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Study in Canada: Home for International Students

Study in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area and there are several things to explore in the country. Canada has a unique location that will offer you some marvelous views, fabulous weather, and unlimited things to discover. These are just a few of the many reasons why students love studying abroad in Canada.

Nearly half of Canada’s 37 million residents live in the three largest cities of the country, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and these have become the most popular study abroad destinations in Canada. Even if you prefer the fast-paced city life or if you love the more laid-back vibe of smaller towns close to nature, there are loads of Canadian study destinations to choose from.

No matter which city you choose to pursue your education in, you’ll love engaging in Canadian life. Canada is a highly developed country that also ranks well on economic and human development indexes. Canada is considered as a very accepting society, which means that international students will always feel welcomed regardless of their social background. Before you plan your journey to study in Canada, read through our Study Abroad Guide to understand everything incorporating the lifestyle, education, visa system, accommodation, etc

About studying abroad in Canada

The Canadian education system is a world-leader in the field of research while remaining accessible and diverse at the same time. If you compare the Canadian education system to other higher education systems, Canadian degree programs may seem more flexible and manageable to you. No matter which degree you go for, students are given choice when it comes to selecting subjects. Consequently, Canadian students have more command over their workload and what subjects they wish to study, depending on the discipline.

Moreover, students can select from more than 200 institutions of higher education to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree.

study in Canada

Getting to know the education system

Canada is a well-known destination for a variety of students, given its distinct programs, free education, and its culture and history. Talented individuals from over the globe are attracted to Canada for its diversity, renowned education system, and cosmopolitan cities. Canada offers an extensive range of degree programs in a number of specialties and disciplines. Also, almost every program is taught in English, which gives a variety of choices for native speakers and the opportunity to practice for non-native speakers who wish to polish their skills.

Obtaining study permits

If you are a foreign national wanting to pursue your higher education in Canada, then a study permit is required for everyone who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada before he/she can formally enter the country. Study permits enable international students to study at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). Before you apply for it, please make sure you have all the necessary documents ready to avoid any hassle at the last minute. Generally, a study permit will be valid for the entire duration of your course, plus you get an extra 90 days, which allows students to prepare a permit extension if you plan to work in the country, choose to study another course or if you want to return to your home country.

Accommodation and living in Canada

Whether you’re an urbanite or a nature-lover, Canada’s budget-friendly entertainment options make it an exceptional choice for students planning to study in Canada. Coming to accommodation, compared to other popular cities like New York and London, Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto are pretty affordable for students to find great accommodation. On average, students should expect to spend somewhere between $525-$875 for monthly rent. Choosing your accommodation as a student dormitory will typically cost around $550-$600. There are also accommodation options provided by the University or else you can always look for private accommodation near your respective university.

study in Canada

The exceptionally friendly culture of the country

Canada is popular for being an open and progressive country that captivates millions of international students from over the globe to study in Canada. It’s not difficult to understand why! With free healthcare, a not very expensive cost of living, and a lot of options to explore, Canada is a dream destination for both urbanites and nature-lovers. There’s a plethora of hiking, skiing, and several other outdoor activities, as well as trendy metropolitan cities where you can always spend and enjoy the weekend. Blending the best of American, European, and its own native cultures, Canada personifies a wonderful mix of cultures that it positively calls its own. 

Canada’s multiculturalism can be observed and noticed in the wide array of art, cuisine, music, literature, and film. Despite your background, the only requirement to make it in Canada is the spirit to live through Canada’s long winters. Once you start to spend some time in this beautiful Country, no doubt you’ll also learn to love the outdoors, just like the locals do.

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Study in Canada

Study in Canada: Home for International Students

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