the blog, but just be aware that Nottingham has a relatively low cost of living compared to other major cities in the UK. International students can expect to pay around £23,760 for their undergraduate courses whereas the cost of an undergraduate course for domestic students is capped at £9,250. Accommodation expenses can be minimized by booking a student accommodation in Nottingham via the UniAcco website.

Way Of Life And Culture

Study In Nottingham : A Complete Guide

We’re sure you will enjoy your Nottingham study abroad experience because this city is so well planned out. Take, for instance, the public transport system in Nottingham. This award-winning public transport system ensures easy access to various parts of this city through its punctual train, tram, and bus schedules. Moreover, students can spend their free time at Nottingham’s theaters, museums, galleries, shopping centers, and other entertainment venues. Be sure to check out the ‘Home of English Sport’, which is a major sporting center in Nottingham. 

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Nottingham has a rich selection of nightclubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants. Students who choose to study abroad in Nottingham can rest assured that their weekends will be full of fun! 

The Cost Of Living In Nottingham

The Nottingham cost of living is very close to the UK average. Here is an estimation of the various monthly costs you are likely to incur when you study in Nottingham. 

  • Student Accommodation – £660
  • Entertainment – £125
  • Food – £110
  • Travelling – £57
  • Stationery – £50
  • Internet and mobile phone – £50

All in all, it is recommended that you have a budget of £1,000 (without tuition) if you decide to study in Nottingham. Now coming to tuition fees, there are three leading universities in Nottingham –

These universities have a collective enrollment of over 62,000 students, with a healthy proportion of the student population coming from abroad. The cost of tuition at these universities is fairly similar, so let’s analyse the cost of studying at the University of Nottingham.

The cost of tuition for an undergraduate degree for a domestic student is capped at £9,250, whereas for a postgraduate degree, the cost of tuition for a domestic student is anywhere between £3,015 and £12,960.

As for international students, the cost of tuition for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes is more expensive than the cost of tuition for domestic students. Undergraduate international students can expect to pay around £23,760 for their course, while postgraduate international students have to shell out around £8,565 – £24,390.

Source: The University of Nottingham

Best Universities In Nottingham

Choosing the right university for yourself can make or break your study abroad experience. It is essential that you know all your options and evaluates them thoroughly before you make a final decision. In order to help you through this process, here is some useful information on the three most popular universities in Nottingham.

University of Nottingham

Many people know the University of Nottingham to be the leading university in Nottingham. While that’s true, not a lot of people know about the origin story of this great university. It started off as a Civic College but later moved to, now, its main campus, University Park. Since its inception in 1928, the University of Nottingham has grown and expanded to various campuses in the UK and even abroad (Malaysia and China). The University of Nottingham is divided into five constituent faculties that have more than 50 institutes, schools, departments, and research centres. This university has always placed ‘innovation’ at the forefront in all its endeavours. This is why the University of Nottingham offers some of the best courses in the world in the fields of English language, English literature, Education, Veterinary sciences, Geography, and Pharmacy. This is the only university in Nottingham to have 97% of its research deemed world-class. 

Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is one of the leading universities in Nottingham, offering students world-class campuses across Nottingham. The origins of Nottingham Trent University (NTU) dates back to 1843 when it was formed out of a merger of several educational institutions. This public university is the 13th largest university in the UK. Nottingham Trent University offers students a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, online, and degree apprenticeship courses. Students can find globally recognised course degrees in the fields of business, journalism, sports, marketing, social science, arts, creative technologies, design, nursing, sciences, law, education, and psychology. All these high-quality courses ensure that students who graduate are highly qualified and employable. This seems to be working as Nottingham Trent University has very high placement statistics. Some famous world personalities who have graduated from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are Christopher Blanchett (journalist in BBC), Matt Berry (actor), Varun Dhawan (actor), and Olav Bjørtomt (award-winning quiz player). 

National Design Academy (NDA)

National Design Academy (NDA) is a relatively new university that has been active for almost 30 years now. This university is considered to be the UK’s leading provider of fully accredited Interior Design courses. The popularity of the National Design Academy (NDA) has skyrocketed in recent years with more than 31,000 students from 80 countries enrolling at this university. The hallmark of the National Design Academy (NDA) lies in its flexibility. National Design Academy (NDA) offers students adaptable, part-time, online courses that fit around their work and professional commitments. The courses are crafted in such a way that they can be studied from anywhere in the world.  

The Best Student Accommodation In Nottingham 

Trinity Square

Trinity Square is one of the most popular student accommodations in Nottingham. What makes this student accommodation so popular is the simple room layouts and the host of different amenities it offers. Trinity Square is the ideal student accommodation for students enrolled at Nottingham Trent University, as this university is only a 5-minute walk away. If you want to live and study in Nottingham comfortably, then Trinity Square is the perfect place for you.

study in Nottingham

Address –

North Church Street, Nottingham NG1 4BR, United Kingdom

Room types –

  • En-suite rooms
  • Studio room

Accommodation amenities –

A television, all-inclusive utility bills, an ironing board, WiFi, a bookshelf, a couch, cleaning equipment, a microwave, an electric stove, a fridge, storage cabins, a laundry room, parcel receipt service, a garden, an electronic key fob entry system, contents insurance, 24×7 dedicated support, specially abled access, a lounge area, social events, CCTV security, a communal area, a study area, vending machine and bike storage.

Nearest universities – 

  • Nottingham Trent International College
  • Nottingham Trent University

Price range –

£159 – £195/week


Hydrogen is a contemporary student accommodation that is located right in the heart of the Nottingham city centre. This property offers students three variants of a studio room namely: Studio-Bronze, Studio-Silver, Studio-Gold and Studio-Platinum. Hydrogen also offers students a variety of fun amenities such as social events, a games room, a residents lounge and much more! 

study in nottingham

Address –

1 Goldsmith St, Nottingham NG1 5ND, United Kingdom

Room types –

  • Studio rooms

Accommodation amenities –

A laundry room, all-inclusive utility bills, a fridge, an electric stove, wooden flooring, WiFi, a microwave, a bookshelf, social events, specially-abled access, a games room, a communal area, a study area, ANUK accreditation, 24/7 dedicated service, CCTV security, contents insurance, bike storage, parcel receipt service, and a lounge area. 

Nearest universities – 

  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Law, Nottingham

Price range –

£189 – £279/week

iQ Exchange

iQ Exchange is one of the few student accommodations in Nottingham that offers students en-suite rooms, studio rooms and even apartments. All these rooms come fully furnished with a bed, a study desk & chair and a wardrobe. iQ Exchange’s strategic location means that getting around the city is easy and affordable. Moreover, there are several restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs and nightclubs within walking distance from iQ Exchange.

study in nottingham

Address –

143 Lower Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 1EE, United Kingdom

Room types – 

  • En-suite rooms
  • Studio rooms
  • Apartments

Accommodation amenities –

An electric stove, a microwave, wooden flooring, a sofa, a fridge, all-inclusive utility bills, a television, a laundry room, storage cabins, a dining room, WiFi, contents insurance, a lounge area, CCTV security, bike storage, a games room, 24/7 dedicated service, social events, a communal area, and a study area. 

Nearest universities –

  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Nottingham

Price range –

£134 – £231/week

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you’re someone who wants to share your valuable experiences through a blog, we’re more than happy to collaborate. Write to us at contact@unicreds.com to know more about our guest-post submission process.

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Study In Nottingham: A Complete Guide

Study In Nottingham: A Complete Guide

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