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A Complete Beginner’s Guide on Student Loan Refinancing

Student Loan Refinancing

Predatory student loans lending comprises any activity that is unjust or coercive to the creditor. Typically, these activities favour the investor by making it more complicated or more painful for a creditor to repay a loan. Lenders who coerce, cheat or otherwise bully investors into accepting these predatory loan deals also make things harder. It is tough to feel secure about whether or not you are dealing with a reliable source. There are several aspects to bear in mind in an age where we have connections with too many diverse products and endless financial institutions are available at our hands so that you do not end up with a raw deal. Whether you are involved in refinancing student loans or have been contacted by an organization, see if they are valid before you go on.  This article will provide you with some tips on how you can stop becoming a predatory student loans lending victim. But before that, let’s understand what Predatory Lending student loans really is – 

What Is Predatory Student Loans Lending?

Student loan predatory lending means indulging in any practice that is abusive or unfair to the borrower. These practices of predatory lending make it harder or more expensive for a borrower to repay a debt. Predatory lending can be found at any point in the loan-buying process, from false advertising to high-pressure sales tactics to an unaffordable free structure.

Predatory lenders are the ones who offers bargain loans. They may either mail or email you an offer, call you on the phone, or come to your door. Most of the predatory student loans lending involves ‘too good to be true’ taglines like – No Credit? No Problem. Make sure to avoid those types of lenders, as a bad loan is a costly mistake. 

Here are some tips that will tell you how to avoid Predatory Lending – 

Never Have Confidence In Fraudulent Ads

It might seem severe, but we’ve learned of cases where an organization that pretended to appear like the government approached people. These scammy firms usually use scare techniques with people and in most cases, they succeed. If the business is pretending to act like a government program and you figure out later that they’re not, abandon them.  This fear strategy is utilized by these businesses and you react when you believe the government is about to get in contact because you’re in trouble.

Rushed Permit Or Documentation

Student Loan Refinancing: How To Avoid Predatory Lending

It is important to have time to thoroughly evaluate both contracts and loan papers before signing on to a loan. It is still a priority to read the fine print. That way, you will make sure you appreciate the loan you are committing to and can handle it.


Beware of any unexpected documentation. An indication of theft may be the second collection of papers you’re required to sign. As the investor may go back and use those to adjust the conditions of the deal, you can also look for any fields that are left vacant. 

Rushed paperwork is certainly an alert sign if your lender is attempting to pressurize you into signing papers or asking you to miss going through it carefully. Borrowers are counting on predatory lenders who do not have the time or know-how to grasp their contracts. If they don’t allow you to invest so much time reading the deal, it could be an indication that excessive payments or conditions are included.

Your personal loan arrangement should be fully fleshed out at the end of the day and should be straightforward upon signing.

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Check Your Sources

Companies send postcards and mailers frequently to try to attract your attention. Hence, catching random funding deals across the internet is not unusual. The advertising content may look pretty persuasive, too. You usually try to get advice from people you know, such as a financial analyst, or internet sources that are trusted. You will see online complaints, business results, and all that is given from an unbiased source. A suitable source to validate legitimacy could be blogs with impartial feedback and valid accreditation or backing. Never get tricked by a smooth landing page or a sweet mailer. 

Listen To The Proverb

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not. There’s an explanation why this basic suggestion gets passed around too much. Incredible deals are uncommon. There’s definitely a fine print that’s lacking if anything looks like there’s no chance they will sell you such fantastic terms or that perfect price. Fact checks the deal and scan for comparable facts. When you’re looking at a company whose credibility is questionable, the warning bells could go off. In fact, this proves valid if they claim to offer you unheard-of service or savings.

Loan Flipping In Order To Prevent Predatory Student Loans Lending

It can be a money-saver to refinance loans. It could, though, be seen by predatory lenders as an opportunity to make a buck. Refinancing a loan would usually help you with a fresh loan with a cheaper interest rate than the current debt. It may even offer you some beneficial conditions, such as smaller monthly payments.

However, the investor actually refinances for a fresh loan that has higher rates, with a predatory student loans lending practice named loan flipping. And, it’s more costly than a former debt or a new loan might save you a tiny sum, but the expense of making a new loan covers such savings.

Beware Of Quick Timelines

Genuine loan agencies work with borrowers to make sure they have read, understood and are comfortable with all of the policies and regulations associated with the education loan. On the other hand, Predatory lenders, rush borrowers into signing paperwork in hopes that they won’t carefully review all documents and agree to egregious terms.

Prepayment Penalties

Even though this is not a common tactic employed by predatory lenders, it’s important to know about it. Lenders charge prepayment penalties to borrowers who make loan payments before the due date or try to pay the loan off early. The reason behind this, of course, is that predatory lenders won’t make as much money off interest charges if the tenure of the loan is shortened.

Charges For Low (Or No) Credit Scores

It’s a normal occurrence for reputable banks and lenders to charge borrowers high-interest rates if they have a low (or no) credit score. In fact, lenders provide risk-based loans, meaning a better credit score will get lower rates, whereas someone with poor credit will get higher rates.

What’s uncommon, however, is lenders piling on fees and bogus charges, owing to your poor credit history. Predatory lenders may also claim at the last moment that you don’t qualify for the education loan you applied for and pressure you into a more expensive option instead. 

In order to avoid such a scenario, thoroughly read your credit report and score. Also, make it a point to approach a number of lenders so that you get an idea of the typical rates and loans you’ll qualify for.

In case you have a very poor credit score, get yourself a personal loan for bad credit from customer-focused lenders like credit unions or from those lenders which don’t require a minimum credit score.

How To Find An Honest Lender 

Student Loan Refinancing: How To Avoid Predatory Lending

Ask Around 

Before you get a loan, make sure you’re asking the right questions. As a borrower, you have a legal right to ask in writing, the total cost of the loan, the monthly payments, the annual percentage rate, and the tenure of the loan. Keep asking questions until you understand everything. Ask the lender to explain all fees and the terms and conditions, if any. 

Be Cautious

Any education loan is a long term commitment, so it’s important to be careful while selecting an education loan to study abroad. Bear in mind that a loan with a lower monthly payment is not always the better deal. There is a good chance that it may have a high balloon payment that is due in a few years. Take the assistance of housing counselling agencies that offer counselling on how to find a fair loan.

Approach Different Lenders

If you need an education loan, don’t just go to a bank. You should approach NBFCs, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Get an idea of the different proposals given to you by these institutions, and compare the terms and conditions of each proposal. If you have any doubts regarding the details of the proposal, don’t hesitate to reach out to your education loan officer. 

Concluding Thoughts – 

If you were wondering, “is predatory student loan lending illegal?” then the answer is yes. There are several federal laws that protect consumers against predatory lenders. These laws make it illegal for a lender to impose a higher interest rate or higher fees based on a person’s race, sex, colour, marital status, religion, national origin and age.

Be sure that you do the calculations to equate the refinanced loan expenses to your current debts. A comparison will be made by several lenders upon demand. If a lender is unable to do this, look at the conditions they propose more closely.

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Student Loan Refinancing

A Complete Beginner’s Guide on Student Loan Refinancing

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