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MSc Agriculture In Abroad With Scholarship

MSc in agriculture abroad with scholarship: A student studying agriculture in a foreign country with financial aid.

A Master’s in Agriculture, typically spanning 2 years, equips individuals with the expertise to address global challenges in sustainability and food supply through the integration of science, technology, and business. Specialisations include soil science, farm enterprise, animal nutrition, and agribusiness consulting, fostering impactful careers. This versatile degree transcends geographical boundaries, enabling professionals to work worldwide. While the average tuition ranges from $14,000 to $65,000, numerous universities and external organisations offer MSc in Agriculture scholarships, alleviating financial burdens. This blog aims to provide insights into MSc Agriculture in abroad with scholarship options, including benefits and eligibility criteria.  

MSc Agriculture In Abroad With Scholarship Overview
Top MSc Agriculture Scholarships in different countriesOverview of scholarships in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, encompassing fully and partially funded scholarships. 
Fully Funded Agriculture Scholarships-Inlaks Shivdasani
-Rhodes Scholarships covering tuition, living expenses, and additional allowances for global agriculture studies.

List Of MSc Agriculture In Abroad With Scholarship For International Students 

Scholarships in agriculture are supported by various entities, including the Federal Government, State Government, professional organisations, and, of course, colleges and universities. A significant number of these scholarships mandate that students be enrolled in particular courses at specific universities, a crucial consideration for prospective applicants. We have listed below the top MSc agriculture scholarships in different countries around the world:

MSc In Agriculture Scholarship In USA

The United States, as a premier destination for higher education, provides top-notch quality in academic pursuits. Those seeking an MSc in agriculture in the USA can opt for scholarships from universities as well as external organisations. Let’s take a look at some scholarships below- 

Scholarship NameMSc Agriculture Abroad With Scholarship Eligibility Benefits
Academic excellence scholarship for masters studentsStudents who have completed their graduation with excellent GPAPartial tuition fee waiver
Graduate Gem ScholarshipAn undergraduate GPA of 3.30 or higher
Acceptance into an eligible graduate degree programme.
Tuition fee reduction
Founders and Trustees ScholarshipGrade point of atleast 3.0 is expected. Full or half tuition fee waiver
Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Students should be under 30 years of age and should be from Aga Khan Foundation eligible countries. 50% tuition fee waiverLiving expenses
Harvard University Scholarship Eligibility is determined by the scholarship application you send. 100% tuition fee waiver

MSc In Agriculture Scholarships In UK

In the United Kingdom, pursuing a MSc in Agriculture not only promises a top-tier educational experience but is also complemented by various scholarship opportunities. Renowned for world-class universities, the UK offers scholarships for MSc in Agriculture programmes, supporting students in their pursuit of advanced knowledge in sustainable agriculture, crop management, and agribusiness. These scholarships, provided by universities, government bodies, and external organisations, aim to reduce financial burdens and encourage talented individuals to contribute to the field.

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
Felix ScholarshipResidents of India applying for masters in Oxford. -Tuition fee reduction-Living expenses-Travel expenses
Chevening Scholarship International students applying for a full-time taught Master’s at BU, citizens of Chevening-eligible countries intending to return home after the study period. -Tuition fee waiver -Travel Expenses-Living Expenses-Other
Sanctuary Scholarship Students having humanitarian protection, limited leave to remain, asylum seeker status, or applying for asylum on arrival, along with attending an institution providing a supportive reference.Full tuition fees + £9,840
Edinburgh Global Online Learning ScholarshipsScholarships are open for students starting any online part-time learning Masters programme at the University of Edinburgh. Applicants must have received an offer from the university and either accepted it or have the intention to do so.Tuition Fee Reduction

MSc Agriculture Scholarship In Australia 

Understanding the financial aspects of pursuing a Master’s in Agriculture in Australia is crucial. For national students, tuition fees can fluctuate, generally falling within the range of 0 to 39,000 AUD per year, with an average cost of approximately 27,462 AUD annually. It’s essential to consider these expenses when planning for your education. Additionally, exploring available scholarships can help alleviate the financial burden and make the pursuit of a Master’s in Agriculture more accessible.

