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Oxford Brookes University Scholarship in 2024: Boost your Chances!

Graduation cap on an open book for a Oxford Brookes University Scholarship

Oxford Brookes University (OBU) has achieved a notable position in The Times Good University Guide, securing a spot among the top 10 universities in the South East of England. The university boasts an acceptance rate of 31%, attracting a diverse international student strength of 3000. International undergraduate fees at OBU range from £15,200 to £17,200, while postgraduate fees vary by program. To assist deserving international students from diverse backgrounds, Oxford Brookes University Scholarship provides valuable funding options. Let’s look at the details of these scholarships.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Oxford Brookes University offers diverse scholarships, including the International Student Scholarship, GREAT Scholarships, and Sanctuary Scholarship, each with varying awards, eligibility criteria, and application deadlines. 
  • International Student Scholarship is open to all with an offer, for various levels, offering unlimited awards worth £2,000, with separate postgraduate and undergraduate application deadlines. 
  • GREAT Scholarships is for Kenyan, Nigerian, and Pakistani undergraduates, providing 3 awards worth £10,000, with an application deadline of 17th May 2024. 
  • The Alumnus Discount Scheme is available for OBU graduates pursuing another degree, offering a loyalty discount on postgraduate courses, subject to eligibility criteria and exceptions.
  • MEng students applying for International Student Scholarship should ensure they have an ATAS Certificate, which may be required for verification. 

Top Oxford Brookes University Scholarships For International Students 

Oxford Brookes University Scholarships aim to help international students across the world. These scholarships are both internal and external and fund the studies of students from different levels of education, like- graduate, postgraduate, PhD, etc. The application dates for these scholarships are available for students of the September 2024 intake. Let’s refer to the table to learn more:

Scholarship Name Oxford Brookes Scholarship Eligibility LevelAwardApplication Dates
International Student ScholarshipsAll international students with an offer from the universityBA (Hons), BSc (Hons), BEng (Hons), MEng, LLB Law (Hons), MBiol, MSci, LLM, MA, March, MPH, MBA, MFA, MPhilUnlimited no. of awards worth £2,00015 April 2024 for postgraduate
6 June 2024 for undergraduate
GREAT ScholarshipsStudents of Kenya, Nigeria, and Pakistan with an undergraduate degreeMEng, LLM, MA, MArch, MSc, MPH, MBA, MFA3 Awards worth £10,00017 May 2024
Sanctuary ScholarshipAsylum seeker,unaccompanied asylum-seeking child,limited leave to remainPostgraduate; Undergraduate1 Award, Value varies26 May 2024
Commonwealth ScholarshipBe permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth countryPostgraduate2 awards, Fully Funded Scholarship14 December 2023 (closed) 
International Student Scholarship January entryHave an offer from the University to begin a degree programme in January 2024Have made payment of a tuition fee deposit by the deadline.BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), BEng (Hons), MEng, MBiol, MSci, LLM, MA, MArch, MSc, MPH, MBA, MFA, MPhilUnlimited Award, Value Varies15 November 2023 (closed) 
EU Student Support Scholarshiphave an offer from the University to begin a degree programme in the academic year 2024 and to have firmly accepted that offer,be a passport holder of an EU country / have EU nationality,be an international fee-paying studentBA (Hons), BSc (Hons), BEng (Hons), LLB Law (Hons)Unlimited number of awards worth £3,000 Application is not required, as the discount is automatically deducted from tuition fees if eligible.

*Note: Before applying for an International Student Scholarship, MEng students should make sure that they have an ATAS Certificate. As MEng is one of the courses that requires ATAS at OBU, it might be asked for verification before applying for the scholarship. You can apply for an ATAS certificate through the college website itself. 

Oxford Brookes University Scholarships For Indian Students 

Oxford Brookes University offers a range of scholarships specifically designed for Indian students. These scholarships aim to support and assist Indian students pursuing their education at the university. While specific details may vary, these financial aid opportunities are tailored to reduce the financial burden and promote academic excellence among Indian students studying at Oxford Brookes University.  

  1. Alumnus Discount Scheme

If you’ve graduated from Oxford Brookes University and want to pursue another degree there, you may be eligible for the Alumni Loyalty Discount. Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility Criteria:

Hold an offer and enrol in a postgraduate course at Oxford Brookes University.

Be a graduate of Oxford Brookes University with a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree.


