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Ways To Find A Part Time Job In The UK As An International Student

Part Time Job In The UK

Having a part-time job in the UK is extremely popular amongst international students. Primarily because working alongside education has umpteen advantages. To list a few, the first is that you get extra cash to help you sail. From paying off your education loan UK to upgrading your lifestyle there exist a range of ways to utilize this money. Plus, being financially independent at an early stage has never hurt anyone. Second is the fact that you can pour your free time into socializing and productive jobs. Additionally, you may as well acquire a few skills that you wouldn’t have otherwise expected to gain. 

However, since most of the international students realize these benefits, the hunt for one isn’t easy. Whether you are an aspiring international student or one who is already pursuing their education in the UK we have got you covered. This blog contains all the answers to your question: ‘How to find a part-time job in the UK?’.

What Are The Part-Time Job Profiles Available?

As a full-time international student residing in the UK, you have a subdivision of the available part-time job profiles. One is the On-Campus and the other is the Off-Campus. Let’s have a closer look at them.

 On-Campus Part-Time Jobs:

There are high chances the opportunity you seek can be found right where you are. Meaning that profiles such as library assistant, computer lab assistant, laboratory assistant, campus guide and similar ones are available on the campus itself. This is the ideal job for students as they save an ample amount of time. Though, acquiring these jobs is difficult. Particularly because one has to have good communication skills and relevant basic knowledge to get these profiles. 

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs:

The most go-to profiles for off-campus part-time jobs include – 

  • Baristas at cafes
  • Delivery personnel
  • Cashier
  • Grocery store helper
  • Call centers executive
  • Waiter/Waitress at restaurants and countless others. 

There are also volunteering opportunities/charity options available in case you wish to contribute to society. Thus you need not worry about struggling a lot in order to find a part-time job in the UK. There is space for everyone. 

Bonus Tip: The domains such as Accountancy, Marketing, Education and Customer Service are known to provide the highest pay. 

Where Can I Find These Part-Time Jobs?

In order to provide a direction to your hunt we have listed a few tried and tested proven methods here:

  1. On The Internet

Obvious, right? We know but still, with the advent of the internet, almost everything is in our reach, right at our fingertips. Hence, harnessing this incredible power should be the first thought. Browsing through the following websites is more likely to land you in a good job with minimum effort. 

  • Student Job

The name is itself self-explanatory. Student Job is one of the most popular websites amongst all international students. It was initially started by 3 Dutch students who experienced the difficulty of searching for a part-time job firsthand themselves. Today, it has grown manifolds. From internships, part-time jobs to full-time graduate jobs, this portal has everything to offer. 

  • E4S

E4S (short for Employment’ 4′ Students) specializes in temporary job vacancies along with internships and other part-time jobs in the UK. If you wish to work during breaks so as to not affect your studies then this might be just the perfect place. It has a dedicated section for the Christmas and Summer duration. 

These and similar websites can simplify your quest in procuring answers to ‘How to find part-time jobs in the UK for international students. 

Bonus Tip: You can also join Job Vacancy Groups on Yahoo, Facebook and other social networks to be updated. 

  1. Reach Out To The Careers Team of Your University

Most of the universities in the UK have a dedicated team for ensuring a bright future for their students. If approached, these teams will be more than willing to help and guide you to secure an on-campus part-time job. If you are lucky you may also be notified about any vacancies in the local business community.

Bonus Tip: A thoughtfully written structured CV can help you get ahead of the competition. It amplifies your chances of getting selected exponentially.

  1. Through Your Network

Every student knows that with the help of friends and seniors almost everything is achievable (Literally!) Thus, having a good network of seniors can prove to be a huge boon. Also, familiarity with locals is bound to help you sure shot. 

Do you see? Finding a part-time job in the UK isn’t actually a very daunting task. With all this valuable information at your disposal, your hunt would be strategically directed.

What Are The Laws Governing Part-Time Jobs In The UK?

Lastly, before you embark on your journey for seeking a part-time job in the UK, it is essential that you are well aware of the laws. The restrictions that prevail for taking up part-time jobs in the UK for international students are:

  • For students studying at Degree level or more – Maximum of 20 hours per week
  • You cannot work full-time unless you have a work permit
  • Self-employment is not allowed. For example, you cannot work as an entertainer, a sports coach or any sort of entrepreneur. 

Now you are equipped with all the knowledge you need. We hope we could help you out and clear the variety of questions you originally had on- ‘How to get a part-time job in the UK’. Good luck!

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Part Time Job In The UK

Ways To Find A Part Time Job In The UK As An International Student

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