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
Australia Awards Scholarship Postgraduate students who are from the eligible countries for these awards with excellent GPA. -Tuition fee reduction-Living expenses-Travel expenses-Health
ADB–Japan Scholarship Programme (ADB–JSP)Eligibility criteria include not holding dual citizenship in any developed country, gaining admission to an approved master’s course at a Designated Institution, and possessing a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a superior academic record.-Tuition fee reduction-Living expenses-Accommodation-Travel expenses-Health
Monash International Leadership ScholarshipInternational students intending to enrol full time in an undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) degree at a Monash campus in Australia must have received a full Monash course offer.-Tuition fee reduction
University of Adelaide Global Citizenship Scholarship Open to commencing international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, including those required to complete a Pre-Enrolment English Programme (PEP) before degree commencement, this scholarship has a minimum GPA requirement and is available to applicants from any country, except Australia and New Zealand.A reduction between 15% and 30% of the tuition fee

MSc In Agriculture Scholarships In Canada

Pursuing an MS in Agriculture in Canada is a 2-3 year postgraduate programme available at nine top universities. Specialisations like Plant Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Food Agriculture, and Resource Economics are offered. The total programme cost, ranging from 9,000 to 28,000 CAD (5-17 lakhs INR), varies by university. To ease financial burdens, numerous scholarships are available for prospective students, providing opportunities to offset the overall programme expenses. 

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
Scholarship of Excellence Eligibility for the scholarship requires successful completion of the admission process, enrollment in the MBA programme within 14 working days of award, and active participation in an academic or administrative project proposed by EADA during the academic year.Up to 35% tuition waiver
Education Future International ScholarshipApplicants must be Indian nationals with a valid passport, achieving a minimum of 60% in 10th and 12th grades, and demonstrate a reliance on education loans for at least 50% self-funding of their overseas education.From 200,000 up to 1,000,000 INR (₹)
Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for DevelopmentDemonstrates sustainability with plans for long-term success post-global grant funds, incorporates measurable goals, aligns with one of Rotary’s areas of focus, and addresses genuine community needs.Tuition fee reduction

Fully Funded Agriculture Scholarship

Fully funded agriculture scholarships provide financial support, covering tuition, living expenses, and additional allowances for students pursuing degrees in agriculture. These scholarships offer global opportunities, emphasising academic excellence, career advancement, and research possibilities. Here, we will be looking at some of the fully funded agriculture scholarships by external organisations: 

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship Inlaks Scholarships are open to Indian citizens applying to King’s PhD programmes in specified faculties, excluding certain languages, and subject eligibility aligns with Inlaks’ designated list on their website.Full tuition waiver plus other benefits
Commonwealth Masters ScholarshipsFor masters students from commonwealth-eligible countries including India. 100% tuition fee waiver and other costs
Vice Chancellor’s ScholarshipApplicants must not qualify for home fee status, should not have received the GREAT British Council Scholarship or any other Merit-Based Scholarship, and must have applied for a full-time programme at the University campus.100% tuition fee waiver
GREAT ScholarshipApplicants must be citizens and current residents of India, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, or Thailand, having completed an undergraduate degree in their home country.$10,000 one-time payment
Rhodes Scholarship Applicants must be citizens of a Rhodes-eligible country like India, Australia, Germany, Singapore, etc., with at least 4 years of education completed in their home country in the last 10 years (e.g., Indian applicants completing 10/12th standard and/or UG programme at an Indian university), aged between 19 to 25 years at the time of scholarship application$23,174 stipend, fully funded

How To Apply For MSc Agriculture Abroad Scholarship? 

