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Scholarships For MBA In Australia For Indian Students In 2024!

Graduation cap on books, symbolizing academic achievement. MBA scholarships for Indian students in Australia.

Australia is considered one of the top destinations for studying MBA for international students. It is considered among the top five destinations for students to pursue MBA degrees throughout the world. As it is among the most sought-after options, the course fee for an MBA is among the highest ones, and thus, it is a matter of concern for students. So, to solve this fee problem, Australia provides scholarship options to students. Many Australian universities offer scholarships to Indian students who are looking for financial assistance to study in Australia. Students can check scholarships for an MBA in Australia for Indian students

Scholarship For MBA In Australia For Indian Students

The Australian government and universities provide opportunities for Indian students to study MBA in their universities. Students can check the top universities in Australia and the scholarship facilities available to them. The table below states the scholarships in MBA for international students

Scholarship For MBA In Australia For Indian Students
Scholarship FacilityUniversityAmountEligibility CriteriaAvailable for Indian Students
Kraftz Heinz ScholarshipMelbourne Business School$12,000Part-time and full-time MBA applicant.Students with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and those who possess leadership skills. Yes
Monash MBA International Leadership ScholarshipMonash Business School$60,000To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be from the Monash International school.Students from Monash Campus can apply for the scholarship.Yes
ASM Global Reach ScholarshipAustralian Graduate School of Management$2,500Admission in Full-time AGSM MBA programme.Submitted full-time MBA scholarship form.Yes
Adelaide MBA ScholarshipAdelaide Business School10%-25% of the total tuition feesBoth domestic and international students are eligible to be part of the scholarship scheme.Yes
ANU College of Business and Economics Excellence ScholarshipAustralian National University$6,500Students must have good record of academic excellenceYes
UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence ScholarshipSydney Business SchoolUp to 30% tuition fee waiverInternational student Students must be academically excellentYes
International Excellence Scholarship (India)University of NewcastleUp to $12,000Selection is based on meritYes

Below is a detailed look into several scholarship for MBA in Australia for Indian students:

Kraftz Heinz Scholarships For MBA In Australia For Indian Students

The Kraftz Heinz Scholarship was established in 1987 by the dedicated trustees of the Heinz foundation. It stands as a testament to its commitment to recognising and rewarding exceptional performance within the realm of business education. It proves an excellent specimen for providing scholarships for Indian students to study MBA in Australia. The scholarship is valued at $12000 and is specifically designed for both full-time and part-time MBA students. It aims to support the individuals who showcase outstanding dedication in pursuing higher education. 

Monash MBA International Leadership Scholarship For MBA In Australia

Monash International Leadership Scholarship provides a remarkable opportunity for students to receive scholarships for high-seeking individuals. Students applying for a full-time MBA course will be eligible for the scholarship, and it will cover around 100% of course fees until the completion of the course. It is a fully funded MBA scholarship for Indian students. The selection criteria are based on academic excellence alongside the applicants having to submit how they have the potential to become a Monash ambassador. It will act as a statement of purpose for an MBA before receiving the scholarship benefits. 

ASM Global Reach Scholarships For MBA In Australia

ASM scholarship stands as a beacon of opportunity for talented individuals seeking entry into the prestigious ASM university. It facilitates world-class education to ensure the global standing of MBA students. It offers a full-time tuition fee waiver for the MBA full-time course. For its eligibility, students must have gained admission to the AGSM MBA full-time programme. The selection process is beyond merits; it also considers outstanding career progression, achievements in previous studies, and GMAT scores. This is one of the essential scholarships for an MBA in Australia for Indian students that anyone can avail of by fulfilling the eligibility criteria. 

Adelaide MBA Scholarship

It is an international scholarship that presents a unique opportunity for candidates outside of Australia to enrich their MBA journey at the university. It is one of the scholarships in MBA for Indian students in Australia that students can take advantage of and embark on their journey towards an MBA. The scholarship covers around 25% of MBA tuition fees. The eligibility for scholarships for MBA courses includes high-level working experience with a solid academic background. Adelaide University will analyse the applications and select the individuals based on their analysis. 

ANU College Of Business and Economic Excellence Scholarship

MBA scholarships by ANU Research School of Management provide an excellent opportunity for both domestic and international students. The selection process is designed to recognise outstanding candidates based on their work experience and academic merit. There is a traditional selection procedure to provide scholarships for MBAs in Australia for Indian students. There will be an analysis of academic excellence along with basic language skills for the admissions. 

UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

Scholarship opportunities offered by Wollongong for international students presents a remarkable opportunity for students. There will be a 30% tuition fee reduction for the entire duration. The scholarship is given automatically to all eligible students, and there is no application process. Although it does not cover the total cost of studying in Australia, it can reduce a significant chunk of expenses. 

