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Newcastle University Scholarships For International Students

Newcastle university scholarship letter in a smiling girl's hand.

Scholarships become an incredibly important aspect for students when study-abroad education comes into the picture. The total cost of studying typically includes the cost of tuition and the cost of living. Oftentimes, the final figure for study costs in the UK comes out to be too expensive for international students. Although loans are a feasible financial aid option, they may have high-interest rates and so. If you’re considering Newcastle University admission, you must have verified several things way ahead of taking admission to the uni, for example, where the college is located, fees as well as the  Newcastle University acceptance rate. The best way to reduce the financial burden is to look at the Newcastle University Scholarships available. Check out the eligibility, applications, and types of scholarships offered in the section given below!

Newcastle Scholarships Overview
List of Newcastle ScholarshipsVarious merit-based scholarships available, including Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships, International Scholarships, Alumni Tuition Fee Discount, MBA Scholarships
Newcastle Scholarship EligibilityCriteria based on economic background and academic performance, emphasising academic excellence and financial need.
Types Of Newcastle ScholarshipsOverview of standard scholarships, prizes for academic excellence, and donor-funded schemes
Sports ScholarshipsScholarships for high-achieving athletes, including eligibility criteria based on sports achievements and funding details
Newcastle Scholarship DeadlineVarying deadlines and application processes, automatic consideration for most scholarships, need for accurate information each academic year

List Of Newcastle University Scholarships

To get a better idea, look at the complete list of Newcastle University Scholarships offered to qualifying candidates. Note that all of the below-mentioned scholarships are merit-based, meaning that the standard criteria of eligibility are academic performance and overall grades. Since these are Newcastle University Scholarships for Indian students, we have also mentioned the amount of each scholarship in INR.

Newcastle University ScholarshipAmountNumber of Awardees
Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships – PostgraduateUp to INR 27 lakhs2
Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s International ScholarshipsUp to INR 4 lakhs
Newcastle University 20% Alumni Tuition Fee DiscountUp to INR 5.4 lakhsVariable
Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships Up to INR 22 lakhs2
Chevening Scholarships- Newcastle UniversityNANA
Newcastle University Advancing Women in Leadership Scholarship (MBA)Up to INR 25.2 lakhs1
Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships – PostgraduateUp to INR 13.5 lakhs11
Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor Excellence ScholarshipsUp to INR 12.8 lakhs11
Newcastle University MBA Business Excellence ScholarshipUp to INR 5.1 lakhs8

Some of the other scholarships to study in the UK that Indian students applying to Newcastle University can explore are listed here:


Newcastle Scholarship Eligibility

As mentioned above in the previous sections, the eligibility vastly depends on the candidate’s economic background and academic performance. The Newcastle Univesity Scholarships are designed for deserving candidates with exceptional academic talents who come from financially struggling families and cannot afford the high cost of studying by themselves so they can acquire the scholarship benefits to study abroad. 

Maintaining a perfect academic record and consistent grades to be eligible for any of the scholarships is crucial. Also, sports scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria as described in the above section. Again, it is recommended that students verify the eligibility criteria of their qualifying scholarship beforehand. Note that no reference letter for scholarship is required but students might have to write a scholarship SOP.

Types Of Newcastle University Scholarships

Newcastle University Scholarships not only ease the financial burden on students but also play a crucial role in fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Here’s a generic overview of the types of Newcastle University scholarships and why they are vital for students:

Standard Newcastle University Scholarships

The most standard Newcastle University Scholarship offered is the Opportunity Scholarship. This is only offered to students who have a total household income of £35,000 or below. Fortunately, students don’t have to apply for the scholarship either. 

Eligible candidates are automatically assessed. Second in line, is the Undergraduate Support Scholarship under Newcastle University undergraduate scholarships. The eligibility bracket for this scholarship is household income between £35,001 and £40,000. Similar to the previous one, candidates aren’t required to apply for this scholarship separately. Eligible students are considered automatically.


One category of Newcastle University scholarships for international students includes prizes. These are typically given based on academic performance and merit. Prizes at this university are of two types: endowed prizes and engineering prizes. Endowed prizes are awarded annually for academic excellence specifically to first-year undergraduate students, indicating that this Newcastle University scholarship is only for UG candidates. 

Typically, the results of the end-of-stage examinations or annual finals are taken into consideration. The university indicates that these prizes are highly competitive and only students of the highest calibre are selected.

Next, engineering prizes are awarded in three sub-categories as follows:

  • William Benedict Coleman Scholarships: These Newcastle University Scholarships are awarded each year to the best students seeking admission to Stage 2 of the engineering course in any engineering school within the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering. 

The minimum value of this award is £2,000 per year. The eligibility is grades of the previous academic year and the scholarship is renewable for the upcoming two years.

  • M A Burnip Scholarships: These Newcastle University Scholarships are specifically designed for female students in undergraduate engineering programmes. Only two scholarships are disbursed every year up to £600.