  • The discount doesn’t apply to courses that don’t lead to a degree, such as pre-sessional English programs, foundation programs, modular associate programs, occasional study programs, exchange programs, or professional development programs.
  • It’s not applicable to diploma or certificate courses (except for Graduate Diploma in Law), MBA ACCA members with discounted fees (from September 2019), Masters in Applied Design in Architecture (MArchD), and courses where you’ve exited with a certificate or diploma and return for a “top-up” to earn a master’s qualification.
  • If your previous study at Oxford Brookes University doesn’t meet the requirements for the Alumnus Tuition Fee Discount, you won’t be eligible for the Alumni Loyalty Discount. 

  1.  Gaza Scholarship

For those aspiring to pursue a one-year full-time Master’s degree at Oxford Brookes University, there are specific eligibility criteria and application requirements. To qualify for consideration:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Hold a strong undergraduate degree equivalent to a 1st/2:1.
  • Be under the age of 35.
  • Attain an IELTS score ranging from 6.0 to 7.0 overall, with specific scores of 6.0 in reading and writing, and 5.5 in listening and speaking.
  • Possess relevant work experience.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Not have previously studied in the UK.

Application Requirements:

  • Apply for admission to a specific program at Oxford Brookes University. Priority fields of study include Built Environment, Regeneration, development, Environmental Management, Development and Emergency Practice, Public Health, Disease Prevention and Control, rehabilitation, Social Care, Law, Human Rights, and IT.
  • After completing the academic application, write a letter of no more than 500 words. Confirm the application for admission, specify the chosen program, explain how the criteria are met, and articulate why the applicant should be considered for the scholarship. Include full name, postal address, and email in the letter. 

How To Apply For Oxford Brookes Scholarships? 

You can apply for the Oxford Brookes Scholarship by visiting the scholarship website and directly applying by filling up the application forms. The general process you need to follow is: 

  • Visit the official Oxford Brookes University website or contact the admissions office to explore the scholarships available for your chosen course and level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate).
  • Review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship to ensure that you meet the requirements. Criteria may include academic achievements, financial need, nationality, and other specific qualifications. 
  • Before applying for scholarships, you need to apply for admission to your desired program at Oxford Brookes University. Visit the university’s official admissions portal and follow the instructions for submitting your application.

Documents Required For Oxford Brookes University Scholarship

The specific documents required for Oxford Brookes University scholarships may vary based on the type of scholarship you are applying for. However, here is a general list of documents commonly requested during scholarship applications:

  • Filled application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Statement 
  • Proof of English proficiency 
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Admission letter from the university 

Why Are Scholarships Important For Indian Students Studying Abroad? 

Scholarships are crucial for Indian students studying abroad, particularly the high cost of living in the UK and substantial educational expenses create significant challenges. These scholarships serve as an important financial support, easing the financial burden associated with tuition fees, accommodation, and other living expenses. By offering a means to funding your studies in the UK, scholarships make pursuing education in the UK more accessible for deserving Indian students, bridging the gap between aspirations and financial constraints. 

Beyond financial assistance, scholarships also prepare students for future success by allowing them to focus on their studies, acquire valuable skills, and access the highest paying jobs in the UK, thereby supporting long-term professional growth and career opportunities.


Q1.How to get a 100% scholarship in Oxford? 

Ans: Commonwealth Scholarship, and Felix Scholarship are some of the fully funded scholarships you can apply for at Oxford Brookes University. 

Q2.How competitive are Oxford Brookes University scholarships?

Ans: The competitiveness of Oxford Brookes University scholarships can vary based on factors such as the specific scholarship program, the number of available awards, and the level of demand from applicants.

Q3. What are the typical amounts or benefits of Oxford Brookes scholarships?

Ans: The amounts and benefits of Oxford Brookes University scholarships vary, such as the International Student Scholarships offering an unlimited number of awards worth £2,000, and the GREAT Scholarships providing three awards with a value of £10,000.

Q4. What is the deadline for scholarship applications at Oxford Brookes?

Ans- The application deadlines for key Oxford Brookes University scholarships are as follows: International Student Scholarship (PG – 15th April 2024, UG – 6th June 2024), GREAT Scholarship (17th May 2024), and Sanctuary Scholarship (26th May 2024).

Q5. Are there specific scholarships for postgraduate students at Oxford Brookes?

Ans- Sanctuary Scholarship, GREAT Scholarship, and International Student Scholarship are a few of the scholarships for postgraduate students at Oxford Brookes. 

Q6. Can scholarships at Oxford Brookes be combined with other financial aid?

Ans- Whether scholarships at Oxford Brookes can be combined with other financial aid depends on the specific scholarship and financial aid involved. Some scholarships explicitly allow stacking with other funding, while others have restrictions or limitations.

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Graduation cap on an open book for a Oxford Brookes University Scholarship

Oxford Brookes University Scholarship in 2024: Boost your Chances!

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