International Excellence Scholarship (India) 

Students can embark on their journey towards MBA programmes through the International Excellence Scholarship, specially designed for Indians. It offers a scholarship amount of up to USD 9,900 per year throughout the programme. The selection is based on academic excellence, and the successful applicant will be notified about their offer value by the university. 

What Are The General Criteria For Scholarships For MBA In Australia For Indian Students? 

Students aspiring to MBA admission into Australian universities must know the general criteria they must possess to be admitted to universities with scholarships. Some of the standard criteria for scholarship are as follows: 

  • Students must possess undergraduate and graduate degrees to seek scholarships. 
  • There can be requirements for a letter of recommendation or statement of purpose for MBA students. 
  • Scholarships in Australia for Indian students are available based on various conditions, and one of those conditions is work experience of one or two years. 
  • In some universities, students are also required to fulfil GMAT and GRE scores for scholarships. 

Why Is Australia The Best Option For An MBA? 

Australia is considered one of the best places to pursue higher studies, especially an MBA. It is a prosperous country promoting education to its highest level. Therefore, it is more demanding among students to pursue an MBA in Australia. Students can get scholarships and education loans for MBA abroad, and consequently, it is one of the accessible options for students. 

  • Australia has around 5 business schools, which have made it among the 100 best schools in the world. The QS Global MBA Ranking proves that it is one of the best places to pursue an MBA. 
  • Business Schools in Australia have an excellent reputation, and recognised institutions accredit them. 
  • As per QS News, it is included in the top lists of countries for providing the highest paying jobs in Australia after pursuing an MBA. 

Job Opportunities After An MBA 

Students pursuing an MBA degree by investing high amounts must know what the return they will get after this investment will be. So, there are various job opportunities available after completing an MBA in Australia. 

Job Prospects (Company)Average Salary (AUD)
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaAUD 84,000
ANZ Banking CorporationAUD 45,000
WoolworthsAUD 123,000
Telstra Corporation LtdAUD 126,000
Westpac Banking CorpAUD 135,000
Allianz Global InvestorsAUD 132,000

Here are the average salaries for the top job roles after an MBA in Australia:

Job RoleAverage Salary (AUD)
Chief Operating Officer109,000 – 252,000
Business Development Manager63,000 – 136,000
Senior Consultant/Manager72,000 – 188,000
Finance Officer74,000 – 143,000
General Manager79,000 – 223,000
Chief Financial Officer103,000 – 228,000

These salaries can vary based on factors such as experience, the organization, and the specific industry. Pursuing an MBA in Australia is an excellent choice for students as it provides a gateway to world-class education and diverse career opportunities for students. The availability of scholarships is further appealing for the students to pursue an MBA in Australian business schools. Besides, appealing job opportunities are available after the completion of the course in Australia, which is demanding and attractive for students from all over the world. 


How do Indian students get a scholarship for an MBA in Australia?

To secure scholarships in Australia for Indian students, carefully review the eligibility criteria and application process of the universities. Typically, academic excellence, leadership skills, and some work experience are required for scholarship eligibility. 

Can Indian students get full scholarships in Australia?

Full scholarships are scarce for international students. Generally, there are tuition fee waivers and partial scholarships available for students. It is always advisable to check the eligibility of the particular university, and some universities are offering full waivers based on academic excellence and leadership skills. 

Is an MBA from Australia worth it for Indians?

Yes, an MBA from Australia is worth it for Indians as it offers world-class education, diverse cultural exposure, and access to globally recognised degrees, enhancing career opportunities for students. 

Will I get PR after an MBA in Australia?

It is possible to obtain PR after completing an MBA in Australia. However, it depends on various factors, such as individual circumstances, visa types, and immigration policies. 

Which MBA specialisation is best in Australia?

Some of the popular and best specialisations for MBA would be Finance, Marketing, and Information Technology. However, it is advised to pursue the degree based on the career options as there is no one-size-fits-all for such degrees. 

How much Indian money is required to study in Australia?

The total cost of studying in Australia varies based on various factors, such as the cost of the course, city expenses, and lifestyle. However, on average, Indian students can expect to spend between INR 20-40 lakhs annually. It covers all the costs, such as tuition fees, living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs. 

Which university in Australia gives full scholarships?

Several universities, such as Australian National University, Melbourne University, and others, offer full scholarships. 

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Graduation cap on books, symbolizing academic achievement. MBA scholarships for Indian students in Australia.

Scholarships For MBA In Australia For Indian Students In 2024!

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