    The scholarship is tenable for only three out of four consecutive years of a UG course. On top of that, students continue to be eligible only if they maintain their academic performance and overall grades. Otherwise, their scholarship could be terminated by the authorities.
  • R A Batey Scholarships: A scholarship with an annual value of £600 per year is disbursed for two years to students entering the second year of their engineering course under the University Exhibitions and Engineering Scholarship Committee.

    Only students with the best academic report cards in their first year of the degree programme are awarded this scholarship. The tough catch here is that if no student is deemed eligible enough, the committee can choose to award the scholarship to no one for that academic year.

Donor-Funded Schemes

Several Newcastle University Scholarships for Indian students are facilitated through external donations and donors. The list of all available financial aid for donors is listed here:

Newcastle University ScholarshipEligibilityAmount
Alan Skelton BursaryCandidates must be from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.£1,250 for one year
Charles Letts ScholarshipCandidates must be enrolled at Newcastle University via the PARTNERS Programme in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.At least £2,000 per year for all years of study
Hodcroft Goodland Ventures ScholarshipCandidates must be pursuing an undergraduate degree at the School of Engineering.£3,000 award for the first year of study
Hodcroft Larsen Undergraduate ScholarshipCandidates must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at the School of Engineering.£3,000 award for the first year of study
John and Anne ScottCandidates must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the School of Engineering.£2,500 per year for three years of study
Mary Spencer Undergraduate ScholarshipCandidates must be in their third year of an undergraduate BA History course.£1,000

Sports Scholarships

The authorities recognise students’ efforts in extracurriculars like sports. Thus, a provision for Newcastle University Scholarships for sports candidates is specifically made for all high-achievers in sports. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for this scholarship. 

  • The basic eligibility criterion for these UG or Newcastle University masters scholarships is that the candidate must have achieved senior or age group representative honours at the national or regional level in the last 12 months, or is a member of the National Governing Body’s (NGB) performance squads or equivalent. 
  • Moreover, the scholarship is awarded only if the student is committed to practising and improving their sport and representing the university in British Universities Colleges Sports events.

The sports that qualify for this scholarship are:

However, students can still apply for the scholarship even if their sport isn’t mentioned here. A funding of up to £1,000 is disbursed. For students who don’t fit in the above-mentioned details, three types of sports scholarships are offered as listed below.

  • North American Athlete Scholarships
  • Sports Funding
  • Disability sports scholarships

In addition to these, students can also explore the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme. It is a government-funded programme applicable to students studying at the Newcastle University.

Moreover, students can also explore the Newcastle University student parent bursaries, career insight bursaries, expeditions, achievement awards and research scholarships under Newcastle University PhD scholarships and Newcastle postgraduate scholarships.

Newcastle Scholarship Deadline

The deadlines and application process for each scholarship vary vastly. To begin with, the Sports Awards offered under the Newcastle University Scholarships have a strict deadline. The applications open in March and close in September for candidates applying in the September intake. Other than that, Newcastle University Vice-Chancellors Excellence Scholarships (Postgraduate) usually have a deadline of the last week of April.

  • Most of the other scholarships do not have a separate Newcastle University application process. Eligible candidates are automatically considered for the scholarship and cleared in the screening process if their grades are good enough. 
  • Thus, students don’t need to worry about the additional burden of applying within the stipulated deadlines. 
  • However, since scholarships have varying details, it is highly advisable to visit the official website of the university or directly connect with the concerned authorities to get accurate information each academic year.


Q1. How to apply for a scholarship at the University of Newcastle?

Ans: Most of the Newcastle University Scholarships do not need additional application. Eligible candidates are considered automatically. However, for the scholarships that do need application, students can apply through the university’s official portal within the given deadlines.

Q2. Does Newcastle University give scholarships for international students?

Ans: Newcastle University has a range of different scholarships specifically for international students based on their financial backgrounds and academic performances.

Q3. How much are the tuition fees for Newcastle University?

Ans: The average tuition fee at Newcastle University for international students can be anywhere between £25,000 to £35,000. This figure varies depending on the selected course and its duration.

Q4. Is Newcastle affordable for students?

Ans: Although the total cost of studying may be high for international students studying at Newcastle University, students can afford the costs through education loans, awards or scholarships.

Q5. Is Newcastle University public or private?

Ans: Newcastle University is a public research university in Newcastle, North East England.

Q6. Does Newcastle University give full scholarships?

Ans: Newcastle University has a few full scholarships for qualifying students, meaning that their scholarships include a 100% tuition fee waiver. For instance, Newcastle University Vice-Chancellors Excellence Scholarships.

Thank you for reading our guide to the Newcastle University Scholarships! Let us know your doubts or questions in the comments section below.

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Newcastle university scholarship letter in a smiling girl's hand.

Newcastle University Scholarships For International Students

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