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Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference

Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference

The process of hunting for a higher education destination doesn’t end at the chosen college. The next step is choosing your accommodation. Here you have two options – staying on campus (dorms) or staying off-campus (apartments). This decision is equally difficult as choosing the college. Just like you debated and analysed the pros and cons of each college campus and how each one best served your academic needs, similar consideration has to be given to your housing choice. Most colleges make it compulsory for freshers to stay on-campus however, after the first year or at a later stage you are bound to face this difficulty of choosing between dorms and apartments. In order to help you make an informed decision, we have curated this blog: Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference.

While dorms may cost more, you get a lot of perks and amenities included in this price. Apartments offer a different set of perks and are a viable alternative to the expensive dorm life. We will closely examine what these alternatives have to offer you. Further, we will look at the ways to choose between a college dorm or an apartment in this blog.

Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference

The rent difference between staying in a dorm vs. an apartment varies greatly depending on your college. In most areas, apartments are less expensive than dorms. This is primarily because all the furniture such as beds, sofas, desks, chairs, tables and appliances are provided in the dorms. An apartment may or may not be fully furnished, which means you will have to spend your cash to buy what you need. The positive side is that you can buy only the furniture that you need. Other than furniture, dorms also provide a host of other perks to justify their price. Shower curtains, microwaves, TV and internet service are such complimentary amenities. While living in an apartment you will have to purchase all the extras on your own. 

Dorm vs. Apartment: Which is Cheaper

Another important point to note is that the cost of utilities is included in dorm prices, while utilities are generally separate from apartment rent. The majority of dorms feature cafeterias where you can purchase meals, while a few other dorms, known as cooking dorms, have small kitchens. Apartment living requires you to buy fruits and vegetables for yourself and cook on your own, but if you are frugal, you can eat well on a small budget.

Bonus Tip: If you feel that staying in a dorm is the only perfect option for you but you cannot manage to pay the expensive amount then consider becoming a Resident Assistant (RA). Most dorms have this feature where they are ready to trade free accommodation in return for certain maintenance services. 

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Dorm vs. Apartment: Which is Cheaper

The answer is clear. Staying in an apartment is cheaper. If you can rope in more flatmates then the cost goes even lower. If you want to avoid the hassle of searching for an apartment near your university on your own and then find students to share the space with; you can simply visit UniAcco and have your accommodation issues resolved. 

Dorm Life | Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference

Staying in a Dorm Vs. an Apartment

Dorm life is one of those things that you truly have to live to understand. Also, this is an experience that you probably won’t get again so living through it is also a good option. If you haven’t yet started with the college then consider choosing the dorm life for the first year. It helps you make friends easily, improves your on-campus involvement and will facilitate an easy transition into college life. Dorm rooms are also close to classes and the library, which will help as you navigate around campus early on. Lastly, you will get to know the city better in the company of your new friends while you stay in a dorm.

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Benefits of Living In An Apartment Versus A Dorm

Now that we know the importance of living in an apartment, talking about this in a dedicated section would be good, right? Hence, this is the next section in our blog on Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference.

Following are a few benefits of living in an apartment versus a dorm. 

More Privacy – Although you will still have a roommate in your apartment, you will most likely have a private room that will provide you with much-needed alone time. You can shut your door and concentrate on studying and get away for a while. 

Lower Cost – Of course. That’s the one thing we have been discussing for a while now. The fact that might have initially seemed impossible to you is actually true. Apartments are generally cheaper than dorms. Here you just have to pay for what you use.

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Better amenities – Many off-campus apartments have awesome features and amenities that you simply won’t find in a dorm. This is another key point in Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference. In addition to basics like a kitchen and private bathrooms, there may be on-site amenities like swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts. You can check all of these on various properties listed on UniAcco. 

More Space – In most cases, your apartment will have much more space compared to your dorm. You’ll have a full kitchen, a living area, a bedroom, and a private bathroom. In the dorm, you’ll be lucky to have just enough space for your bed and a desk.

Benefits of Living in an Apartment Versus a Dorm

Fewer restrictions – Dorms are typically managed by Resident Advisors (RAs) who set very strict rules and keep an eye out for behaviours that violate those rules. While some rules are in place to keep you safe and out of trouble, others may just be annoying. Well, in apartments, you’ll find negligible rules. You can come and go as you please and – obviously as long as you’re not doing anything illegal – and essentially do whatever you like and whenever you like.

Live with friends – When renting an apartment, you get the absolute freedom to choose your roommates. This means you can live with people you actually enjoy being around. No more random room assignments or sleeping four feet away from somebody you don’t know.

That’s it for this blog. Hope you have a clear idea about the differences between student dorms and apartments. 


1. Are student dorms cheaper than apartments?

Yes, student dorms are generally cheaper to rent than apartments.

2. Are there any financial benefits to choosing a student dorm over an apartment?

Yes, student dorms often offer financial benefits such as lower rent, no need to purchase furniture or appliances, and no need to pay for utilities.

3. How do the rental expenses for student dorms and apartments vary based on location?

The rental expenses for student dorms and apartments can differ significantly depending on the location. In general, dorms are more expensive in major metropolitan areas and less expensive in smaller towns and rural areas.

4. What factors should I weigh when deciding between a student dorm and an apartment, considering the rent difference?

Some factors to weigh when deciding between a student dorm and an apartment include the cost, amenities, privacy, location, lifestyle, and tax implications.

5. Are there any tax implications or savings associated with renting a dormitory versus an apartment?

There are no major tax implications associated with renting a dormitory versus an apartment. However, you may be able to deduct some of your rental expenses from your taxes if you are renting an apartment off-campus.

6. Can the location of my university influence the rent price difference between dorms and apartments?

Yes, the location of your university can influence the rent price difference between dorms and apartments. Dorms are generally more expensive in major metropolitan areas and less expensive in smaller towns and rural areas.

7. Are there any seasonal variations in rent prices for student housing, whether dorms or apartments?

Yes, rent prices for student housing can vary depending on the season. In general, rent prices are higher during the fall and spring semesters, when students are in school. Rent prices may be lower during the summer semester when there are fewer students on campus.

Thank you for reading this blog ‘Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference’. If you enjoyed reading this blog and would like to continue reading more about college life then do check out our following blogs.

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Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference

Student Dorms Vs Apartments: Rent Difference

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