The application process may vary for each scholarship, so carefully review the specific requirements outlined by the scholarship providers. Additionally, ensure you adhere to all deadlines to maximise your chances of securing the scholarship. To apply for an MSc Agriculture abroad scholarship, follow these general steps:

Step 1: Research Scholarships: Identify relevant MSc Agriculture scholarships abroad by exploring university websites, government-sponsored programmes, and external organisations.

Step 2: Check Eligibility: Review eligibility criteria for selected scholarships, ensuring you meet academic, citizenship, and other specified requirements.

Step 3: Apply for University Programmes: Choose MSc Agriculture programmes at universities aligned with your goals, and apply for admission, meeting all application requirements.

Step 4: Gather Documents: Collect necessary documents, including academic transcripts, recommendation letter for scholarship, and a compelling personal statement. 

Step 5: Submit Scholarship Applications: Apply for selected scholarships, following each programme’s specific instructions, and submit the required documents by the deadlines.

Documents Required For MSc In Agriculture Scholarship 

Specific requirements may vary depending on the scholarship programme and the institution offering it for example the topic given for SOP for scholarship. Always refer to the scholarship provider’s guidelines for accurate information.

Academic TranscriptsRecords of your academic performance, including grades and GPA.
Letters of RecommendationTypically 2-3 letters from professors or professionals endorsing your capabilities.
Statement of Purpose (SOP)A personalised essay outlining your academic and career goals, and why you deserve the scholarship.
Curriculum Vitae (CV)A comprehensive document detailing your educational and professional background.
Proof of AdmissionConfirmation of acceptance into the MSc in Agriculture programme.
Passport/ID CopyProof of citizenship or identification, as required.
Language Proficiency Test ScoresIf applicable, evidence of English proficiency (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL).
Research Proposal (if required)An outline of your intended research topic and methodology.

Ultimately, the benefits of scholarship in MSc in agriculture scholarship abroad depend on your individual goals, chosen programme, and host country. However, the potential for academic excellence, professional growth, personal development, and a fulfilling career path makes it a valuable investment in your future.

Remember, to fully assess the benefits, you’ll need to consider factors like the specific scholarship programme, university, and country you choose. Doing thorough research, exploring different options, and carefully aligning your goals with the scholarship requirements will help you make the most informed decision and maximise the benefits of your international MSc. experience.

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Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for applying to MSC Agriculture programmes abroad with a scholarship?

Ans: Eligibility criteria typically include holding a relevant bachelor’s degree, meeting academic excellence standards, and complying with any specified citizenship or language proficiency requirements for MSC Agriculture programmes abroad with a scholarship.

Q2. Are there any country-specific requirements for pursuing MSC Agriculture abroad with a scholarship?

Ans: Yes, country-specific requirements may include citizenship criteria, language proficiency tests, and academic qualifications tailored to the destination country when pursuing an MSc in Agriculture abroad with a scholarship.

Q3. Are there specific entrance exams or standardised tests required for applying to MSC Agriculture programmes with a scholarship in certain countries?

Ans: Commonly accepted tests include the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or relevant subject-specific exams. Entrance exams or standardised tests may be required for MSc Agriculture programmes with scholarships in certain countries; however, specific requirements vary, and candidates should check the admission criteria of each programme and scholarship they are interested in. 

Q4. Which countries are known for offering generous scholarships for MSC Agriculture programmes, and what are the key application deadlines?

Ans: UK, US, Germany, Australia, Canada, are the countries known for offering generous scholarships for MSc Agriculture Programmes. The key application deadlines vary depending on the scholarships and universities. 

Q5. Can I get a 100% scholarship for MSc in agriculture abroad?

Ans:  Yes, Commonwealth scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships are some of the 100% scholarships for MSc in agriculture abroad. 

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MSc in agriculture abroad with scholarship: A student studying agriculture in a foreign country with financial aid.

MSc Agriculture In Abroad With Scholarship

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